Monday December 17, 2012
LanguageArticle title
EnglishIndia: Christmas Baking To Perfection
EnglishIndia: Leave Sports To Players, Say India's Women Sports Icons
EnglishIndia: Giving Birth Threatens Life In Tribal Odisha
EnglishIndia: Lighting The Way: Unsung Trailblazers Of 2012
EnglishGlobal: Colombo to Kabul Calling: End Violence Against Women Now
EnglishIndonesia: Bollywood In Indonesia: The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Effect
EnglishMBs announce human resources director
EnglishMennonites learn about First Nations worldview
EnglishA gospel shaped for me?
EnglishNew source documents in Mennonite history
EnglishToronto composer Stephanie Martin exports new music
EnglishThe paths and ditches of Biblical interpretation
EnglishChallenging the Icon of Mary
EnglishRiverton Fellowship Circle celebrates 25 years
EnglishThe appeal of disaster
EnglishFor discussion
EnglishShort-term assignment in South Africa
English'Fierce Goodbye' airs again on ABC-TV
EnglishRoadblocks for Christmas
EnglishMCC Saskatchewan hears about Global Family
EnglishLongtime activist dies
EnglishCongolese flee as rebel army controls city
EnglishHerald Press launches more titles as ebooks
EnglishBook and DVD tell story of aid worker killed in Afghanistan
EnglishWestgate students explore religious practices
EnglishConflict in Congo affects Surrey resident
EnglishPatricia Shelly nominated as moderator-elect for MC USA
EnglishThank you!
EnglishMany views, divergent understandings
EnglishReaders write
EnglishLearning from my Grosspa about the voice of God
EnglishThe sounds of youth
EnglishA funeral state of mind
EnglishDistinguishing the voice of God can be difficult
EnglishHollowing out the Christian consensus
EnglishNew pastors in B.C. congregations
EnglishEveryday disaster
EnglishHousing project visualizes new model of care
EnglishThe healing power of forgiveness
EnglishMCC helps 120 Cazan families whose homes were destroyed
EnglishIs theology biblical?
EnglishWhat makes a spiritual man?

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