Tuesday June 1, 2010
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EnglishAmerican Dance Bands on Record & Film, 1915-1942
EnglishSound Check
EnglishShuffle Play
EnglishMidwifery directions: The Australian maternity services review
EnglishPerformance of Multirate Multicast in Distributed Network
EnglishThe Young 'Life of Brian'
EnglishThe long reaction against the wowser: The prehistory of alcohol deregulation in Australia1
EnglishRhythm is Our Business
EnglishFar Infrared Ray Radiation Inhibits the Proliferation of A549, HSC3 and Sa3 Cancer Cells through Enhancing the Expression of ATF3 Gene
EnglishThe Pres' Message
EnglishYour Shouts from the Balcony
EnglishDeveloping a transgenic marker to research Huntington's disease in Drosophila melanogaster
EnglishBenny Goodman - The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert
EnglishMeasurement and Analysis of Temperature Dependent Resistance of La^sub 0.67^Sr/Ca^sub 0.33^MnO^sub 3^ CMR Samples Using LabVIEW
EnglishResearch on Application of ZigBee Technology in Flammable and Explosive Environment
EnglishChet and Miles - A Psychological Comparison
EnglishOptical Constants for MBE n-Type GaAs Films Doped by Si or Te between 1.50-4.75 eV
EnglishAn Empirical Examination of Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
EnglishDoodle Ooedle
EnglishBob Greene- St. Peter Street Strutters
EnglishDiscographical Forum
EnglishWest Coast Jazz
EnglishBrian Rust, the Mentor
EnglishA Novel Approach for Groundwater Budgeting Using GIS in a Part of Pondicherry Region, India
EnglishDreams Can Be
EnglishIncreasing the Efficiency of Transboundary Water Management: A Regionalization Approach
EnglishMore than one and less than many: Materialising hepatitis C and injecting drug use in self-help literature and beyond
EnglishUser Session-Based Test Case Generation and Optimization Using Genetic Algorithm*
EnglishThe Frog Blues & Jazz Annual No 1 - The Musicians, the Records & the Music of the 78 Era
EnglishThe Blues stampede: 78 Prices Gallop
EnglishRelationship between Reduction of Summer Precipitation in North China and Atmospheric Circulation Anomalies
EnglishThe application of hidden markov model in building genetic regulatory network
EnglishAn Importance-Performance Analysis of Primary Health Care Services: Managers vs. Patients Perceptions
EnglishTransport of Suspended Solids in Dammam (Saudi Arabia) Coastal Areas: Fish Market Works
EnglishReport from LILAC 2010, March 29th - 31st, Limerick, Republic of Ireland
EnglishRisk management is the cornerstone of investing
EnglishThe Capture Versus Kill Debate: Is the Principle of Humanity Now Part of the Targeting Analysis When Attacking Civilians Who Are Directly Participating in Hostilities?
EnglishGearing up for recovery
EnglishThe "Incendiary" Effect of White Phosphorous in Counterinsurgency Operations
EnglishIslamic finance: how serious is Australia?
EnglishThe euro: bust or robust?
EnglishBuilding a financial stability architecture
EnglishBANKING CAPITAL - learning to swim against the tide
EnglishMarket de-risking tests economic recovery
EnglishTwittering for Health
EnglishCLE News
EnglishStrengthening our future
EnglishCurrent Awareness and Professional Literature
EnglishConflict Classification and Detainee Treatment in the War Against al Qaeda
EnglishReporting and Investigation of Possible, Suspected, or Alleged Violations of the Law of War
EnglishBusiness credit outlook strengthens
EnglishThe Core-Satellite approach-THE CASE FOR BETA
EnglishRocky road ahead for OTC derivatives regulation
EnglishAUSTRALIAN BANKS: bouncing back from the crisis
EnglishEmerging market inflation - a problem for 2010?
EnglishPublishing Doctrine on Stability Operations and the Rule of Law During Conflict
EnglishAustralia in the box seat for M&A growth
EnglishDetainee Review Boards in Afghanistan: From Strategic Liability to Legitimacy
EnglishIndians as War Criminals? The Trial of Modoc Warriors by Military Commission
EnglishThe Law and Policy Implications of "Baited Ambushes" Utilizing Enemy Dead and Wounded
EnglishFrom online to digital
EnglishMySuper and a universal 'safety net' for life insurance
EnglishHuman Rights: Time for Greater Judge Advocate Understanding
EnglishNew Developments
EnglishLibraries for Nursing Committee news
EnglishTwo Hats Are Better Than One: The Dual-Status Commander in Domestic Operations
EnglishTeaching a Law of War Class
EnglishThe Current Awareness Service for Health (CASH) - harnessing the power of collaborative working
EnglishCurrent Materials of Interest
EnglishAsia's recovery: from L to U to V
EnglishSynthesis and Evalution of Amide Prodrugs of Diclofenac
EnglishPharmacological Evaluation of Saraca indica Leaves for Central Nervous System Depressant Activity in Mice
EnglishFluconazole Ocular Inserts: Formulation and In -Vitro Evaluation
EnglishNew RP - HPLC Method for the Determination of Valproic acid in Human Plasma
EnglishStudies on Formulation and optimization of Gastro Retentive multi-Particulates of Glibenclamide and Metformin hydrochloride for the treatment of Type II Diabetes mellitus using Gelucire: A Review
EnglishFree Radical Scavenging Activity of Leaf Extracts of Indigofera Aspalathoides - An in vitro Analysis
EnglishFunctional Characterization of Amino Acid Transport System for Transport of Phenylalanine on Mammalian Cornea for Better Ocular Drug Delivery
EnglishPreparation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablet of Diclofenac Sodium using Natural Polymer
EnglishRhythms of the Gods: Music, Spirituality and Social Engagement in Yoruba Culture
EnglishBlack Marxism, Creative Intellectuals and Culture: The 1930s
EnglishMaulana Karenga: An Intellectual Portrait
EnglishTeshome H. Gabriel
EnglishDreams and Visions in Koranna and Griqua Revival in Colonial and Post-Apartheid South Africa
EnglishShona Epistemology and Plato's Divided Line

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