Monday November 24, 2014
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EnglishIndia: Get Ready To Be Floored By The Enterprising Grannies
EnglishIndia: Fatima Paints The Quiet Strength Of Women
EnglishIndia: Chhattisgarh Has Given India Another Wake Up Call On Family Planning
EnglishOpinion: One Year On, The Developing Landscape Of The Sexual Harassment Law
EnglishIndia: Some Valuable Lessons From Young Tribal Women
EnglishIslamic State terror does not render pacifism obsolete
EnglishMinistry, good works anchored in Christ
EnglishMC Manitoba approves 2015 budget in principle
EnglishA mother's perspective on Advent
EnglishServing as a witness to God's salvation
English'Sabbath Fridays' instituted at Rockway
EnglishPastors in transition in Saskatchewan
EnglishMaking a visceral connection to the past
EnglishBuilding peace in Northeast Asia
EnglishA place of beauty
EnglishNew every year!
EnglishReaders write
EnglishYouth Farm Bible Camp gives back to community
English'A family camping trip . . . with a lot more guitars'
EnglishPastoral transition in Saskatchewan
EnglishAngry words call for a peaceful response
EnglishRestaurant 'converted' to church use
EnglishWater of life
EnglishMC Eastern Canada launches website to share and find resources
EnglishDessert fundraisers increase awareness
EnglishFirst Vietnamese Mennonite pastor dies
EnglishMC Canada promises prayer for Middle East churches
EnglishThe desert of Advent: our passage to Christmas
EnglishTransformation to generosity
EnglishWhat is 'the Word of the Lord'?
English'Sweet' memories
EnglishFaith vs. beliefs (Pt. 2)
EnglishChurch building moves from one group to another
EnglishGod at work in the Church Snapshots
EnglishHow will we walk together?
EnglishListening to Balaam's donkey
EnglishHerald Press publishes new book on spiritual formation
EnglishTaste the new wine' study guide released
EnglishPastor in transition in Eastern Canada
English'Your money or your life'
EnglishTalk of sin should start with forgiveness

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