Thursday November 1, 2012
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EnglishArtistWorks Launches Online Vocal School
EnglishBright Skies Ahead
EnglishMonterey Jazz Festival a Success
EnglishMontreal Hosts Benefit Concert for Victim of Canadian Political Shooting
EnglishChoral Accompaniment: Trends in the Backing Track
EnglishOn the Beat with Mark Stone: The Evolution of the Percussion Activity
EnglishJEN Announces Advocacy Initiative with NAfME
EnglishThe Construction of China's Environmental Public Interest Litigation Mechanism
EnglishStructural Review of Rent Government and Its Effect on Democracy Process
EnglishZinc and Pyrrole-added Akaganeite ([Beta]-FeOOH) Films by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolisis Assessed as Propane Sensors
EnglishY^sup 3+^ Added Nanocrystallite Mg-Cd Ferrite LPG, Cl^sub 2^ and C^sub 2^H^sub 5^OH Sensors
EnglishIn Play
EnglishThe Breakthrough on the Legality Plight of Environmental Control in China
EnglishThe Development of an Evaluation Model on Learning Management of Foreign Language Teachers in the World-Class Standard Primary Schools
EnglishAre You Ready for This?
EnglishThe Musical Percussionist
EnglishAmperometric Acetylcholinesterase Biosensor Based on Poly (Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride)/Gold Nanoparticles/Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes-chitosans Composite Film-modified Electrode
EnglishLimited Edition Candy Apple Red KickPort 2 SE
EnglishImmunosensor Based on Gold Nanoparticles-multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes-chitosans Composite and Prussian Blue for Detection of Chlorpyrifos
EnglishBehind the Adjudicator Table: Improving Festival Performance and Ratings
EnglishHarmonic Time
FrenchThe Thought Existentialiste in The Little Prince/Les Pensées Existentialistes dans Le Petit Prince
EnglishOberlin Grad and ICE Founder Claire Chase Named MacArthur Fellow
EnglishAn Assessment of Housing Delivery in Nigeria: Federal Mortgage Bank Scenario
EnglishBackground Analysis of Traffic Law Discipline Construction
EnglishHere, Here!
EnglishPotentiometric Determination of Low Content of Water in Different Organic Solvents Using NASICON Based Probe
Englishfresh finds
EnglishParaoxonase-1 (PON1) Status in Pancreatic Cancer: Relation to Clinical Parameters
EnglishThe Emerging World of Online Professional Development
EnglishProvision and Usage of Medical Services by Community Pharmacy: A Comparative Study of New York, Macao and Zhuhai (China)
EnglishGold Nanoparticle Amplification Combined with Quartz Crystal Microbalance DNA Based Biosensor for Detection of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
EnglishIntroduction to Membership Rights
EnglishSafeguard by Rule of Law for the Fiduciary Construction of Chinese Capital Market
EnglishLeJENds of Jazz Education Gala Honors Rufus Reid and Dave Liebman
EnglishSelected Spiritual Arrangements For All Choirs
EnglishYamaha ACP Acoustic Conditioning Panels
EnglishNanostructured CdFe^sub 2^O^sub 4^ Thick Film Resistors as Ethanol Gas Sensors
EnglishNAMM Foundation Invites Educators to 2013 'Music Education Days'
EnglishStructural, Morphological and Optical Properties of Spray Deposited Nano-crystalline CdO Thin Films
EnglishA Facile and Green Synthesis of Small Silver Nanoparticles in [Beta]-cyclodextrins Performing as Chemical Microreactors and Capping Agents
EnglishEntrepreneurial Educators
EnglishChoral Icon Warland Inducted into Classical Hall of Fame
EnglishReflections on the Overseas Labor Welfare Plan of Pakistan with the Overseas Workers Welfare Security of China
EnglishLocal Government and Good Governance in Nigeira's Emerging Democracy, 1999-2011: An Analysis of the Constraining Factors
FrenchReflections on the Implementation of the FOS for the Benefit of Students Majored in French/Réflexions Sur la Mise en Place du FOS Destiné Aux Étudiants Chinois Ayant le Français Comme Première Spécialité
EnglishAnalysis University Identity System (UIS) in the Perspective of Soft Power
EnglishAn Empirical Study on Problems Involved in CET-4 Communicative Listening Test and Teaching
EnglishOn Chinese Sports Competition Honesty Construction Research
EnglishPresent Development Situation of Commercial Service Industry of Japan and Enlightenment to Shandong Province
EnglishSongwriter Hal David Dies
EnglishA Message from JEN President Andrew Surmani
EnglishFunctions of Courtroom Responses in Cognitive Context Construction and the Realization of Litigants' Communicative Aims in Chinese Court Hearing
EnglishWhat's on Your Playlist?
