Articles published on April 01,2010

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Thursday April 1, 2010
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PortugueseNovo registro para Litopeltis Hebard, 1920 no Brasil e descrição de duas espécies novas (Blaberidae, Epilamprinae)
PortugueseComposição da ictiofauna em função da fisiografia de um riacho costeiro de Floresta Atlântica - Brasil
PortugueseUnidades fitofisionômicas em mesoescala no Pantanal Norte e suas relações com a geomorfologia
PortugueseHistória de vida de Laetacara aff. araguaiae Ottoni & Costa, 2009 (Perciformes, Cichlidae) em dois riachos no Noroeste do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil
SpanishTrichomyia andina sp. nov., un nuevo psicódido no hematófago (Diptera: Psychodidae: Trichomyiinae) de Colombia
EnglishPotential seed dispersal by Didelphis albiventris (Marsupialia, Didelphidae) in highly disturbed environment
PortugueseRépteis em fragmentos de Cerrado e Mata Atlântica no Campo das Vertentes, Estado de Minas Gerais, Sudeste do Brasil
PortugueseDiversidade de besouros coprófagos (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae) coletados com armadilha de interceptação de voo no Pantanal Sul-Mato-Grossense, Brasil
EnglishSpatial distribution and activities of the estuarine dolphin Sotalia guianensis (van Bénédén, 1864) (Cetacea, Delphinidae) in Pontal Bay, Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil
PortugueseFauna de besouros bioluminescentes (Coleoptera: Elateroidea: Lampyridae; Phengodidae, Elateridae) nos municípios de Campinas, Sorocaba-Votorantim e Rio Claro-Limeira (SP, Brasil): biodiversidade e influência da urbanização
PortugueseFauna de Campopleginae (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae) em hortas orgânicas em Araraquara e São Carlos, SP, Brasil
EnglishParapentaneura bentogomensis Stur, Fittkau et Serrano (Diptera, Chironomidae, Tanypodinae) taken in Southeastern, Brazil: additional characters and modified generic diagnosis
EnglishFire management and the nesting of Athene cunicularia (Aves, Strigidae) in grasslands in central Cerrado, Brazil
EnglishInfluence of light and temperature on seed germination of Cereus pernambucensis Lemaire (Cactaceae)
PortugueseAssociação de aves a agrupamentos de bambu na porção Sul da Mata Atlântica, Londrina, Estado do Paraná, Brasil
PortugueseFlorística e estrutura da vegetação arbustivo-arbórea em uma área de cerrado rupestre no Parque Estadual da Serra de Caldas Novas, Goiás
EnglishThe Rural Context and Secondary School Enrollment: An Ecological Systems Approach
EnglishCases Studies on Intellectual Property Issues for Bionics
EnglishSoil Adhesion Preventing Mechanism of Bionic Bulldozing Plates and Mouldboard Ploughs
EnglishPropulsion Experimental Research on the Structure of Swordfish's Lunate Caudal Fin1
EnglishDevelopment of a Distribution System for Measuring Nozzle Integrative Parameters1
EnglishAbrasive Wear of Geometrical Surface Structures of Scapharca Subcrenata and Burnt-end Ark Against Soil1
EnglishEvaluation of Cardiovascular Stress Reaction Using HPCD Method on a Beat-by-beat Basis1
EnglishNetwork Study of Plant Leaf Topological Pattern and Mechanical Property and its Application1
EnglishFabrication and Dielectric Properties of Soft-core Helical Particles Using Spirulina Platensis as Templates1
EnglishEvaluating Biological Systems for Their Potential in Engineering Design
EnglishTo Explore the Collective Animal Erratic Panic and Biomimetics
EnglishNumerical Characterization of Surface Structures of Slippery Zone in Nepenthes alata Pitchers and its Mechanism of Reducing Locust's Attachment1
EnglishBionic Design of the Surface Morphology of Rubber Bush Covered on Driving Drums1
EnglishEnhancing Innovation Through Biologically Inspired Design1
EnglishPrimary Research on Bionic Design of Multi-surface Solar Concentrator Based on the Flower Structure
EnglishThe Study of Owl's Silent Flight and Noise Reduction on Fan Vane with Bionic Structure1
