Monday May 28, 2012
LanguageArticle title
EnglishRemarks Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War
EnglishRemarks at a Memorial Day Ceremony in Arlington, Virginia
EnglishForced to make 'hard choices'
English'Releasing our graduates to the world'
EnglishFrom a mustard seed . . .
EnglishCamps with Meaning: Sustainable Camping Ministry Proposal
EnglishNursing the soul
EnglishOuttatown grads share stories of discovery
EnglishLobe to retire from MWC at end of the year
EnglishCrossing barriers in your own culture
EnglishCelebrations of Service
EnglishStouffville responds to war celebration
EnglishShifting male roles
EnglishMCC thrift shop destroyed by fire
EnglishExtending grace, elevating consciousness
EnglishNew congregations bring hopes and fears
EnglishCanadian Mennonite earns top award
EnglishDusty Bibles?
EnglishReaders write
EnglishCMU celebrates Class of 2012
EnglishSaskatchewan women urged to remain 'rooted in Christ'
EnglishIt's 'just food' ... or is it?
EnglishA hundred years from now
EnglishRegional meetings to discuss Manitoba camping proposal
EnglishCMU business grad heading to Zambia
EnglishMartens receives Caring Canadian Award
EnglishEnvironmental evangelism
EnglishNeeded: Life specialists
EnglishSing a new song, and sing it well: A tribute to Bruno Epp
EnglishWrestling with the 'powers'
EnglishRadio preacher witnessed to God's love
EnglishWhen I was your age
English'Seek peace and pursue it'
EnglishNever Again
EnglishYoung adults pursue walk with God in other Christian traditions
EnglishSenior blessing
EnglishGod's grace can break down the lies women believe: Janine Schultz

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