Monday July 9, 2012
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EnglishCorrection, Please!
EnglishIndia: Lucky Babyl! Protecting Daughters In Patriarchy's Heartland
EnglishTens of Thousands Gathered to Protest Contraception Mandate
English"I Will Shoot You"
EnglishCrooning for Communism
EnglishThe Omnipresent Russian Woman
EnglishWill Our Freedoms Be LOST at Sea?
EnglishDisney Giveaway
English112TH CONGRESS, VOTES 21-30
EnglishIndia: Vandana Shiva: The Forest, The Farm and Feminine Power
EnglishSaudi Arabia: In Saudi Arabia, The Helpless Lives Of Migrant Help
EnglishFederal Employment Far Exceeds Private-sector Job Growth
EnglishIndia: With New Spikes And Footballs, Tribal Girls As Game-changers
EnglishIndia: Crafts Crusader Laila Tyabji Has The Key To A Gold Mine
EnglishA "Normal" Trip
EnglishNude Intruder
EnglishFed Says Housing Bust Cost Average American Family 40% of Net Worth
EnglishObama Exempts Thousands of Illegal Immigrants From Deportation
EnglishFederalized Farming
EnglishDueling Rallies
EnglishHeroic HS Linebacker
EnglishPhilippines: Kids Of Overseas Workers Find Some Connect
EnglishRemarks on Tax Reform
EnglishGod at work in the World
EnglishGift discernment?
EnglishSuspicious hospitality
EnglishReaders write
EnglishTrusting God into the future
EnglishNew book challenges Mennonites to widen the circle
English'We're sorry'
EnglishKilling her softly
EnglishThe world comes to the farm
EnglishOn the margins
EnglishCMU announces $11-million capital project
EnglishNew ministry studies prof named at CMU
EnglishFor discussion
EnglishShowers of blessing
EnglishWhere goes the neighbourhood?
EnglishMeeting our indigenous neighbours
EnglishSeeding new relationships
EnglishCoalition celebrates 25 years of aiding refugees
EnglishNew crematorium to lift burden
EnglishSunday school teacher, 103, had lasting influence
EnglishHerald Press publishes Yoder's writings on death penalty
EnglishLegacy of a holy hostess
EnglishAn emotional journey
EnglishFormer MCC workers honoured in Korea
EnglishGod continues to work in the city
EnglishChanging technology forces closure of resource centre
EnglishSeeing children as part of the church
EnglishGod at work in the Church
EnglishHikers raise thousands for Camp Valaqua
EnglishPondering covenant
EnglishInvestment in ministry pays off in Argentina
EnglishThe responsibility of youth
EnglishHelp for victims

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