Monday August 18, 2014
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EnglishIndia: In Assam's Tea Gardens Mothers' Club Fight Alcoholism
EnglishIndia: Where Can Legal Women Seek Justice
EnglishIndia: Why Tivsala's Women Own Land?
EnglishIndia: For Disaster Struck Odiya Women, The Struggles Are Unending
EnglishIndia: Teaching Bidar's Women To Ditch Patriarchy, Embrace Empowerment
EnglishIndia: All The Single Women, Stand Up For Your Rights
EnglishMennonite leaders call for justice and peace in Gaza
EnglishWe need to regain our sense of wonder
EnglishMCC Saskatchewan celebrates refugee sponsorship
EnglishThe invisible poor
EnglishAug. 31 first Sunday for new 'Shine' curriculum
EnglishTake time to listen
EnglishSearching for harmony
EnglishPastor in transition in Manitoba
EnglishIn another skin
EnglishLord, in your mercy
EnglishMen retreat to explore manhood from an Anabaptist perspective
EnglishAs long as the rivers flow
EnglishYoung entrepreneurs donate profits to Matthew's House
EnglishDon't hail Caesar
EnglishGrebel celebrates 50 years with new building dedication
EnglishWorks of John Howard Yoder now available online
English'If I read more, I get more out of it'
EnglishMore than meets the eye about conflict
EnglishMusings on creation's final groan
EnglishFor discussion
EnglishHelplessly watching Gaza
EnglishFinding ways to share this land of plenty
EnglishOur present future
EnglishReaders write
EnglishFrom milk and honey to a land of rubble
EnglishMore evidence of sexual abuse uncovered
EnglishEars to earth, eyes to God

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