Monday November 1, 2010
LanguageArticle title
EnglishVariable Treatment Approaches
EnglishDental Visits
EnglishHPV Infections and Vaccine
EnglishCommunity desires for an online health information strategy
EnglishSafe Dosing at Home-Not So Easy
EnglishAntibiotics and Inflammatory Bowel Disease
EnglishExclusive Breastfeeding and Age at Introduction of Solid Foods and Allergies in Children
EnglishRisk management: where are hospital 'green' committees and officers?
EnglishA strategy for real time improvement (RTI) in communication during the H1N1 emergency response
EnglishHealth policy analysis: a tool to evaluate in policy documents the alignment between policy statements and intended outcomes
EnglishAutism and Stomach Problems
EnglishMPAA Rating System
EnglishDiet and Obesity
EnglishNormal Petechia
EnglishClimate change and Australia's healthcare system - risks, research and responses
EnglishEthnic Differences in Parental Perceptions and Management of Childhood Fever
EnglishFood Allergy in Children
EnglishAboriginal cultural awareness training: policy v. accountability - failure in reality
EnglishSmall tears in outer wrap; Storing scopes; Enforcing set weight limits; Incubating BIs
EnglishAHRMM presents: Essentials of Purchasing Certificate Program
EnglishCompetitive interaction between maize, Xanthium strumarium and Datura stramonium affecting some canopy characteristics
EnglishASHES members mark 25th anniversary with name change to AHE
EnglishWorth Repeating
EnglishPicture-perfect procedures a reality with OR imaging
EnglishStudy on the effect of pistachio testa on the reduction of Aspergillus flavus growth and aflatoxin B1 production in kernels of different pistachio cultivars
EnglishWhen the FDA red lights your reprocessing process
EnglishGAO releases study about GPO services and initiatives regarding their business practices
EnglishCombined organic/inorganic fertilization enhance soil quality and increased yield, photosynthesis and sustainability of sweet maize crop
EnglishKeeping minor repairs from becoming major
EnglishImpact of cut to crush delay and bio-chemical changes in sugarcane
EnglishOut with the old, in with the new
EnglishDebunking endoscope processing myths
EnglishCharacterization of Pseudomonas fluorescens strain CV6 isolated from cucumber rhizosphere in Varamin as a potential biocontrol agent
EnglishOutpatient Connection
EnglishThe emperor is nekkid
EnglishUnlocking endoscope repair secrets
EnglishGS1 joins The Joint Initiative Council on Global Health Informatics Standardization
EnglishEffects of temperature and relative humidity during in vitro acclimatization, on physiological changes and growth characters of Phalaenopsis adapted to in vivo
EnglishResponse of organic linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) to the combination of tillage systems, (minimum, conventional and no-tillage) and fertilization practices: Seed and oil yield production
EnglishInfection surveillance software can help meet new requirements of healthcare reform
EnglishNew Technology
EnglishStoring endoscopes: How long is too long?
EnglishPractical SPD equipment maintenance: Real-world tips to avoid downtime
EnglishThe effect of colchicine pretreatment on isolated microspore culture of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
EnglishStudies on clonal multiplication of Guava (Psidium guajava L.) through cutting under controlled conditions
EnglishAvoiding, sidestepping reprocessing breakdowns
EnglishUneasy economy shakes up OR salaries
EnglishImpact of Cre and peroxidase genes of selected new wheat lines on cereal cyst nematode (Heterodera avenae woll) resistance
EnglishLaying the groundwork for GLN adoption
EnglishInfection Control Update
EnglishEffect of some rare earth elements on dry matter partitioning, nodule formation and chlorophyll content in Arachis hypogaea L. plants
EnglishWound care early intervention sparks prevention
EnglishWhy CSSDs should participate in OR Nurse Week
EnglishDrawing the lines by service
EnglishReprocessing is not a disposable idea
EnglishA panel of cultivate specific marker based on polymorphisms at microsatellite markers for Iranian cultivated Almonds (Prunus dulcis)
EnglishSeed treatments to overcome dormancy of waterlily tulip (Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel.)
EnglishThird-degree queries needed for third-party repair choices
EnglishEndoscope repair warning signs
EnglishImpacts of inflow mean velocity and its concentration on the head velocity and the cross motion of density current using the hydraulic model
EnglishHigh-quality patient care hinges on effective tool care
EnglishUpcoming events
EnglishDeeper Disclosure
EnglishIRS Opens Online PTIN Registration System
Englishsupport Your Profession
EnglishForm 1099 Re-do
Englishwe want YOU
EnglishReport: Auditing Missteps During the Economic Crisis
Englishmember milestones
EnglishAnother Perspective
EnglishLLC Talk
Englishthe numbers
EnglishWhere XBRL and IFRS meet: Making the Alphabet Soup Palatable
EnglishAccusation Posting
EnglishAn Open QuickBooks
Englishattention all CPAs
Englishmobile takeover
EnglishCPA-PAC: Supporting Candidates who Support the Profession
EnglishRobust Career
EnglishMDCT angiography of isolated right subclavian artery
EnglishAssessment of "general movements" in high-risk infants by Prechtl analysis during early intervention period in the first year of life
EnglishLate vitamin K deficiency bleeding in an infant with choledochal cyst
EnglishHindmilk for procedural pain in term neonates
EnglishNeuroendocrine immune system in familial Mediterranean fever
EnglishLangerhans cell histiocytosis with pulmonary involvement and unilateral pneumothorax
EnglishAn uncommon cause of neonatal respiratory distress
EnglishAnti-inflammatory and Analgesic activity of mature leaves methanol extract of Clerodendrum inerme L. (Gaertn)

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