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EnglishMolecular Cloning, Expression and Purification of Truncated hpd Fragment of Haemophilus influenzae in Escherichia coli
EnglishEpidemiology of HIV/AIDS in the East Azerbaijan Province, Northwest of Iran
EnglishUltrasurf Traffic Classification: Detection and Prevention
EnglishConstruction of a DNA Vaccine Encoding Mtb32C and HBHA Genes of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
EnglishThe Effects of Allium sativum Extracts on Biofilm Formation and Activities of Six Pathogenic Bacteria
EnglishBase of tongue schwannoma
EnglishStraight Talk
EnglishThe incidence of postoperative aspiration among children undergoing supraglottoplasty for laryngomalacia
EnglishGabriela Barreto: Shopbop
EnglishFrequency of Hepatitis B and C Viruses, and HIV Among Drug Addicts in the Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
EnglishAssociation Between IL-17, IL-8 and IL-18 Expression in Peripheral Blood and Helicobacter Pylon Infection in Mongolian Gerbils
EnglishMood Shoes
EnglishNatural Habitat of Aureobasidium pullulans in Sari, Iran
EnglishEtiological Diagnosis of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Adult Patients: A Prospective Hospital-Based Study in Mashhad, Iran
EnglishFrequency of Borrelia in Morphea Lesion by Polymerase Chain Reaction in Northeast of Iran
EnglishSupraglottoplasty in a 39-year-old woman
EnglishCatch of the Day
EnglishHybrid frontal sinus surgery with balloon dilation and microdebrider resection
EnglishAmerican Accent
EnglishStudy on Bacterial Strains Causing Blood and Urinary Tract Infections in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Determination of Their Antibiotic Resistance Pattern
EnglishAnything Goes
EnglishMultiplex SYBR Green Real-Time PCR Assay for Detection of Respiratory Viruses
EnglishQTL mapping of soybean cyst nematode race 9: a generalized linear modeling approach
EnglishAnthropometric and Atherogenic Risk of Cardiometabolic Disorders in Women
EnglishLate Effects of Radiation on Skeletal Muscle: An Open Field of Research
EnglishGo Beyond Cost Containment to Cost Reconfiguration: Report
Englishstaying on top of a surging wave of data
Englishservice line analytics in the new era
EnglishThe Flute in the Attic: 20 Short Recital and Study Pieces for the Intermediate Player
EnglishGenetic diversity revealed dissimilarity among Mozambican cassava cultivars
EnglishThe Clarinet in the Attic: 20 Short Recital and Study Pieces for the Intermediate Player
EnglishNebraska Garners Top Chapter Award
Englishfinding the 'sweet spot' in value-based contracts
EnglishIt's all ^strike-through None of^ Your Business
EnglishCauliflower and broccoli productivity as influenced by phosphorus fertilizer doses in a P-rich soil
EnglishNAMM Foundation Names Best Communities For Music Education
EnglishONLINE PIANO LESSONS: A Teacher's Journey Into An Emerging 21st-Century Virtual Teaching Environment
Englishmarket-driven health care and the Affordable Care Act
EnglishEstimation of contents iron oxides using geostatistics in two hillslope curvatures of an Alfisol under sugarcane cultivation
EnglishMolecular and biochemical characterization of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in upland rice under drought
EnglishA Quantitative Analysis of Collision Resolution Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Englishgo beyond and manage value
EnglishPhysical properties of Rhodic Hapludox (Oxisol) soil under different oat managements of integrated crop-livestock system
EnglishA Framework for Software Defect Prediction Using Neural Networks
EnglishPassages: Christine Hermanson
EnglishComposer Showcase: An Awesome Adventure, Eight Original Piano Solos
EnglishYoungArts Applications Now Available
EnglishTheoretical Evaluation of Both Unknown Substrate Concentrations and Enzyme Kinetic Constants of Metabolic Cycles
EnglishSugarcane residue incubated in soil at different temperatures and nitrogen fertilization
EnglishNational Association News
EnglishDevelopment of an Algorithm for Reconstructing a Comprehensive Pathway Model: Application to Saccharomyces cerevisiae
EnglishAbsorption of Microwaves in Low Intensity Eucalyptus Litter Fire
EnglishEffect of sulphur dose on the productivity and quality of onions
EnglishMTNA Student Receives Scholarship
Englishresolving to raise the bar on price transparency
EnglishEvaluation of macronutrient demand in calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)
EnglishTowards Knowledge Management in RE Practices to Support Software Development
EnglishANI 2015: Consolidation, Tech, Boomers to Drive Future
EnglishThe Optimization and Improvement of MapReduce in Web Data Mining
EnglishEasy Studies for Acoustic and Electric Guitar
EnglishThe ABC s of Gen X, Y(P), Z: A Column for Young Professionals
EnglishRemembering Alicia de Larrocha: Thoughts On Her Artistry, Teaching And Musical Legacy
EnglishDeena Shypitka Music Awards
EnglishThe Trombone in the Attic, 20 Short Recital and Study Pieces for the Intermediate Player
EnglishMember Profile: A Love of Dance
EnglishSchirmer Performance Editions: Burgmüller: 25 Progressive Studies, Opus 100
EnglishHand Gesture Recognition Approach for ASL Language Using Hand Extraction Algorithm
EnglishGluys Awarded Yamaha/Dennis DeLucia Scholarship
EnglishCrambe (Crambe abyssinica H.) development and productivity under different sowing densities
EnglishRelease of potassium, calcium and magnesium from sugarcane straw residue under different irrigation regimes
Englishon the safe side
EnglishSeeking the Source of Transience for a Unique Magnetic Field Pattern That Completely Dissolves Cancer Cells in Vitro
Englishare Medicare bundles in your future?
EnglishSteinway Spirio
EnglishQuick Hits: Top News Stories of the Month
EnglishInfluence of Supporting Tissue on the Deformation and Compliance of Healthy and Diseased Arteries
EnglishVitamin D3 Receptor Activation Rescued Corticostriatal Neural Activity and Improved Motor Function in -D^sub 2^R Tardive Dyskinesia Mice Model
EnglishKey Capital Considerations for Mergers and Acquisitions
Englishhow to avoid 'death by benchmarking'
EnglishCMS to Add First Mandatory Bundle
EnglishAssessment of genetic relationship of promising potato genotypes grown in Rwanda using SSR markers
EnglishComparison of Different Reconstruction Algorithms for Decreasing the Exposure Dose during Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: A Phantom Study

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