Articles published on April 01,2011

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Friday April 1, 2011
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EnglishCitizens Bank implements MRG's MIRACLE Online
EnglishTechnology and Process-The Keys to Winning in Today's Mortgage Market
EnglishReal Info offers AVM with property condition report
EnglishThe Five Stages of American Foreign Policy towards the Kurds
EnglishCoreLogic introduces property and local market condition report
EnglishA History of the Middle East: From Antiquity to the Present Day
EnglishUsing an Electronic Highlighter to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Pre-Existing, Inappropriate Highlighting
EnglishWhere next for Social Liberals?
EnglishGeithner hopes to get comprehensive reforms within two years
EnglishICBA to Fed: Withdraw Debit Card Rule
Englishtips for choosing back-office technologies that reduce costs
EnglishAppraiserLoft ValuClear report provides accurate market-expert pre-valuation estimates
EnglishHaddock lands deals
EnglishAssessment of health sciences and science and technology librarian e-science educational needs to develop an e-science web portal for librarians*[dagger] EC
EnglishTeaching Through Channels
Englishquality leadership
EnglishByzantium Between the Ottomans and the Latins: Politics and Society in the Late Empire
EnglishQuestSoft and OpenClose partner to provide compliance with multi-state exam LEF submission
EnglishExamining Distress of Parents of Children With and Without Special Needs
EnglishThe Almohads: The Rise of an Islamic Empire
EnglishCap rates key to economic recovery
EnglishSubstance Use, Misuse, and Abuse Among Older Adults: Implications for Clinical Mental Health Counselors
English1960: First National Champion and DRAGSTER's debut
EnglishDepotPoint offers code-violation checks on defaulted property
EnglishBiondo bonds with new car for 15th career win
EnglishMetadiscourse Awareness and ESAP Comprehension
EnglishStreets of Memory: Landscape, Tolerance and National Identity in Istanbul
EnglishAntiurolithiatic Activity of Ethyl Acetate Root Extract of Ichnocarpus frutescens using Ethylene Glycol Induced Method in Rats
EnglishSurface Acoustic Wave Strain Sensor Model
Englishhospital-physician alignment the 1990s versus now
EnglishSex-biased Predation on Newts of the Genus Taricha by a Novel Predator and its Relationship with Tetrodotoxin Toxicity
EnglishEditor's Note
EnglishQuicken Loans wins unanimous jury verdict in OT suit
EnglishOnly for "purely scientific" institutions: the Medical Library Association's Exchange, 1898-1950s
EnglishA Social Networking Primer for Librarians
EnglishIn Memoriam: Dr. William Eugene Evans
EnglishThe misuse of evidence in incapacity benefit reform
EnglishRural Hospital Profitability
EnglishThe possibilities of democracy
EnglishPb(Zr,Ti)O^sub 3^ (PZT) Thin Film Sensors for Fully-Integrated, Passive Telemetric Transponders
EnglishBiomedical Applications of Modified Carbon Glassy Electrode Sensor with Nanoparticles and Dendrimers
EnglishUnited Guaranty partners with LoanSifter
EnglishD2 Race of Champions winners crowned
EnglishHFMA News
EnglishChecking In
EnglishHenry J. Franey mergers should create economic value
EnglishWorkfare and the precariat
EnglishHabitat Selection and Dispersal of the Cobblestone Tiger Beetle (Cicindela marginipennis Dejean) along the Genesee River, New York
EnglishAn Office UPGRADE
EnglishOne Way to Motivate Employees to Stay on Budget: Offer to Shave Your Head
EnglishSummit Racing Equipment
EnglishCalifornia hotel market shows signs of life
EnglishMechanical Robustness of FPA in a-Si Microbolometer with Fine Pitch
EnglishDigIn: A Hands-on Approach to a Digital Curation Curriculum for Professional Development
EnglishICBA Recommends Wall Street Reform Act Changes
EnglishCrisis in the Eurozone
EnglishProductivity for Librarians: How to Get More Done in Less Time
EnglishHAMP February report shows challenges facing servicers
EnglishAdvantage Systems' Commission Calculation Module assists with LO compensation rules
Englishcapital planning for clinical integration
EnglishSurveys of Arkansas Dung Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae and Geotrupidae): Phenologies, Mass Occurrences, State and Distributional Records
EnglishPotential Herbs Used in Ocular Diseases
EnglishWhat's in a Name?
EnglishThe Relationships of Public and Self-Stigma to Seeking Mental Health Services
EnglishWoody Invasions of Urban Trails and the Changing Face of Urban Forests in the Great Plains, USA
EnglishA Funny Thing Happened in 1960 ...
EnglishThe Life Span of a GSE
EnglishA Critical Review on Medicinally Important Oil Yielding Plant Laxmitaru (Simarouba glauca DC.)
EnglishDifference Spectrophotometric Methods for Pioglitazone Hydrochloride and Metformin Hydrochloride
EnglishTHE Mortgage Industry Reformation
EnglishShould We Develop a Children's Hospital?
EnglishIn Silico Rationalization for the Differential Bioavailability of ABT-737 and ABT-263 that Antagonise the Anti-Apoptotic Proteins
EnglishMobile Technology and Libraries
EnglishTurkey's "Demonstrative Effect" and the Transformation of the Middle East
EnglishDeveloping and Organizing a Community Engagement Project That Provides Technology Literacy Training to Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
EnglishThe Mystery of the Missing Appraisers
EnglishTeaching Textual Conversations: Intertextuality in the College Reading Classroom
EnglishMD Consult (beta) and First Consult (version 1.0.1)
EnglishTurkey as a Migration Hub in the Middle East
EnglishAdult Learning Theory: Applications to Non-Traditional College Students
EnglishLPS Applied Analytics introduces condition-adjusted valuation model
EnglishIn Situgel: Development, Evaluation and Optimization Using 3^sup 2^ Factorial Design

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