Friday December 3, 2010
LanguageArticle title
EnglishSeasonal Influenza and 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Pregnant Women - 10 States, 2009-10 Influenza Season
EnglishSuicides in National Parks - United States, 2003-2009
EnglishVital Signs: HIV Testing and Diagnosis Among Adults - United States, 2001-2009
EnglishErrata: Vol. 59, No. 45
EnglishDigest of Other White House Announcements
EnglishNominations Submitted to the Senate
EnglishStatement on the South Korea-United States Free Trade Agreement
EnglishProclamation 8612-International Day of Persons With Disabilities, 2010
EnglishActs Approved by the President
EnglishStatement on the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform Report
EnglishChecklist of White House Press Releases
EnglishStatement on the Presidential Election in Cote d'Ivoire
EnglishRemarks to United States and Coalition Troops at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan
EnglishFletcher's uncanny Pomona success continues
EnglishGains support
EnglishForce and Coil: They'll Always Be Inseparable In My Book
EnglishGood Guy Challenge Champions Crowned
English2011 Division 4 Schedule
EnglishBlue Oval POWER
EnglishBrown's four-door Chevy is the right tool for the job
EnglishManners' pre-race premonition comes true
EnglishI Predict That Maybe We Shouldn't Be Making Predictions
EnglishConstant keeps national event record perfect
EnglishInfineon food drive a big success
EnglishLove, Marriage, and Drag Racing
EnglishO'Moore takes home King Wally; Bradford earns first in Super Quik
EnglishDivision 4 LODRS date change
EnglishRyco renewed for 2011
EnglishStill planning to drive in 2011
EnglishLang ends season with win, near second double-up
EnglishDyer, Lalonde, Kadar, Robinette score at ND Challenge
EnglishSponsors Spotlight
EnglishAnderson's race transporter severely damaged by fire
EnglishCrazy Finish
EnglishDates announced
English2010 Member Track Champions
English2010 LUCAS OIL Top Alcohol Dragster Champion: Bill Reichert
EnglishBalough's reaction times are tough to overcome
EnglishMove to nitro confirmed
English2010 LUCAS OIL Top Alcohol Funny Car Champion: Frank Manzo
EnglishBig payday for Burbage
EnglishForce honored by Ford
English2010 LUCAS OIL Comp Champion: Al Ackerman
EnglishFriends & Family
EnglishMember track news
EnglishDepartment of corrections
EnglishUp, Down, and One Great-Big Up
EnglishFerro closes career year with sixth straight win

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