Monday August 17, 2015
LanguageArticle title
EnglishStatement on the Death of Emma Didlake
EnglishExecutive Order 13704-Presidential Innovation Fellows Program
EnglishBook advocating Mennonite education available in Spanish
EnglishGeneral Council fosters interdependence in global communion
EnglishPeace and conflict studies association formed
EnglishWorkshop offered for worship techs
EnglishPastoral transition in Ontario
EnglishWomen's retreat kit available
EnglishWe're not sitting on the sidelines
EnglishGlobal Anabaptist Health Network envisioned
EnglishThe luthier of La Riviere
EnglishA historic moment
EnglishI'm So Dry
EnglishMCC Global Family program goes local
EnglishWalking with God through art
EnglishA word from the MC Sask moderator
EnglishChinese church leaders working at Anabaptist vision
EnglishHow should Anabaptists celebrate 500 years?
EnglishWomen gather to explore global network
EnglishGlobal Youth Summit calls young people to share gifts
EnglishWalking with God and each other
EnglishEMU and Goshen expand hiring policies
EnglishSlowing church down
EnglishA moment from yesterday
EnglishCMU announces new MBA program
EnglishHoping for strength and unity in spite of disagreements
EnglishWomen's Bible study released
EnglishRefined by fire
EnglishFor discussion
EnglishGlobal Church Village invites visitors to leave their mark
EnglishNew definitive history of Mennonites in Ontario
EnglishPeace workers imagine a global network
EnglishGlobal Mennonite Peacebuilding gathering planned for Waterloo
EnglishMission drift
EnglishReaders write
EnglishShantz re-instated as mayor
EnglishMusic brings unity at world conference
EnglishAMBS recognizes Nigerian church leader
EnglishMWC youth program supported by MC Canada
EnglishMinistry in Richmond and in the Punjab

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