Articles published on May 01,2011

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Sunday May 1, 2011
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EnglishTruncated careers in nuclear medicine technology: increased job control may improve retention
EnglishSegmenting a general practitioner market to improve recruitment outcomes
EnglishReliability of period of gestation determined by ultrasound scan measurements
EnglishIs health workforce sustainability in Australia and New Zealand a realistic policy goal?
EnglishGeographic and Ethnic Distribution of P knowlesi infection in Sabah, Malaysia
EnglishBuilding capacity in Australian interprofessional health education: perspectives from key health and higher education stakeholders
EnglishPreparedness for internship: a survey of new interns in a large Victorian Health Service
EnglishPsychosocial oncology services in New South Wales
EnglishReceptionists in intake in community health
EnglishA comparative study to assess the knowledge and practices regarding sexual health among the migrants and non-migrants in Mumbai city
EnglishDEFINING PASS/FAIL Nursing Student Clinical Behaviors Phase I: Moving Toward a Culture of Safety
EnglishGetting Ready for Simulation-Based Training: A Checklist for Nurse Educators
EnglishPoster Presentations as a Teaching Strategy in Web-Based Courses
EnglishABOUT Accreditation
EnglishAcademic Library Websites as Marketing Tools
EnglishInformation Requirements of Pakistani Media Practitioners: A Comparative Study
EnglishHEADLINES from the NLN
EnglishResource CENTER
EnglishRECIST Applied to Realistic Tumor Models
EnglishUNDERGRADUATE NURSING STUDENTS' Perceptions of Service-Learning Through a School-Based Community Project
EnglishCalendar of EVENTS
EnglishA Nurse Transcending Time Messages from Florence Nightingale
EnglishOpen Access, African Scholarly Publishing, and Cultural Rights: An Exploratory Usage and Accessibility Study
EnglishEmbrace Diverse Pathways to Advanced Nursing Practice: Let's Not Throw Out the Baby with the Bathwater
EnglishFaculty MATTERS
EnglishDemographic and Socio-Economic Attributes as Determinants of Information and Communication Technology Use for Scholarly Communication in Nigerian Universities
EnglishUse of Electronic Resources by Faculty Members in HKBK College of Engineering: A Survey
EnglishElectromagnetic Metrology on Concrete and Corrosion*
EnglishImpact of Information Computer Technology on Primary Health Care Services to Rural Communities in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
EnglishStudents' Perceptions of Their Learning Experiences Using High-Fidelity Simulation to Teach Concepts Relative to Obstetrics
EnglishPALLIATIVE AND END-of-LIFE CARE: Using a Standardized Patient Family FOR Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Students
EnglishIntegrating Technology in Nursing Education: Tools for the Knowledge Era
EnglishThe Anatomy of Library Users in the 21st Century
EnglishTeaching Nursing: The Art and Science (2nd ed.)
EnglishLibrary Habits of Distance Learning Students of the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
EnglishFUTURES THINKING: Preparing Nurses to Think for Tomorrow
EnglishDevelopment of Multicolor Flow Cytometry Calibration Standards: Assignment of Equivalent Reference Fluorophores (ERF) Unit
EnglishThe Next Step in Librarianship: Is The Traditional Library Dead?
EnglishThe Virtual Clinical Practicum: An Innovative Telehealth Model for Clinical Nursing Education
EnglishFaculty NOTES
EnglishPROGRAM EVALUATION of Nursing School Instruction in Measuring Students' PERCEIVED COMPETENCE to Empathetically Communicate With Patients
EnglishThe Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Nigerian University Libraries
EnglishSelecting Valid Correlation Areas for Automated Bullet Identification System Based on Striation Detection
EnglishThe Provision of Information Services to Nigerians: Meeting the Challenges of 21st Century
EnglishOutcomes and Competencies for Graduates of Practical/Vocational, Diploma, Associate Degree, Baccalaureate, Master's, Practice Doctorate, and Research Doctorate Programs in Nursing
EnglishOn the Horizon Mobile Devices: Are They a Distraction or Another Learning Tool?
EnglishRenewed and New Recommendations for World Health: "Turning the World Upside Down"
EnglishCapital investments improve services for members
EnglishCo-ops rally to help Japan
EnglishIn vitro degradation behavior of chitosan based hybrid microparticles
EnglishSwitchgrass Plant Switches On
EnglishIn-Motes EYE: A Real Time Application for Automobiles in Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishCo-op mergers require insight, commitment
EnglishLong-term trends show co-ops relying less on member equity while use of debt increasing
EnglishCHS Acquires Eastern European Grain Co.
EnglishCotton co-op sponsors denim design competition
EnglishMechanical loading of adipose derived stromal cells causes cell alignment
EnglishEffects of Low-Power Microwave Fields on Seed Germination and Growth Rate
EnglishComputational evaluation of the dynamic minimal model for the root causes of hypoglycemia
EnglishThe effects of different sterilization methods on silk fibroin
EnglishKeeping your assets covered
EnglishSunkist to brand table grapes
EnglishEvergreen model impresses HUD official
EnglishTemperature estimation of focused ultrasound exposures for stroke treatment
EnglishCamillus House turns setbacks into success
EnglishDesign for Health and Human Services Showcase
EnglishUSDA program helps offset cost of flex-fuel pump installation
EnglishInfluence of different CoCrMo counterfaces on wear in UHMWPE for artificial joints
EnglishDFA promotes environmental stewardship
EnglishTowards Effective Bus Lane Monitoring Using Camera Sensors
EnglishSchlangen new board chair at AMPI
EnglishTanzanian dairy farmers and co-ops benefit from USDA, Land O' Lakes help
EnglishNew PERSPECTIVES on suicide prevention
EnglishOrganic Valley expands members, products in Northeast
EnglishRecord-setting year for Westby Creamery
EnglishPrairie Skies Co-op to build biofuels facility
EnglishCo-ops partner with schools, health clubs, churches
English3D Localization and Tracking of Objects Using Miniature Microphones
EnglishVirginia broadband co-op's efforts create jobs
EnglishImplementation Study of a Centralized Routing Protocol for Data Acquisition in Wireless Sensor Networks

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