Monday October 15, 2012
LanguageArticle title
EnglishIndia: Youth Speaks: Rising Against Violence In The Virtual World
EnglishSaudi Arabia: Working Women in Saudi Arabia. Yes, You Read It Right
EnglishIndia: 'Women's Complaint Bureau': A Ray Of Hope In Dismal Malegaon
EnglishIndia: The Nature Friendly Ways of Koraput's Rice Women
EnglishIndia: Motherhood Or Motherload? India's Unregulated Surrogacy
EnglishIndia: Aarti Zaveri's Brush With War Heroes
EnglishElsie Cressman, pioneer missionary and midwife, dies
EnglishReaders write
EnglishTwo congregations lose members by drowning
EnglishBeing God's architecture
EnglishChurch club celebrates golden anniversary
EnglishEthiopian Church grows in maturity
EnglishHopeful Thanksgiving
EnglishLetters to the churches bring challenge
EnglishThe Reach Gallery opens new exhibits
EnglishNew volunteers respond to questions about Mennonites
EnglishThe long journey to bring their son home
EnglishPathway #4
EnglishCanadian delegation observes humanitarian crisis in the Sahel
EnglishAltona cairn remembers conscientious objectors
EnglishReclaimed hotel becomes intentional community
EnglishCongo stories give encouragement and challenge
EnglishBeing a Faithful Church
EnglishFor discussion
EnglishPeace, but no quiet
English"Celebrating God's Faithfulness-Finding us faithful"
EnglishConversation with a Republican pastor
EnglishOpening the door to Jesus
EnglishA 'cash cow' or an opportunity to share with others?
EnglishLos Angeles to Lowe Farm
EnglishDestination Winnipeg
EnglishPostcards swamp House of Commons mail service
EnglishEMU graduates serve in war-torn areas of Colombia
EnglishNational church consults young adults
EnglishOf competition and community
EnglishArnaud Mennonite celebrates former leaders
EnglishGreeters are an important aspect of church ministry
EnglishVisiting the Children of Guatemala
EnglishMEDA invests in Haiti's insurance sector

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