EnglishDiffusion in Carbon Nanotubes: Details, Characteristics, Comparisons at Nanolevel
EnglishDiscussion on the Democratic Value Orientation of International Law
EnglishJacobson Named Percussive Arts Society and Rhythm! Discovery Executive Director
EnglishNoise Exposures in School Music Classes and Marching Band Rehearsals
EnglishThe Many Hats of the School Choral Director
EnglishMethylation Analysis of Tumour Suppressor Genes in Ovarian Cancer Using MS-MLPA
EnglishEddie Bert 1922-2012
EnglishWhat a Glorious Feeling!
EnglishEmerging Issues & Challenges in Cloud Computing- A Hybrid Approach
EnglishAn Innovation of an Academic Cloud Computing Service
EnglishBiodegradation of Natural Estrogens by Biofilms from Biological Activated Carbon: Effect of Temperature
EnglishEffects of bacteria and arbuscular mycorhizae inoculation at different electrical conductivity level on growth and yield of rockmelon (Cucumis melo) under soilless culture
EnglishWeb Portal for Photonic Technologies Using Grid Infrastructures
EnglishExpression levels of some starch metabolism related genes in flag leaf of two contrasting rice genotypes exposed to salt stress
EnglishVariation in grain weight among Iranian wheat cultivars: the importance of stem carbohydrate reserves in determining final grain weight under source limited conditions
EnglishPhenol Removal from Aqueous Solutions by Electrocoagulation Technology Using Iron Electrodes: Effect of Some Variables
EnglishProximate nutritional composition and antioxidant properties of Oryza rufipogon, a wild rice collected from Malaysia compared to cultivated rice, MR219
EnglishDynamic 3-D Indoor Radio Propagation Model and Applications with Radios from 433 MHZ to 2.4 GHz
EnglishPoly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-N-tert-butylacrylamide)-grafted hyaluronan as an injectable and self-assembling scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering
EnglishQoS Based Framework for Effective Web Services in Cloud Computing
EnglishMapping High-Level Application Requirements onto Low-Level Cloud Resources
EnglishComputation of Optical Force on Nanoparticles Using Locally Non-Orthogonal Overlapping Yee FDTD Method
EnglishCharacterization of physiological traits, yield and fiber quality in three upland cotton cultivars grown under cadmium stress
EnglishA Study on a Conductor System for Investigation of Proximity Effect
EnglishTimelines in conventional crop improvement: pre-breeding and breeding procedures
EnglishIdentification of interspecific grain yield heterosis between two cultivated rice species Oryza sativa L. and Oryza glaberrima Steud.
EnglishPerformance Analysis and Improvement of Storage Virtualization in an OS-Online System
EnglishGenetic diversity revealed utility of SSR markers in classifying parental lines and elite genotypes of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench)
EnglishInfluence of moisture content and whitening method on degree of milling and head rice yield of three Iranian rice varieties
EnglishBayesian Data Fusion (BDF) of Monitoring Data with a Statistical Groundwater Contamination Model to Map Groundwater Quality at the Regional Scale
EnglishComparison between Conventional Convective Heating and Microwave Heating: An FTIR Spectroscopy Study of the Effects of Microwave Oven Cooking of Bovine Breast Meat
EnglishTestability Estimation of Framework Based Applications

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