Articles published on October 01,2010

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Friday October 1, 2010
LanguageArticle title
EnglishRudy The Magic Cat Comix+Fun
EnglishThe Lesser Fields
EnglishDiehards or Hard Dies?
EnglishGlenn Piano by Gladys Priddis
EnglishEnsuring Their LEGACY
EnglishJersey Beat
EnglishChildren's Fund Offers Grant Opportunities
EnglishToday Is a Good Day to ... SHINE!: More Than Just Wall Candy
EnglishLeading the Organization
EnglishThe Apple Trees at Olema: New and Selected Poems
EnglishLoss Mitigation-Understanding the Fundamentals
EnglishTransforming Aerial Transporters
EnglishA Few Loose Noodles
EnglishVIETNAM WAR: Teaching Understanding and Respect
EnglishA Sane Man vs. The Thing From The Woods
EnglishNew California law requires mortgage document translations
EnglishAdvocacy in occupational therapy: Exploring clinicians' reasons and experiences of advocacy
EnglishLooking Ahead: School Psychology Awareness Week 2010
EnglishReigning in the Rocket Man
EnglishCan design promote healing?
EnglishOW! Other Wo/man Zine
EnglishFamilies of Cole Victims: Still Awaiting Justice 10 Years Later
EnglishThe Gaslight Anthem
Englishmembership: In Recognition
EnglishLet's Fuck: Like we haven't been married for the last 40 years
EnglishHolliday Fenoglio Fowler arranges $114 million for industrial portfolio
EnglishPoems for Lainna
EnglishThe Golem Project
EnglishEmbedded Based DC Motor Speed Control System
EnglishLaura, Speaking Perversely
EnglishDesign of Artificial Neural Network-Based pH Estimator
EnglishU.S. investors increase global capital flow, JLL report says
EnglishMBA letter asks FHFA to clarify GSE proposal
EnglishAn Occupational Perspective on Leadership: Theoretical and Practical Dimensions (2009)
EnglishThe Incredible Hulks
EnglishThe experience of participation in everyday occupations for adults with obesity
EnglishGroup Intervention for Students With Autism
EnglishFHA's Costly Experience with Seller-Funded Down Payments
EnglishStudents and Their Schooling: Does Happiness Matter?
EnglishGratitude Works: Program Guidelines
EnglishSingle-Slot VPX Début
EnglishMaking of a New State in the Balkans: Kosovo
EnglishThe Turkish Model: Acceptability and Apprehension
EnglishGerman Orientalism: The Study of the Middle East and Islam from 1800 to 1945
EnglishBird Eat Bird
EnglishEndoscopic view of a longitudinal cleft concha bullosa
EnglishLaryngeal paraganglioma
EnglishSword of My Mouth
EnglishA rare case of asymptomatic bilateral submandibular gland sialolithiasis: A giant, fistulized calculus on the right and multiple calculi on the left
EnglishThe Obama Moment: European and American Perspectives
EnglishTurkey's Illiberal Judiciary: Cases and Decisions
EnglishPrimary osteogenic sarcoma of the maxilla
EnglishFuck Yeah Crazy Cat Lady!
EnglishImagine Europe: The Search for European Identity and Spirituality
EnglishConstitutional Court: Its Limits to Shape Turkish Politics
EnglishFindings, Dispatches, & Heteronyms
EnglishDemocratization and Europeanization in Turkey After the September 12 Referendum
EnglishPresence of biofilm on adult tracheostomy tubes
EnglishRADIESSE(TM) Voice and RADIESSE(TM) Voice Gel Implants for vocal fold augmentation
EnglishMeasurements of the facial recess anatomy: Implications for sparing the facial nerve and chorda tympani during posterior tympanotomy
EnglishEditor's Note
EnglishIslam and Liberal Citizenship: The Search for an Overlapping Consensus
EnglishMuslim Laws, Politics and Society in Modern Nation States
EnglishA Common Word, Muslims and Christians on Loving God and Neighbor
EnglishConstitutional Referendum: Farewell to the 'Old Turkey'
EnglishThe Armenian Community and the AK Party: Finding Trust under the Crescent
EnglishPublication as a teaching tool
EnglishSaudi-Iranian Relations since the Fall of Saddam
EnglishNeonatal suppurative parotitis
EnglishPolitical Settlements in Divided Societies - Consociationalism and Cyprus
EnglishGeo-Economics of European Gas Security: Trade, Geography and International Politics
EnglishTurkey's Role in the Middle East: An Outsider's Perspective
EnglishSquad Talk
EnglishThe Lumbosacral Spine: Kinesiology, Physical Rehabilitation, and Interventional Pain Medicine
EnglishTurkey as a New Player in Development Cooperation
EnglishTurkey's Darfur Policy: Convergences and Differentiations from the Muslim World
EnglishPaperbag Comics
EnglishUnited States and Turkey: Allies at Odds?
EnglishThe New Leader for the Old CHP: Kemal Kiliçdaroglu
EnglishExLS Launches Nulka Overboard
EnglishEurope's Destiny: The Old Lady and the Bull

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