Monday November 12, 2012
LanguageArticle title
EnglishEast Africans appoint new mission board
EnglishNo offence!
EnglishMennonite women in leadership - then, now and in the future
EnglishCanadian Mennonite warned of political activities
EnglishQuakers distribute food in Zimbabwe
EnglishWho can afford time off?
English'Political reminder' disturbing
EnglishFacing the sins of the social gospel
EnglishNew director for Person-to-Person
EnglishCMU receives Winnipeg CBC music collection
EnglishStorytelling event brings hope
EnglishAlcohol addiction the new 'tobacco'
EnglishSabbatical pilgrimage brings Sabbath rest
EnglishNew generation of scholars refreshing John Howard Yoder theology
EnglishHealing Pole journey
EnglishPastoral Changes at MC Sask
EnglishTimber Bay Children's Home being considered for list
EnglishReaders write
EnglishNew assignment in Burkina Faso
EnglishSaskatchewan women called to rest and renewal
EnglishDeliberate and Deliberate
EnglishA Public confession of our personal wars
EnglishThe paths and ditches of Biblical interpretation
EnglishMDS supported by wide variety of Mennonite groups
EnglishSandy hurts Haiti
EnglishChildren invited to 'breathe in' God's Spirit
EnglishMCC's big building rationale not compelling
EnglishReconciling our vision of holiness with the reality of sin
EnglishWhere are the Followers?
EnglishMennonite Coalition for Refugee Support launches video series
EnglishCMU's capital campaign passes half-way mark
EnglishShaping Families November guests tackle heavyweight issues
EnglishChristianity on the margins
EnglishNew principal for Rosthern Junior College
EnglishMennonites and human rights
EnglishCulture and character
EnglishFirst female Mennonite missionary went down with the Titanic

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