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Friday January 1, 2010
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EnglishSome People Do Not Taste Salt
EnglishIce Caps in Western Antarctica And Greenland Melting More Slowly than Expected
SpanishLas pinturas murales de la iglesia de San Pedro de Torremocha de Jarama
EnglishAn Extraordinary Inventor
Englishforgetting sometimes
EnglishTop Ten Tips for Coping With Cancer-Related Pain
EnglishFestival Of The Dreaming
EnglishFish Oil is Not Beneficial In Preventing Dementia
EnglishInterUterine: Exploring the Reprotech Body Through an Interspecies Aesthetic of Care
EnglishChina and Women's Liberation: Re-Assessing the Relationship Through Population Policies
EnglishEnzymes and Their Impact
EnglishBeastly and Beautiful: My Mother Reads Lolita
EnglishEscaping Language: Roman Jakobson and Abhinavagupta
EnglishEnzymes and Vision
EnglishDo Some Blood Pressure Drugs Raise the Risk of Cancer?
EnglishWhat is Gemmotherapy?
EnglishHittite ...
SpanishFunción, composición, modelo y tema: el tímpano de la dormición en el claustro de Pamplona
EnglishDays Later
EnglishPeroxide + Catalyst = Cleaner Water
EnglishRecipes for the Vegan and Vegetarian
EnglishInterview with Janette Turner Hospital
SpanishDel mito al símbolo cristiano: el claustro de Silos
EnglishNew Etymologies for Some Japanese Time-Words
EnglishAnd it's cold down here
EnglishAspirin Does Not Relate to Recurrent Miscarriage
English6. Ägyptologische Tempeltagung: Funktion und Gebrauch altägyptischer Tempelräume
EnglishImages of Others: Iconic Politics in Ancient Israel
EnglishServant of the Revolution: The Creative Art of Serving History and the Imagination
EnglishMuslim Legal Thought in Modern Indonesia
EnglishMost Beauty Products Today Contain Synthetic Chemicals
EnglishStatin Drugs Produce Unintentional Harmful Results
EnglishWandering Womb
EnglishThe History of the Buddha's Relic Shrine
EnglishPapyrology and the History of Early Islamic Egypt
EnglishCold Hand of Smile
SpanishImagen y Ritual: Alfonso X y la creación de imágenes en la Edad Media1
EnglishThe Muslims of Medieval Italy
EnglishWas Alice in Wonderland a Migraine Figment of Lewis Carroll's Imagination?
EnglishEnzymes in Fungi May Help to Reduce Drug Interactions with Grapefruit Juice
EnglishWet with fear
EnglishThe Babe is Wise
Englishgirls with stars in their eyes
SpanishTradición e innovación: el ciclo de la Matanza de los Inocentes en el Románico hispano
EnglishBrain Chemicals Behave Differently in Cocaine Addicts
EnglishGod's Wife, God's Servant: The God's Wife of Amun (c. 740-525 BC)
SpanishRecuperando el pasado. Algunas notas sobre las primeras portadas teofánicas del románico castellano-leonés (acerca del relieve conservado en Rhode Island)
EnglishEarly Consumption of Soda Indicates Unhealthful Diet
EnglishAntipsychotic Drugs Can Cause Pneumonia In the Elderly
EnglishFood Prices Lower Than Ever
EnglishNeurotoxins Found in Seafood
EnglishA Sailor's Wish
EnglishZarathustra entre l'Inde et l'Iran: Études indo-iraniennes et indo-européennes offertes à Jean Kellens à l'occasion de son 65e anniversaire
EnglishA Clearer Understanding Of Enzymes
EnglishBreast-feeding and Cognitive Development In Children
EnglishIs There a Link Between Hospital Infections and Autism?
EnglishDebates on Women's Status as Judges and Witnesses in Post-Formative Islamic Law
EnglishEveryday Life and Consumer Culture in Eighteenth-Century Damascus
EnglishThe Paradox of Absent Mothers: Women Who Are both Mothers and Public Figures or Activists
EnglishAn Assortment of Headache Types
EnglishNatural Antiviral Enzyme Helps Keep Cancer Cells Alive
SpanishConsideraciones sobre la iconografía y simbolismos del retablo relicario del Monasterio de Piedra
EnglishNote on A. Staël-Holstein's "Double Publication"
EnglishDefective Enzyme May Induce Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis
EnglishPesticides and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
SpanishLa reinterpretación de la herencia artística bajomedieval: el caso de las Vírgenes abrideras trinitarias impulsadas por la Orden Teutónica
SpanishImágenes de la Virgen María
EnglishEncyclopaedia Islamica, vol. 1: A-Abu Hanifa
EnglishScientists Find New, Inexpensive Way to Predict Alzheimer's Disease
SpanishLos reproches de Natán: Origen, variación y expansión de un tema iconográfico del Antiguo Testamento
SpanishTransmisión del Saber - Transmisión del Poder La imagen de Alfonso X en la Estoria de España, Ms. Y-I-2, RBME
EnglishIn Search of the True Political Position of the 'Ulama: An Analysis of the Aims and Perspectives of the Chronicles of Abd al-Rahman al-Jabarti (1753-1825)
EnglishEnvisioning Eternal Empire: Chinese Political Thought of the Warring States Era
EnglishVolkstümliche Astronomie im islamischen Mittelalter: Zur Bestimmung der Gebetszeiten und der Qibla bei al-Asbahi, Ibn Rahiq und al-Farisi
EnglishA Bowl of Chillies
EnglishEnzymes and Diet
EnglishEnzyme Fights Mutated Protein In Inherited Parkinson's Disease
EnglishWading the Seagrass
EnglishIgnoring Stress Leads to More Cravings for Recovering Addicts
EnglishAre There Homosexuals in Mesopotamian Literature?
EnglishSubtle Thyroid Problem Triples the Risk of Placental Separation
SpanishLos monstruos antropomorfos de origen antiguo en la Edad Media. Persistencias, mutaciones y recreaciones
EnglishPlastics, Chemicals, and Heart Disease: Is There a Link?
Englishbelieving again

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