Monday July 12, 2010
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EnglishReaders write
EnglishRemarks Following a Meeting With President Leonel Fernandez Reyna of the Dominican Republic
EnglishLutherans expected to seek formal reconciliation with Anabaptists this month
EnglishOlympian bikes to help raise funds for MCC
EnglishPastoral transitions abound in Alberta
Englishyour gifts at work
EnglishMCC has 'a place for everyone'
EnglishSecrets abound in This Hidden Thing
English'The river sings to me a song'
EnglishLetter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Transmitting Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Amendments
EnglishI and II Timothy, Titus have practical lessons for life today
EnglishSoccer helps Karen children adjust
EnglishRural congregation 'moving closer to Jesus'
EnglishA 'timeless' message about war and peace
EnglishSuderman proposes a ninth Millennium Development Goal
EnglishGetting to know Menno
EnglishMCC plans for global change
EnglishFeme Burkhardt retires as MWC news service editor
EnglishAddressing the issue of extreme poverty in Canada
EnglishAsking the right questions
EnglishForty graduates honored at commencement
English'We will not be silenced'
EnglishDark Night leads to stronger faith
EnglishOur seminaries need "conversion"
EnglishFrom 'Imagine' to 'Material Girl'
EnglishStudents and staff 'cycle south for AIDS'
EnglishLearning together on a healing journey
EnglishA leader for these times
EnglishGetting fit for a good cause
English'I hate to be a Jeremiah'
English'A time for inspired leadership and action'
EnglishCommencement address refocuses Anabaptist Vision
Englishalumni news
EnglishComfortable being rural

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