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EnglishAnalysis of Changes in Perceived Personality Dispositions across Adult Age Groups
EnglishMind Matters: Is the Money Worth the Abuse?
EnglishSelf-Concept and Intimacy: Influence on Elderly's Sexual Behaviour in Ile-Ife
EnglishLanguage and Madness: Very Germane Areas of Collaboration among Linguists and Psychiatrists
EnglishSteve Clifford
EnglishGrooving in Form
EnglishA Content Analysis of the Structure and Cognitive Complexity of Pre-service Science Teachers' Formulated Behavioural Objectives
EnglishLennie DiMuzio
EnglishRBH Drums: Americana Jump Kit
EnglishIndustry Happenings
EnglishBuild a Beat!
EnglishComparative Assessment of Social Engagement, Cognitive Function and Their Relationship in Rural- and Urban-dwelling Elderly Nigerians
EnglishAmerican History
EnglishPatients' Perception of Health Care Delivery System in a Tertiary and Secondary Health Institutions in Edo State, Nigeria
EnglishSocio-Economic Benefits derived by Participants from Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Programme in Oyo State, Nigeria
EnglishHomelessness and Cognitive Impairment: An Exploratory Study in Tokyo, Japan
EnglishDevelopment of Employee Restiveness Predictive Scale (ERPS)
EnglishThe Cumbia
EnglishSteven Wilson
EnglishCreative Compression Techniques
EnglishPsychological Distress among Nigerian Undergraduate Students
EnglishThe 818 Drummers Lunch
EnglishCraviotto Johnny C. Series Snare Drums
EnglishMatt Greiner
EnglishClassic Tower of Hanoi, Planning Skills, and the Indian Elderly
EnglishInfluence of Job Demand and Job Status on Job Involvement among Non-Burnout Employees
EnglishAntidepressant Prescription Pattern in the Presence of Medical Co-morbidity: REAP-AD 2013 Study
EnglishGil Sharone
EnglishMr. Big's Pat Torpey
EnglishComa Ecliptic
EnglishClaus Hessler's Drumming Kairos
EnglishAriana Grande's Keith "Stix" McJimson
EnglishWorker-Supervisor Relationship and Pay Satisfaction: Influence on Turnover Intention among Primary School Teachers in Ado, Nigeria
EnglishIs Add-on Psycho-education Effective in the Treatment of Depression?/Authors' Reply
EnglishStone Custom Drums
EnglishLeadership Style and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour among Employees of Private Companies in Abia State, Nigeria
EnglishThe One-O Conundrum
EnglishTriangles and Circles
EnglishIn Memoriam: A.J. Pero
EnglishOn Tour
EnglishSwing Style 101
EnglishThe Efficacy of Authentic Assessment and Portfolio Assessment in the Learning of Social Studies in Junior Secondary Schools in Osun State, Nigeria
EnglishNEW and NOTABLE
EnglishInternational Trade in East Africa: The Case of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development
EnglishAndrogen levels and apoptosis in the testis during postnatal development of finasteride-treated male rat offspring
EnglishU.S. President Historic Visit to the African Union
EnglishPerformance Characteristics of GaAs/Al^sub 0.32^Ga^sub 0.68^As Quantum-Well Lasers
EnglishFixing Volkswagen Requires Manufacturing Candid Conversations
EnglishA Pragmatic Analysis of Nigerianisms in the English Usage in Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman
EnglishPeroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in the regulation of female reproductive functions
EnglishThe Return of Industrial Policy and Revival of Pakistan's Economy: Possibilities of Learning, Industrial and Technology Policies
EnglishQueen Mothers: The Unseen Hands in Chieftaincy Conflicts Among the Akan in Ghana: Myth or Reality?
EnglishHistological changes of testes in growth hormone transgenic mice with high plasma level of GH and insulin-like growth factor-1
EnglishLearning from Gandhi on His Birthday
English2016 African American Intellectual History Society Conference
EnglishNegotiate Your Way to Better Leadership
EnglishSecurity in Visible Light Communication: Novel Challenges and Opportunities
EnglishThe UNESCO Slave Route Project
EnglishThe Impact of the Macroeconomic Environment on Pakistan's Manufacturing Sector
EnglishThe Missing Economic Magic: The Failure of Trade Liberalization and Exchange Rate Devaluation in Pakistan, 1980-2012
EnglishThe Role of DFIs in Industrial Growth and Transformation: Why the East Asian Countries Succeeded and Pakistan Did Not
EnglishBetween Madmen and Specialists and The Beatification of Area Boy: A Comparison of Style
EnglishExperimental and Modelling Study of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Unimorph Cantilever Arrays
EnglishLarger Selectivity of the V^sub 2^O^sub 5^ Nano-particles Sensitivity to NO^sub 2^ than NH^sub 3^
EnglishArmed and Dangerous? An Examination of Fatal Shootings of Unarmed Black People by Police
EnglishIn Memoriam: Dedon Kamathi
EnglishBooks of Interest
EnglishPakistan: A Case of Premature Deindustrialization?
EnglishAn Analysis of Conflicts in Ghana: The Case of Dagbon Chieftaincy
EnglishFlying from the Enchanter: From Narrative Empathy to the Questioning of Narratorial Reliability in Chinua Achebe's A Man of the People
EnglishMamadou N'Diaye Rose: The Mathematician of Rhythms, 1930-2015
English1921 Pan-African Congress, London Manifesto
EnglishAbba Alhadi Honored by the American Library Association via JPAS Editor Suggestion
EnglishDetermination of Multiple Spring Constants, Gaps and Pull Down Voltages in MEMS CRAB Type Microaccelerometer Using Near Pull Down Capacitance Voltage Measurements
EnglishThe 1959 Pan Africanist Manifesto
EnglishTwo Chains, One Choice: Soyinka and the Quest for Freedom from the Twin Plagues of Political and Religious Maladies in Samarkand and Other Markets I Have Known
EnglishGlobalization: The Challenge for Pakistan
EnglishIndigenous Knowledge Production, Digital Media and Academic Libraries in Ghana
EnglishIntroduction: Rethinking Wole Soyinka: 81 Years of Protracted Engagement
EnglishTen Top Torque Tips (White Paper)

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