Monday April 19, 2010
LanguageArticle title
EnglishFair trade: No donations required
EnglishThe gospel in three parts . . . times three
EnglishMennonite study book published in Vietnamese
EnglishNew congregation to be birthed in Surrey
EnglishAsk and you shall receive: Simple invitation swells Sunday school
English'Bombs bursting in air'?
EnglishCaught between dice and a hard place
EnglishUSA: Cooking Up A South Asian Success Story Online
EnglishMPN struggling to publish in a digital age
EnglishGather 'Round goes back to the beginning
EnglishFrom 'life support' to 'blessed'
English'A new beginning' for Mennonites in Laos
EnglishFrom Canada to Haiti . . . with love and prayers
EnglishCelebrating women's stories at home and abroad
EnglishNot a Christian . . . just a 'follower of Jesus'
EnglishGlobal: Delivering Women From Death, The Expert View
EnglishTwo views
EnglishHelping ex-offenders stay out of prison
EnglishHymnal, curricula more profitable than books
EnglishSlain soldiers not Canada's only heroes
EnglishReaders write
EnglishExecutive Order 13538-Establishing the President's Management Advisory Board
EnglishSri Lanka: Sri Lanka's Vibrant Women Missing In Politics
EnglishMWC funds projects for member churches in global south
EnglishFormer college cook continues to feed the souls of students
EnglishIndia: Andhra Women Give Tips To Vidarbha Farmers
EnglishWe will not be silent
EnglishIndia: Pitting Kashmiri Identity Against Women's Rights
EnglishHeifer sale gives whole new twist to 'Al'
EnglishNot as organic as we think
EnglishAMBS names new Canadian admissions counsellor
EnglishPastors, congregants learn to 'disagree well'
EnglishStatement on the 62d Anniversary of the State of Israel
EnglishGrateful for God's mercy
EnglishIndia: From Fields to A BPO In Just Six Months
EnglishIndia: Prayers Answered: Women In A Vaisnavite Monastery
EnglishWhat do Mennonites do with gambling donations?
EnglishChances are . . . you worship with a gambler
EnglishSeated among the unsettled

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