Thursday June 4, 2015
LanguageArticle title
EnglishHampton Hispanic initiative
EnglishInternational Studies Flourish
EnglishDiverse professoriate program
EnglishA Global Perspective
EnglishAsian American Groups File Federal Complaint Against Harvard
EnglishBook of note
EnglishValuing 'White' Multicultural Voices in America's Colleges and Universities
Englishgrants & gifts
EnglishRutgers mascot controversy
EnglishProposal Calls for Drastic Measures to Remedy Inequities in Maryland
EnglishLeveling the Playing Field
EnglishB-school diversity lagging
EnglishBringing it Home
EnglishWhite Privilege is Increasingly Becoming an Invisible Campus Barrier
Englishon the move
EnglishRemarks Honoring the 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants
EnglishSpain: Sun, Surf, Seafood, Sculptures... And More In LGBT- Friendly Sitges
EnglishAfghanistan: In The Midst Of War, A Women's Rights Warrior
EnglishIndia: Imagining TV Beyond Saas-Bahu Sagas
EnglishIndia: Unleashing Political Renaissance By Rejecting Patriarchy
EnglishIndia: In A Bid To Save The Earth
EnglishIndia: Talking Gender With Teens
EnglishUnseasonably Hot
EnglishWomen of JFRE to Host Inaugural Event
EnglishPalestinians Withdraw Bid to Oust Israel From FIFA Soccer Body
EnglishParsing Vatican's 'Palestine' Reference
EnglishSummer on the Spectrum
EnglishSongs in the Key OF BERLIN
EnglishFrom Jethro to the Druze, Making Room for Others
EnglishBroadway Star to Headline Event for Longtime Federation Donors
Englishmazel tov
EnglishMore Awards for the 'Exponent'
EnglishNortheast Synagogue Begins Work on New Mikvah
EnglishCohesion, Not Legislation, is Needed to Fight BDS
EnglishTop of the Crops
EnglishNetanyahu Sends Condolences to Vice President Over Death of Son
EnglishIsrael's Summertime to Shine
EnglishYou Don't Outgrow God Like You Outgrow the Tooth Fairy
EnglishA Fruitful Season for Foodies
EnglishTikkun Olam Society Launched
EnglishFar From the Gadding Crowd
EnglishLocal Politician Works to Craft a Statewide Response to BDS
EnglishJewish Couple Died While Being Rescued From Houston Flooding
EnglishChild Holocaust Survivors Get $60 Million - In a Single Day
EnglishHow Nostra Aetate Came Into Existence
EnglishSpirited Away
EnglishIt's Broke - Fix It
EnglishNo Room at the Inn? Try a Jewish House
EnglishThe Steering Committee

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