Tuesday February 1, 2011
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EnglishTo Scan or Not to Scan
EnglishBeige Book: Districts report leasing recovery, weak construction
EnglishKroll Factual Data offers risk-based pricing compliance service
EnglishHelping Hands DIRECTORY
EnglishFDIC's Bair: Basic servicing business model 'fundamentally flawed'
EnglishNY regulator says Freddie should send SWAT teams to probe for HAMP doc problems
EnglishAntibacterial Study and Effect of Ethanolic Extracts of Syzygium cumini Seeds Powder on Glucoamylase invitro
EnglishMixed Signs on Market Recovery
EnglishMBA files suit against DOL over loan officer overtime issue
EnglishLike CRE, telecommuting trends depend on location
EnglishReady for BRIGHTER Days
EnglishFHFA launches effort to explore new servicing compensation structure
EnglishCan Innovation Save Us?
EnglishCoreLogic Commercial Property Record Database
EnglishThe Power of ONE
EnglishWelcome to New Leaders
EnglishPulmonary Insulin Delivery: Challenges and Current Status
EnglishForeclosure Response Team completes short-sale pilot program
EnglishPotential Role of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Deficiency in Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy
EnglishWhat's an 'Ethical Hacker'?
EnglishProLender integrates LSSI's Docs3D
EnglishHighlighting Association Milestones
EnglishAMCs: The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth
EnglishPharmacokinetic Studies Of Chronopharmaceutical, Conventional And Pure Drug Delivery System Of Theophylline By LC-MS/MS Method
EnglishThe Final Tribute
EnglishBeware Malware
EnglishREO Realities
EnglishAdverse Drug Reaction Reporting and Pharmacovigilance: Knowledge, Attitudes and Perceptions amongst Resident Doctors
EnglishDesign of Photoreactor and Study of Modeling Parameters for Removal of Pesticides in Water: a Case Study of Malathion
EnglishA SAW Delay Line Sensor Combined with Micro-hotplate for Bio-chemical Applications
EnglishDetections of Water Content Changes in a Nitrocellulose Membrane Based on Polarized Reflection Spectroscopy
EnglishModeling of a Bio Sensor Based on Detection of Antigens Concentration Using an Electrically Actuated Micro Cantilever
EnglishFiber Bragg Grating Sensor for Detection of Nitrate Concentration in Water
EnglishLong-term Biosensors for Metabolite Monitoring by using Carbon Nanotubes
EnglishImpact of Mineral Composition on the Distribution of Natural Radionuclides in Rigosol-Anthrosol
EnglishFabrication of Polyaniline/ TiO^sub 2^ Nanocomposite Ammonia Vapor Sensor
EnglishOptical Characterization and Humidity Sensing Properties of Praseodymium Oxide
EnglishBioelectrical Impedance Analysis Device: Measurement of Bioelectrical Tissue Conductivity in Dengue Patients
EnglishNanocrystalline SnO^sub 2^-Pt Thick Film Gas Sensor for Air Pollution Applications
EnglishA Preliminary Test for Skin Gas Assessment Using a Porphyrin Based Evanescent Wave Optical Fiber Sensor1
EnglishSensitivity and Selectivity Studies on Polyaniline / Molybdenum Trioxide Composites to Liquid Petroleum Gas
EnglishEster Sensing with Poly (Aniline-co-m-aminobenzoic Acid) Deposited on Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)
EnglishPeriodically Tapered LPFG for Ethanol Concentration Detection in Ethanol-Gasoline Blend
EnglishMicrocantilever Sensors in Biological and Chemical Detections
EnglishStudies on Gas Sensing Performance of Cr-doped Indium Oxide Thick Film Sensors
EnglishGlucose Monitoring System Based on Osmotic Pressure Measurements
EnglishCharacterization of WO^sub 3^-SnO^sub 2^ Nanocomposites and Application in Humidity Sensing
EnglishPreparation and Studies on Gas Sensing Performance of Pure and Modified Sn-TiO^sub 2^ Thick Film Resistor
EnglishElectroconductivity Studies of Grafted Polymer Thin Film
EnglishChemically Deposited H-CuInSe^sub 2^ / Polyiodide Based PEC Solar Cells
EnglishStudy on Gas Sensing Performance of In^sub 2^O^sub 3^ Thick Film Resistors Prepared by Screen Printing Technique
EnglishDesign of a Low Voltage 0.18 um CMOS Surface Acoustic Wave Gas Sensor
EnglishChemical Vapor Identification by Plasma Treated Thick Film Tin Oxide Gas Sensor Array and Pattern Recognition
EnglishPlans to Live on a Reservation Following College Among American Indian Students: An Examination of Transculturation Theory
EnglishAppendix B: Metric Conversion Factors, Metric Prefixes, and Other Physical Conversion Factors
EnglishNuclear Energy
EnglishEvaluation of Chemistry Journals at IIT Kharagpur, India: Use and Citation Analysis
EnglishEvaluating new roles for the support workforce in community rehabilitation settings in Queensland
EnglishWorld Voice Day 2011
EnglishOccupational violence in general practice: a whole-of-practice problem. Results of a cross-sectional study
EnglishGood health information - an asset not a burden!
EnglishInformation Professionals as Agents for Promoting Entrepreneurship and Technology Education in Actualizing Vision 2020 for Nigeria
EnglishMaking the connection: a qualitative study of brokerage in Aboriginal health in a metropolitan area of Victoria and a regional area of New South Wales
EnglishOpen Access, Institutional Repositories, and Scholarly Publishing: The Role of Librarians in South Eastern Nigeria
EnglishSize and Quality of Information Sources and the Use of Library Services in a University Library
EnglishInformation Communication Technology Support for an E-Learning Enviroment at the University of Lagos, Nigeria
EnglishSubacute casemix classification for stroke rehabilitation in Australia. How well does AN-SNAP v2 explain variance in outcomes?
EnglishHospital churn and casemix instability: implications for planning and educating the nursing workforce
EnglishIndigenous women's expectations of clinical care during treatment for a gynaecological cancer: rural and remote differences in expectations
EnglishInformation Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Rural Women in Borno State, Nigeria
EnglishEndoscopic view of the drainage pathway of an agger nasi cell
EnglishThe Professional Visibility of the Nigerian Library Association: A Report of Survey Findings
EnglishEnergy Consumption by Sector
EnglishInterpersonal violence presentations to general practitioners in Western Australia: implications for rural and community health
EnglishPredictive risk modelling in health: options for New Zealand and Australia
EnglishEnergy Overview
EnglishImplementation and outcomes of a zero tolerance of bullying and harassment program
EnglishStudents Use of Academic Libraries in Nigeria: A Case of Obafemi Awolowo University Library, Ile-Ife
EnglishVocal fold varicosities
EnglishSurgical handover in a tertiary hospital: a working model
EnglishA 'snap shot' of the health of homeless people in inner Sydney: St Vincent's Hospital
EnglishAppendix A: British Thermal Unit Conversion Factors
EnglishAudit of emergency department assessment and management of patients presenting with community-acquired needle stick injuries

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