Monday June 10, 2013
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EnglishIndia: Travel Unlimited: Clubs That Get Women To Pack Their Bags
EnglishIndia: Invisible Women Home-based Workers Slum It Out In Big Cities
EnglishIndia: Rayanti Notes Of Hope Among The Ruins
EnglishIndia: That Call For Help: How Effective Are Helplines?
EnglishIndia: For Tripura's Tribal Women Leaders People Come First
EnglishIndia: Why Do Men Keep Us Out Of Politics, Asks Divya
EnglishRemarks on the 50th Anniversary of the Equal Pay Act
EnglishRemarks on the Resignation of Alan B. Krueger as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and the Nomination of Jason L. Furman To Be Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
EnglishYou get what you need ... in church
EnglishLong-awaited meeting place becomes reality
EnglishDesire to help the hungry sparks new project
English'Install' just may be the right word
EnglishBelong, believe and behave
EnglishLearning from each other
EnglishStoryteller Jonathan Larson records downloadable audio book
EnglishGod at work in the Church Snapshots
EnglishThe economy and my new pair or shoes
EnglishMalian unrest affects West African relief efforts
EnglishThe surprising Gospel of John
EnglishFour national awards for Canadian Mennonite
EnglishCelebrating God's faithfulness
EnglishMCC Crete partner dies
EnglishMétis realities highlighted at information night
EnglishPastor ordained in Mission
EnglishCreation theme focus for Gather 'Round's summer quarter
EnglishMDS investigates tornado damage in Oklahoma
EnglishNew Hamburg Mennonite Relief Sale Snapshots
EnglishTalking to the regime
EnglishEating mindfully
EnglishBuying locally ... a better way to help
EnglishNew principal, development officer at RJC
EnglishMaking a difference close to home
EnglishFoodgrains Bank launches Climate Fund
EnglishHoly moments at the bottom of the world
EnglishSharing a miracle
EnglishBlessed are the tree huggers
EnglishKorean church divides in order to multiply
EnglishReaders write
EnglishCrebel honours Andrew Reesor-McDowell
EnglishOn being 'positively contaminated'
English'Being in the way the Lord led me'

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