Monday December 19, 2011
LanguageArticle title
EnglishCreation history of the King James Version
EnglishArtbeat: Snapshots
EnglishSpeaking out for peace
EnglishThe church is like plastic wrap
EnglishMetzger's address on climate justice warmly received
EnglishMC Eastern Canada pairs new pastors with mentors
Englishalumni news
EnglishAccompanied by Jonah
EnglishMajority of faculty at Mennonite colleges, high schools are Mennonites
EnglishA Bible meant to be read with your ears
English'Historic meeting' looks at pastoral development
EnglishWedler recommended for Christian Formation Council seat
EnglishFive thoughts on queers and messy church
EnglishFires are rallying points for Silver Lake Mennonite Camp
EnglishChallenges for us in the book of Jonah
EnglishThe attraction of walking
English'A soundtrack for the church'
EnglishFavoured Among Women a work of vivid storytelling
EnglishImmersed in Scripture
EnglishWhat about proof-texting?
EnglishShare save spend
EnglishKorean Mennonite congregation closes
EnglishHistory and mission go arm in arm
EnglishCamp Squeah makes 'sound' improvements
English2012 assembly to be held in Vancouver
English'Tight timeline' for churches to complete Being a Faithful Church discussions
EnglishMC Canada follows up on Harmony resolution
EnglishWhy I am a Mennonite
EnglishPresident's Window
EnglishYour gifts at work
EnglishCMU attracting more students from other denominations
EnglishA lifetime of joyful service
EnglishNo transformation without God
EnglishTies that bind Mennonites are theological: Missiologist
EnglishWhere are the Christians?
EnglishShalom and salaam
EnglishMidwives of a new era
EnglishReaders write
EnglishLearning to give
EnglishDon't hit snooze with God!
English'Hard numbers to consider'
EnglishExecutive Order 13596-Amendments to Executive Orders 12131 and 13539
EnglishExecutive Order 13595-Instituting a National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security
EnglishStatement on Storm and Flood Damage in the Philippines
EnglishExecutive Order 13594-Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay
EnglishUSA: Female Automobile Engineers Ride The Fast Lane
EnglishIndia: Seeds, Roots, Leaves: Tribal Odisha's Desperate Food For Desperate Times
EnglishPalestine: Tune In To Palestinian Women On Radio NISAA
EnglishIndia: Inside An Anganwadi: World's Largest Child Development Programme Falls Short In Rajasthan
EnglishIndia: In Manipur, Illness And Frailty Can't Stop These Women
EnglishIndia: Meet The Change-makers: 2011's Women Of The Year
EnglishNepal: 'What Else To Do?' Badi Women Say Prostitution Is All They Know

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