Monday December 20, 2010
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EnglishRockway Mennonite celebrates golden anniversary
EnglishCMU celebrates its 10th anniversary with fall fundraiser
EnglishIsraeli development thwarts peace on earth ... at least in Bethlehem
EnglishYouths, parents get 'wired' at communication workshop
EnglishFrom edge to centre
EnglishReaders write
EnglishReturn home a different way
EnglishShane Claiborne's '12 flags to salute'
EnglishThus far has the Lord helped us!
EnglishCMU establishes pastor-in-residence program
EnglishShortage of volunteers ends MCC relief sale in Winnipeg
EnglishSuggestions for living simply
EnglishAlternatives to a 'Consumer Christmas'
EnglishAn under-appreciated church leader
EnglishEncountering God in every sense
EnglishAdvent: Waiting for the surprises
EnglishBlessings of Manitoba camping ministries recounted
EnglishLeadership training school focusing on the Holy Spirit
EnglishEighth Letter challenges North American church
EnglishDid the baby doll scare you too?
EnglishCentral American women release study resource
EnglishSupport for sand dams grows
EnglishArt exhibit explores the unjust food systems of society
EnglishThe Naked Anabaptist a best-seller
EnglishWenger Shenk inaugurated as seminary president
EnglishGeez, has it been five years already?
EnglishBonus features for And When They Shall Ask released
EnglishNo 'one size fits all'
EnglishPax Christi creates Christmas splendour
EnglishShane Claiborne's 'seven piles of poop'
EnglishCelebrating restraint
English'Following the model of Jesus'
EnglishRemembering peace
English'Who do you say that I am?'
EnglishMourning for a lost Christmas
EnglishReconciliation of the spirit
EnglishStories of Service DVD now available from MWC
EnglishFrom Paraguay to Uzbekistan
EnglishMEDA gets crash course on safety
EnglishCMU Peace It Together Conference returns after sabbatical year
EnglishHerald Press adds new e-books
EnglishConfession is good for the soul
EnglishWhat does it mean to be successful?
EnglishA truly inspiring visit
EnglishWhat is the Spirit saying to the churches?
EnglishLike a prophecy fulfilled ...
EnglishExposing 'this hidden thing'
EnglishNew religion/peace centre opens on Remembrance Day
English'Reaching the unreached . . . should be the focus of the church'
EnglishCanadian School of Peacebuilding announces summer courses
EnglishWhat a difference a year makes
English'The big family of God'
EnglishWhat does North American Mennonite worship look like?
EnglishFrance: C'est la Vie: Immigrant Lebanese Woman in France
EnglishOman: Omani Girls Rock At Geosciences
EnglishIndia: Ringing The Ambulance Bell In Rae Bareli
EnglishIndia: Flower Power: Women String Together Life
EnglishIndia: The Karbis Get A Young Cultural Ambassador
EnglishSri Lanka: More Power To Muslim Women - That's Jezima's Promise
EnglishIreland: Irish Women Come Up With Recipes For Recession
EnglishIndia: The Hit List: 2010's Women Of The Year
EnglishMemorandum on Delegation of Certain Functions and Authorities
EnglishKnowledge Management and Challenging Roles of Academic Librarians
EnglishThe Design of B2B E-commerce System Based on MVC Model and J2EE
EnglishVisitor Knowledge Consumption Behavior Pattern Classification-Based Museum Exhibition Design Studies
EnglishStudy on the Governance Mechanism of Technology Enterprise Based on the Improvement of Independent Innovation Ability
EnglishA Kano Model based Computer System for Respondents Determination: Customer needs analysis for Product Development Aspects
EnglishStudy of Comparative Advantages of Chinese and Indian Pharmaceutical Industries under Globalization
EnglishExternal Shocks, Structural Breaks and Unemployment Hysteresis in China
EnglishThe Impact of Preferential Rules of Origin on the Relationship of Free Trade Area and the Multilateral Trading System*
EnglishThe Study on the Self-organization Behavior about Enterprises Cluster
EnglishStock Investment Value Analysis Model Based on AHP and Gray Relational Degree*
EnglishStrategic Environment Analysis Using DEMATEL Method Through Systematic Approach: Case Study of an Energy Research Institute in Iran
EnglishThe Discrimination Classification in the Listed Companies in Accordance with the Market Quality Indexes*
EnglishStudies of Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression Model Application in Credit Risk for China's Listed Companies
EnglishInvestigation of Industrial Rated Clusters in Iran and Other Selected Countries
EnglishA study of LF and, GSE Among Mathematics Students in Math Classes in Payam e Noor University of Maragheh
EnglishAnalysis on Structural Benefit of Jilin Cultural and Creative Industries*
EnglishA Need-based Perspective for Assessing Public Project in China

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