EnglishThe Technology Study of Camshaft Treated by Laser Bionic Melting Process in Aqueous Media Cooling1
EnglishVisual Reconstruction and Feature Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Surface of Earthworm1
EnglishFlame Propagation in Combustion Synthesis of Ni-Ti Structural Bioimplant Material1
EnglishBiomechanics Characteristics of New Type Artificial Hip Joint1
EnglishStudy on Drag Reduction Characteristic Around Bodies of Revolution with Bionic Non-smooth Surface1
EnglishAnalysis of the Aerodynamic Character of Bionic Wingspan on the Basis of Frigate Wing Structure1
EnglishThe Effects of Force on the Structure Deformation of Wing for Flapping-wing
EnglishLight Harvesting Mechanism of Photosystem II in Photosynthesis: An Inspiration to Photoinitiators1
EnglishRapid Detection of E. coli on Goat Meat by Electronic Nose
EnglishThe Research of Biology Coupling Characteristics on the Shells of Haliotis discus hannai Ino1
EnglishSimulation Study of Bionic Jetting Direction Influence on Drag Reduction Effect
EnglishCarcass Compound Materials Base on Fluoropolymer for Tissue Engineering in Orthopedics
EnglishPreparation and Properties of Fe^sub 3^O^sub 4^ Biomimetic Micro-nano Structure Coatings1
EnglishStudy on the Application of Biological Tactile in Fast Meat Freshness Detection1
EnglishA Biomimetic Smart Control of Viscous Drag Reduction
EnglishCryptochrome Magnetoreception Mechanism Indicates a New Kind of Magnetometer
EnglishThe Techniques of Reducing Adhesion and Scouring Soil by Bionic - Review of Literature
EnglishDevelopment of Bionic Air Cooler Used in High Temperature Coal Mine
EnglishA Novel Method for 3D-Segmentation of Vascular Images1
EnglishMicro-tensile Testing of the Lightweight Laminated Structures of Beetle Elytra Cuticle1
EnglishCoupling Characteristics of Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Gait Analysis on Anterior Instability of Knee1
EnglishNumerical Simulation And Aerodynamic Performance Comparison Between Seagull Aerofoil and NACA 4412 Aerofoil under Low-Reynolds1
EnglishThe 3rd International Conference of Bionic Engineering (ICBE'10)
EnglishThe Insect Fascicle Morphology Research and Bionic Needle Pierced Mechanical Mechanism Analysis1
EnglishMechanical Character of Typical Plant Leaf Surfaces1
EnglishInfluence of the Optical Multi-Film Thickness on the Saturation of the Structural Color Displayed1
EnglishIMF-World Global Monitoring Report 2010
Englishnew WORLD ORDER
Englishsouth-south COOPERATION
Englisha more dynamic & transformative SOUTH-SOUTH TRADE
Englishjoint ACTION
EnglishFEMALE entrepreneurs
Englishforum letter
EnglishTRADE SUPPORT responding to shifting markets
EnglishITC Trade Map Factsheet highlights impact of global crisis on LDCs
EnglishCONNECTING INDUSTRY TO THE MARKET the future of cotton in Africa
EnglishUNECA Economic Report on Africa recommends strategies for growth
Englisha new FRONTIER
Englishnew faces, NEW VOICES
Englishtrade IN FINANCE
EnglishWorld Economic and Social Survey 2010
Englishnew opportunities IN GLOBAL OUTSOURCING
EnglishDeveloping countries on the rise: OECD report
Englishmoving from RHETORIC TO REALITY
EnglishStudents' Attitudes Toward STEM: Development of an Instrument for High School STEM-Based Programs
EnglishRe-enJEANeering STEM Education: Math Options Summer Camp
EnglishThe 2009 Paul T. Hiser Exemplary Publication Award Recipient
EnglishAdvancing the "E" in K-12 STEM Education
EnglishUsing Motorsports Design Concepts to Further STEM Education
EnglishTeaching University-Level Technology Students via the Learning Preferences and Problem-Solving Approach
EnglishStaking the Claim for the 'T' in STEM
EnglishTrajectories of Mathematics and Technology Education Pointing To Engineering Design
EnglishAnswer Self-Incriminating Questions or Be Fired
EnglishJust (Juvenile Justice) Jargon: An Argument for Terminological Uniformity Between the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

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