Thursday December 1, 2011
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EnglishIn vivo sensitivity monitoring of chloroquine for the treatment of uncomplicated vivax malaria in four bordered provinces of Thailand during 2009-2010
EnglishImpact of Calcium and Magnesium Ions in Identification of Baby Gender in High-Sugar Hamsters
EnglishSpontaneous acute subdural hematoma in malaria : a case report
EnglishPreliminary characterization of N-trimethylchitosan as a nanocarrier for malaria vaccine
EnglishTrauma Practice - Tools for Stabilization and Recovery (Second and Expanded Edition)
EnglishIncreasing Resistance to Vancomycin; A Myth Or Reality-A Review
EnglishThe Development and Initial Psychometric Evaluation of the Korean Career Stress Inventory for College Students
EnglishEmerging Liquisolid Compact Technology for Solubility Enhancement of BCS Class-II Drug
EnglishMessage efficient global snapshot recording using a self stabilizing spanning tree in a MANET
EnglishNew Trends of Radio over Fiber Communication Systems for Ultra High Transmission Capacity
EnglishSurvey of Reactive and Hybrid Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
EnglishPerformance Analysis of Unreliable Sensing for an Opportunistic Spectrum Sharing System
EnglishSurvey on Incremental Approaches for Network Anomaly Detection
EnglishInnovators and Job Creators
EnglishFive Common Myths About NRPA Networks
EnglishParks Keep On Truckin'
EnglishEducation Snapshot
EnglishHow Green is Montana's Economy?
EnglishUrban Champions
EnglishMontana's FOREST ECONOMY
EnglishOccupational Hazards
EnglishCelebrating 100 Accredited Agencies
EnglishPersonality and Parenting Processes Associated with Problem Behaviors: A Study of Adolescents in Santiago, Chile
EnglishEnergy Consumption Patterns for Different Mobility Conditions in WSN
EnglishProduct Roundup
EnglishHistoric Japanese Tea Garden Re-opens
EnglishGreat Leaders
EnglishSid Stevenson
EnglishCity of Gaithersburg, Maryland
EnglishThe NRPA in 2012
EnglishParenting Practices among Depressed Mothers in the Child Welfare System
EnglishChanging Roles of Parental Economic Resources in Children's Educational Attainment
EnglishAtlanta's Selena Butler Park Re-opens As a community gathers to celebrate hope and heritage
EnglishNumbers from Members
EnglishMore Native Montanans in East than West
EnglishSame Song, Second Verse
EnglishKeeping "Community" in a Community Land Trust
EnglishActive Minds, Healthy Nation
EnglishConservation and the Future
EnglishOur Best Schools of Social Work: How Good Are They?
EnglishPortland Parks Commissioner Nick Fish balances freedom of assembly with park stewardship
EnglishPRORAGIS Update: Six Questions Members Asked
EnglishConcussions in Youth Sports
EnglishJob Offer Rescinded for Hearing-Impaired Lifeguard
EnglishAvenal State Prison Donates Cell Phones to Soldiers
EnglishE.R. Cass Banquet
EnglishThe Need for Collaborative Leadership in Correctional Mental Health
EnglishCorrectional Workers and Stress: Providing Mental Health Support
EnglishAward Winners
EnglishH-PIS Reception
EnglishACA Congratulates Newly Certified and Recertified Professionals
EnglishPolicies & Resolutions
EnglishConsidering a Shift in Criminal Justice Spending
EnglishForensic Mental Health: Criminal Justice's Second Revolving Door
EnglishMental Health Libraries Manage Stress for Detainees in ICE Custody
EnglishDepartment of the Navy Opens a New Naval Consolidated Brig in Chesapeake, Va.
EnglishGrand Prize
EnglishThe Importance of Libraries in Prisons
EnglishThe Importance of Implementation in Corrections
EnglishCorrections: Foundations for the Future (2nd Edition)
EnglishSetting an Example for Women in Corrections Through Certification
EnglishExperience NIC's Blended Leadership Learning for Captains
EnglishGeorgia May Use Prisoners to Fill Farm Labor Gap
EnglishCollaborating for SUCCESS in Intragency Correctional Mental Health Reentry
EnglishAnti-Crime Programs: An Evaluation of the Comuna Segura Program*/Programas antidelincuencia: Evaluando Comuna Segura
EnglishE.R. Cass Awards
EnglishTaking STEPPS to Address Borderline Personality Disorder
EnglishCorrections Calendar
EnglishAddressing the Mental Health Crisis in Corrections
EnglishMedicaid Expansion to Cover Nearly All State Prisoners
EnglishGeneral Session
EnglishMind the Remoteness! Income disparities across Japanese Prefectures/¡Importancia de la "lejanía"! Disparidades de renta en las prefecturas japonesas
EnglishExhibit Hall Coverage
EnglishH-PIS Luncheon
EnglishMental Health: Not Just a Program
EnglishBehavior Management Plans Decrease Inmate Self-Injury
EnglishAccreditation Byline
EnglishImplications for Treatment and Release
EnglishThe influence of size on cost behaviour associated with tactical and operational flexibility*/Tamaño y comportamiento de los costes en situaciones de flexibilidad táctica y operativa
EnglishJob Bank
EnglishSelf-Injurious Behavior in Corrections: Implementing Evidence-Based Practices and Measuring Success
EnglishCalifornia to Free Thousands of Female Inmates With Children
EnglishCongress Overview
EnglishWelcome New Members
EnglishExhibit Hall Open House
EnglishE.R. Cass Reception

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