Wednesday June 1, 2011
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EnglishA Review of Concept of Force Measurements between the Past and Today
EnglishSUMMARY: Broadening the evidence base of mental health policy and practice
EnglishMastering inventory basics bolsters C-suite credibility
EnglishHidden Talent
EnglishSimple Design of a PID Controller and Tuning of Its Parameters Using LabVIEW Software
EnglishRisk Factors of Mortality in Severely-malnourished Children Hospitalized with Diarrhoea
EnglishAntimicrobial Resistance Pattern of Shigella species Over Five Years at a Tertiary-care Teaching Hospital in North India
EnglishSterility in supply storage areas
EnglishPhysical Violence by Partner during Pregnancy and Use of Prenatal Care in Rural India
EnglishDesigner Chat: Donald J Pliner
EnglishTaming the loaner instrumentation "beast"
EnglishYou Heard It Here First
EnglishChoosing a water purification system for SPD
EnglishCommunity Health Workers Can Identify and Manage Possible Infections in Neonates and Young Infants: MINI-A Model from Nepal
EnglishCdO Doped Indium Oxide Thick Film as a Low Temperature H^sub 2^S Gas Sensor
EnglishThe Autism Matrix
EnglishThe slide to pragmatism: A values-based understanding of 'dangerous' personality disorders
EnglishInfection prevention: collaboration is the key to success
EnglishGlucose Concentration Sensor Based on Long Period Grating Fabricated from Hydrogen Loaded Photosensitive Fiber
EnglishThe dodo bird verdict and the elephant in the room: A service user-led investigation of crisis resolution and home treatment
EnglishModeling of a Non-invasive Electromagnetic Sensor for the Measurement Glycaemia
EnglishDesign and Development of Embedded System for the Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Liquids by Transient Hot Wire Method
EnglishWhat if...?
EnglishThe origins of a New Zealand suicidal cohort: 1970-2007
EnglishLaser Power Measurement Using Commercial MEMS Pressure Sensor along with PSoC Embedded Read-out
EnglishTowards an integrated model of practice evaluation balancing accountability, critical knowledge and developmental perspectives
EnglishPredictors of Condom-use among Young Never-married Males in Nigeria
EnglishInfection Control Update
EnglishBack to basics with global data standards
EnglishFactors Influencing People's Willingness-to-buy Insecticide-treated Bednets in Arbaminch Zuria District, Southern Ethiopia
EnglishPerformance Assessment of PCA, MF and SVD Methods for Denoising in Chemical Sensor Array Based Electronic Nose System
EnglishNew tech angling to be supply chain sidekicks
EnglishReal Characters
EnglishMedicalisation or under-treatment? Psychotropic medication use by elderly people in New Zealand
EnglishAPIC announces new CEO
EnglishNew Technology
EnglishRegistration for the AHE 2011 Annual Conference & Healthcare Marketplace
EnglishVHA Inc. expands analytical suite to improve operational and system performance
EnglishThe food chain, healthcare-style
EnglishBioelectrical Impedance among Rural Bangladeshi Women during Pregnancy and in the Postpartum Period
EnglishPreparation and dedication prevent central line infection
EnglishThere's no capping, dimming this shining light
EnglishRevisiting the Classics
EnglishDesign, Development and Testing of a Semicircular Type Capacitive Angular Position Sensor
EnglishThe DC Motor Speed Controller Using AT89S52 Microcontroller to Rotate Stepper Motor Attached into Potentiometer in Variable Regulated Power Supply
EnglishHot Topics
EnglishAll Systems Go
EnglishOutpatient Connection
EnglishA Hospital-based Observational Study of Type 2 Diabetic Subjects from Gujarat, India
EnglishAdministration says value-based purchasing will reward hospitals based on quality of care
EnglishHit Parade
EnglishExtending Prayer Marks as a Sign of Worsening Chronic Disease
EnglishWorth Repeating
EnglishThe hegemony of cognitive-behaviour therapy in modern mental health care
EnglishNational Scale-up of Zinc Promotion in Nepal: Results from a Post-project Population-based Survey
EnglishIs International or Asian Criteria-based Body Mass Index Associated with Maternal Anaemia, Low Birthweight, and Preterm Births among Thai Population?-An Observational Study
EnglishEncounters with the 'dark side': New graduate nurses' experiences in a mental health service
EnglishEnvironmental illness in children contributes $76.6 billion to annual healthcare costs
EnglishSpirit of Inspiration
EnglishSome setbacks aside, CS profession nets positive gains
EnglishYield and water use efficiency in buttercup squash (Cucurbita maxima Duchesne) and heritage pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo Linn)
EnglishReactive oxygen species in plants: their generation, signal transduction, and scavenging mechanisms
EnglishShearing characteristics of sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum L.) stalks as a function of the rate of the applied force
EnglishThe role of phytohormones in alleviating salt stress in crop plants
EnglishDirect shoot regeneration from stem nodal explants of two wild Medicago species-Medicago scutellata and Medicago rigidula
EnglishCutting energy of rice stem as influenced by internode position and dimensional characteristics of different varieties
EnglishRole of mineral nutrition in alleviation of drought stress in plants
EnglishPhosphite supply affects phosphorus nutrition and biochemical responses in maize plants
EnglishStructural, physiological and metabolic integrated responses of two tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cultivars during leaf rehydration
EnglishUse of chlorophyll a fluorescence for evaluating the quality of leafy vegetables
EnglishDry matter and nutrient partitioning of kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) varieties grown on sandy bris soil
EnglishAluminum negative impact on nitrate reductase activity, nitrogen compounds and morphological parameters in sorghum plants
EnglishPath analysis of the relationships between yield and some related traits in diallel population of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) under well-watered and water-stressed conditions
EnglishScanning electron microscope (SEM) and light microscope (LM) studies on the seed morphology of Verbascum taxa (Scrophulariaceae) and their systematic implications
EnglishPhotosynthetic characteristics of the cotyledon and first true leaf of castor (Ricinus communis L.)
EnglishObesity Patterns among Women in a Slum Area in Brazil
EnglishSpatial relationships between leaf area index and topographic factors in a semiarid grassland: Joint multifractal analysis
EnglishPossibilities to improve apple scab (Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint.) and powdery mildew [Podosphaera leucotricha (Ell. et Everh.) Salm.] resistance on apple by increasing genetic diversity using potentials of wild species
EnglishEffects of in-bin aeration storage on physicochemical properties and quality of glutinous rice cultivar RD 6
EnglishEffect of salinity stress on nutrient uptake and chlorophyll content of tropical turfgrass species
EnglishConservation of plant genetic resources by cryopreservation
EnglishWeed management improves yield and quality of direct seeded rice
EnglishThe Validity of Proxy-based NEO-Five Factor Inventory Data in Suicide Research: a Study of 18- to 64-year-old Hong Kong Chinese Who Attempted Suicide
EnglishChaos and Its Influence on Children's Development: an Ecological Perspective
EnglishBorderline Personality Disorder Subscale (Chinese Version) of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV Axis II Personality Disorders: a Validation Study in Cantonese-speaking Hong Kong Chinese
EnglishTwo Polymorphisms of RCAN1 Gene Associated with Alzheimer's Disease in the Chinese Han Population
EnglishThe Development of a Strength-focused Mutual Support Group for Caretakers of Children with Cerebral Palsy

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