Thursday November 14, 2013
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EnglishPoliticos Talk Tough on Iran
EnglishIsraeli Military in Philippines to Assess Typhoon Damage
EnglishPinemere Camp Gets a New Director
EnglishMayor Returns From Israel, Completing an Economic Mission - and a Promise to His Grandmother
EnglishLegal Education Through a Jewish Lens Gains Appeal
EnglishGifts Made by Israel? Buy Israel for Chanukah!
EnglishIN ITS TIME OF NEED, Repaying a Debt to the Philippines
EnglishWhat Does Chanukah Bring? Presents!
EnglishWhy Is France Taking Harder Line on Iran Than the U.S.?
EnglishMore Dual-Faith: Families Are 'Doing Both'
EnglishOrthodox Jew Wins as Member of Whig Party
EnglishPhilly Native Heads CAMERA'S Jerusalem Office
Englishobituaries: Jacqueline S. Beaver, 93
EnglishSOPHIE TUCKER: The Woman and her DREAM
EnglishSchnitzel Shenanigans
EnglishIt's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chanukah
EnglishWhen Tay-Sachs Shows Up Later in Life
EnglishParshah Shows Just How Violence Begets Violence
EnglishBusiness Owner Makes 'Mitzvah Magic'
EnglishNo Sanctions Relief
EnglishFinding a Way to Honor a Special Needs Teacher
EnglishFederation MAIN EVENT: Inspires, Entertains and Engages Our Community
EnglishCongregation Adath Jeshurun Showcases Homegrown Talent
EnglishIt Seems Like Yesterday ...
Englishmazel tov
EnglishAn Open Letter to Communal Leaders: Sound the Alarm!
EnglishRemarks at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Fundraiser in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
EnglishProclamation 9057-America Recycles Day, 2013
EnglishThe President's News Conference
EnglishRemarks at ArcelorMittal Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio

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