Thursday August 6, 2015
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EnglishRemarks on the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act
EnglishIndia: Prakhriti's Teen Troubles: Survival, Equality, Rights
EnglishOpinion: Of Ferguson, Feminism And Faith
EnglishEgypt: Paving The Way For Egyptian Women
EnglishIndia: 'Beating A Woman Doesn't Make Me A Better Man'
EnglishIndia: Time To Separate Religion From Muslim Personal Law?
EnglishEuropean Maccabi Games A Powerful Blend of Past, Present
EnglishMaoz Vegetarian Restaurant Becomes Kosher-Certified Again
EnglishPollard's Impending Release Met Here With Cautious Optimism
EnglishJewish Biker Group Rides to Life
EnglishToomey Pledges Full Support to Defeat Iran Deal
EnglishMore Than 100 Gravestones Knocked Over in Jewish Cemetery
EnglishIdith Zvi's Keys to Two Successful Piano Careers
EnglishWhat Does Your God Ask of You?
EnglishBarbara Albert, 65
EnglishMiddle East Students Learn About Religion, Philly-Style
EnglishMeet the 'Chiefs'
EnglishSpecial Needs, Special Teachers
EnglishC+R Kitchen's Latest Incarnation Has a Lot at Steak
EnglishLeaked Telegram Reveals Israeli Concerns About American Jewish Stance on Iran Deal
EnglishObama Invokes Iraq War, Tells Iran Deal Supporters to 'Get Active'
EnglishA Poll for Everyone
EnglishHe's Found that 'McLovin' Feeling
EnglishAmbassador Ross Comes to Area to Offer His Take on Iran Deal
EnglishADA: A Dream Not Yet Fully Realized
EnglishSurvey Says: Palestinians Ready for Compromise
EnglishThis Summer Camp Encourages a Circuslike Atmosphere

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