Friday October 1, 2010
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EnglishPublication as a teaching tool
EnglishSaudi-Iranian Relations since the Fall of Saddam
EnglishNeonatal suppurative parotitis
EnglishPolitical Settlements in Divided Societies - Consociationalism and Cyprus
EnglishGeo-Economics of European Gas Security: Trade, Geography and International Politics
EnglishTurkey's Role in the Middle East: An Outsider's Perspective
EnglishSquad Talk
EnglishThe Lumbosacral Spine: Kinesiology, Physical Rehabilitation, and Interventional Pain Medicine
EnglishTurkey as a New Player in Development Cooperation
EnglishTurkey's Darfur Policy: Convergences and Differentiations from the Muslim World
EnglishPaperbag Comics
EnglishUnited States and Turkey: Allies at Odds?
EnglishThe New Leader for the Old CHP: Kemal KiliÁdaroglu
EnglishExLS Launches Nulka Overboard
EnglishEurope's Destiny: The Old Lady and the Bull
EnglishBridgetown Records
EnglishNeighborhood Challenge: The European Union and its Neighbors
EnglishCollaborative Strategic Reading with University EFL Learners
EnglishTexas State champions crowned
EnglishFriends of the E.R. Cass Awardees Reception Caps Off a Special Evening
EnglishGiving Intention its Due?
EnglishWashington DOC Decreases Gang Violence in Facilities
EnglishMaternal and Social Determinants of Excessive Weight Gain during Pregnancy: A Cohort Study
EnglishHeard Around the World
EnglishMusic, Language, and the Brain
EnglishThe Elizabethan-Jacobean Script-to-Stage Process: The Playwright, Theatrical Intentions, and Collaboration
EnglishSummit Racing Series Finals results
EnglishAbundance of pathogenic bacteria and viral indicators in chlorinated effluents produced by four wastewater treatment plants in the Gauteng Province, South Africa
EnglishIntroducing the New Eco-Restroom
EnglishIgM Dot-ELISA Assay using prevalent Leptospira strain for diagnosis of leptospirosis
EnglishScigliuto family dominates South Georgia action
EnglishHands & Voices Is for Whatever Works
EnglishSoutheast Division director hired
EnglishCorrections in the Classroom: A Recruiting Tool
EnglishAlcohol-assisted versus Mechanical Epithelium Removal in Photorefractive Keratectomy
EnglishHospital Medians Improve Across the Board: Moody's
EnglishCentral American Countries Benefit From New Mexico's Correctional Training Academy
EnglishCorrections Calendar
EnglishTwo of Corrections' Finest Receive E.R. Cass Award
EnglishI See What You're Saying
English2010 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series Television Schedule, exclusively on ESPN2
Englishhospitals join forces to transform the revenue cycle
Englishroad trip to organizational success
EnglishThe defouling of membranes using polymer beads containing magnetic micro particles
EnglishHow much water is enough? Domestic metered water consumption and free basic water volumes: The case of Eastwood, Pietermaritzburg
EnglishInvestigation of potential water quality and quantity impacts associated with mining of the shallow Waterberg coal reserves, west of the Daarby Fault, Limpopo Province, South Africa
EnglishHawk brothers clinch titles in three categories; Burris picks up first Summit championship
EnglishSHAKSPER Roundtable on Intentions: The Origins of the Collaboration with Style1
EnglishMission makes most of home-track advantage
EnglishRisk Factors for Giant Retinal Tears
Englishaccess: keeping the promise
EnglishSpherical Aberration of Intraocular Lenses
EnglishLearning Cohorts: Today's Career Pathways
EnglishThe Genetic Basis of Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy
EnglishLong-Time Correctional Employee Sees Value in Professional Certification
EnglishCowie, Williams score big wins at Division 5 closer
EnglishIntentionality, the Theater Artist, and the Performance Historian
EnglishFunctionalised natural zeolite and its potential for treating drinking water containing excess amount of nitrate
EnglishJones, Horn, Widmer earn Wallys
EnglishGrant Motorsports signed
EnglishArmor Provides Health Fair for ACA Conference Attendees
EnglishFun in the Windy City
EnglishQuick Hits: Top News Stories of the Month
EnglishIntention and Editing
EnglishNote Launchers: Promoting Active Reading of Mathematics Textbooks
EnglishRhetorical Action in Ancient Athens: Persuasive Artistry from Solon to Demosthenes
EnglishCrisis Intervention Teams Adapted to Correctional Populations
EnglishMember Track Special Programs Schedule
EnglishACA's Exhibit Hall Engages Attendees
EnglishNatural Gas
EnglishAnd the Winner Is ...
EnglishLate Post-LASIK Visual Deterioration
EnglishSoil as indicator of hillslope hydrological behaviour in the Weatherley Catchment, Eastern Cape, South Africa
EnglishBack in the Game
EnglishNarrating the Prison: Role and Representation in Charles Dickens' Novels, Twentieth-Century Fiction, and Film
EnglishHuge Bullous Keratopathy following Trauma
EnglishThermal Conversion Factor Source Documentation
EnglishCorrections as a Career
EnglishIntroduction: Shakespeare's Intentions
EnglishHealth Care Professionals Network in Chicago
EnglishHigh-tech Recruiting Strategies Pay Off in Corrections
EnglishHave You Heard?

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