Wednesday October 1, 2014
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EnglishThe Role of Trait Emotional Intelligence in Individual Performance: A Descriptive Study in Albaha University, Saudi Arabia
English'No Thanks': Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Rejects Offer of Downtown East Park
EnglishSubclinical hypothyroidism in children with Down syndrome: To treat or not to treat???
EnglishFoundations of research: Springer and Wiley Protocols
Englishlife space crisis intervention: Problems as Opportunities
EnglishOn "Military Professionalism & Private Military Contractors"/The Author Replies
English102 Days of War: How Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda & the Taliban Survived 2001
EnglishPharmacist perception and use of UpToDate®*
EnglishTowards a Regional Strategy Contra ISIS
EnglishPlanning a New or Renovating an Old Recreation Center?
EnglishCLE News
EnglishPRIVATISATION BY STEALTH - LNP finalises privatisation policy for state election
EnglishGender, Military Effectiveness, and Organizational Change: The Swedish Model
EnglishNewman government tells nurses and midwives to be happy with real-terms pay decrease
EnglishPublic sector job losses almost 2000 higher than government admits
EnglishNotes on your desk and in the cloud: comparing Evernote and OneNote
EnglishCurrent status of information literacy instruction practices in medical libraries of Pakistan
EnglishFancy a trip to the local park?
EnglishBlue Care AINs incorrectly classified as personal carers
EnglishA Partnership of Service
EnglishTuesday Night Tailgate
EnglishPrevalence of Helicobacter pylori in Patients With Dyspepsia
EnglishMaking notifications to the Office of the Health Ombudsman A note from the Health Ombudsman
EnglishFactum est silentium in cælo: The Silence of Sound in the Heavenly Liturgy and the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy
EnglishThank You, Network Leaders!
Englishtea room
EnglishAn Exuberant All Saints' Motet: Victoria's O quam gloriosum
EnglishLeveraging Lean in the Office: Lean Office Needs a Novel and Differentiated Approach
EnglishSeventeenth Annual William Byrd Festival In Portland
EnglishRenaissance Woman: Appreciations of Helen Safa
EnglishLocation, Location, Location
EnglishSelling off our clinical services
EnglishA Grey Water Dam Design for the Treatment and Reuse of Grey Water from Single and Multiple Households
SpanishLA ETAPA DE RAMÓN SERRANO SUÑER EN EL MINISTERIO DE ASUNTOS EXTERIORES: ESPAÑA SE CONVIERTE EN UN PAÍS DEL EJE Y PIERDE LA NEUTRALIDAD/"Ramón Serrano Suñer at the Helm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Spain Becomes a Member of the Axis and Losses its Neutrality"
EnglishDimensions of Democracy in Contemporary Venezuela
EnglishWorld Summit looks at impact of climate change on health
EnglishBunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a Revolution1
EnglishNATO's New Trajectories after the Wales Summit
EnglishA Survey of the Effect of Social Media Marketing on Online Shopping of Customers by Mediating Variables
EnglishNRPA Takes a Trip
EnglishPriming Strategic Communications: Countering the Appeal of ISIS
EnglishThe Circle of Courage: The Socialization of Youth 21st Century
EnglishEndoscopic view of an ostium in a concha bullosa of the superior turbinate
EnglishThe Park and Rec Impact: Addressing the Needs of Kids in Underserved Communities
EnglishSnapshots of innovation
EnglishThe impact of institutional ethics on academic health sciences library leadership: a survey of academic health sciences library directors
EnglishHealth sciences librarians' awareness and assessment of the Medical Library Association Code of Ethics for Health Sciences Librarianship: the results of a membership survey
EnglishCreative Strategy: A Guide for Innovation
Spanish¿UNA ESTRATEGIA COHERENTE PARA UNA REGIÓN EN CAMBIO? LA POLÍTICA EXTERIOR DE LA ADMINISTRACIÓN OBAMA Y LA PRIMAVERA ÁRABE/"A Coherent Strategy for a Changing Region?: The Obama Administration Foreign Policy and the "Arab Spring"
EnglishHardy-Weinberg equilibrium and association study of insertion/deletion polymorphism of ACE gene and Alzheimer's disease in Egyptian patients
EnglishBundaleer Lodge pays $30k for uniform mistake
EnglishAntimicrobial Susceptibilities and Distribution of Resistance Genes for [Beta]-Lactams in Streptococcus pneumoniae Isolated in Hamadan
EnglishThe Invisible Soldiers: How America Outsourced Our Security
EnglishSignificant Factors for Reliability Estimation of Component Based Software Systems
EnglishCuban Postcards
EnglishCoastal Captivation
EnglishThank You, Charlotte
EnglishReflective exercise: Reporting obligations regarding performance issues and workplace matters
EnglishMycoflora of the Interdigital Spaces Among Girl Students in Ahvaz, Iran
EnglishParks Build Community - In So Many Ways
EnglishVenezuela: The Political Crisis of Post-Chavismo
EnglishConcussion Training Lacking in Federal Civil Rights Claim
EnglishGroundbreaking nursing researcher to visit Brisbane
EnglishProgram Leaders
EnglishEco-Toxicological Approach as a Contribution to Integrated Water Management on Okpara Dam at Kpassa in Benin: Evaluation of Contamination of Fish and Surface Water by Organochlorine Pesticides
EnglishAssessing NATO's Eastern European "Flank"
EnglishLow-Energy Lighting Helps Agencies Achieve Green Goals
EnglishThe Celebration of Sorrow in the Roman Rite
EnglishFrom High Risk to Health
EnglishThe 2014 Sacred Music Colloquium
EnglishChemopreventive effect of Annona muricata on DMBA-induced cell proliferation in the breast tissues of female albino mice
EnglishReporting obligations regarding performance issues and workplace matters
EnglishPeaceful Peace
EnglishApplication of Electrical Resistivity Imaging in Investigating Groundwater Pollution in Sapele Area, Nigeria
EnglishNRPA and the Walmart Foundation Support Indian Nations
EnglishUsability Experiments to Evaluate UML/SysML-Based Model Driven Software Engineering Notations for Logic Control in Manufacturing Automation
EnglishJohn Albert Majors Jr., 1920-2013, and William Harcourt Majors, 1925-2013
EnglishThe Importance of Young Professionals' Involvement with Community Organizations
EnglishHeritability of fear: Ukrainian experience
EnglishStudy of genotype-phenotype correlation of methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene polymorphisms in a sample of Egyptian autistic children
EnglishDegradation of Dyestuff Pollutant Sudan I Using Advanced Oxidation Process

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