Articles published on December 08,2011

Thursday December 8, 2011
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EnglishSweeter Weather
EnglishParadise List
EnglishSeven Female Settlers Arrested
EnglishNeed Clearly Exists to Clarify the Issues Surrounding Reporting of Child Abuse
EnglishStriking a Nerve
EnglishShalit Recovering, Grandfather Says
EnglishLocally Produced Journal Takes Anti-Semitism Head On
EnglishCandles with Flair
EnglishIs Exodus Truth or Fiction? A Great Deal Depends on the Answer
EnglishPlay Time
EnglishOh, What a Night!
EnglishMiddle-Schoolers Tackle Penn State Imbroglio
EnglishProclamation 8766-Bill of Rights Day, 2011
EnglishEstranged Brothers: Can They Meet in Peace?
EnglishThe Gift Guide
EnglishAds Obscure the Challenge: Luring Israelis Back Home
EnglishHotels Nab Spots on Top 10 List
EnglishArt, Music and More: Renaissance Gallery Night
EnglishTwo Top Jewish Artists All Shook Up!
EnglishDo-It-Yourself Gift Ideas for Chanukah
EnglishLawmakers to Cuba: Release Gross
EnglishShe's a Positively Chanu-Crafty Artist
EnglishMarvin Lundy, Attorney, Dies at 80
EnglishLife Cycles
EnglishSumptuous Pastas
EnglishFor Letter or Worse
EnglishProclamation 8765-Human Rights Day and Human Rights Week, 2011
EnglishRemarks on Senate Actions To Block the Vote on the Nomination of Richard A. Cordray To Be Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and an Exchange With Reporters
EnglishEgyptians Start Voting, and Israel Begins Fretting About What It All Means
EnglishMoss Honored for Utilizing ReWalk
EnglishSuddenly, Space on Their Hands
EnglishHand-Knit Kipot, With Immigrant Touch
EnglishRemarks at a Reception Celebrating Hanukkah
EnglishOy, Tannenbaum!: Here's a Chanukah Tree Topper
EnglishGlass ceiling
EnglishWhites Only?
EnglishDoctor, doctor
EnglishIslamic music and arts
EnglishDon't aim so high
EnglishAt Long Last, New NCCU Doctoral Program Approved
EnglishHigher Ed Stakeholders Seek To Break Down Barriers To Degree Attainment
EnglishDr. Steve Perry Takes On Teachers Unions in His Latest Book
EnglishOnline Courses Can Be Used to Boost Minority Numbers in STEM fields
EnglishAn app for that
EnglishCoach Tubby Smith: 'We're contenders, not pretenders'
Englishon the move
EnglishBridging the Gap
EnglishMinnesota State University Hosts Second-Oldest LGBT Center in Nation
EnglishThe Wrong-Way Protestors at Penn State

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