Articles published on March 01,2012

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Thursday March 1, 2012
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EnglishThe Iraq War Veteran: 'Person of the Year'
EnglishSecure Packet Transfer in Wireless Sensor Networks
English5 ways to provide more connected care
EnglishDefense Overhaul to Feature 'Leaner' Forces
EnglishEfficient Gatherings in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Distributed Computation of Connected Dominating Sets
Englishfinding your organization's sweet spots for cost management
EnglishDifferential Search Coils Based Magnetometers: Conditioning, Magnetic Sensitivity, Spatial Resolution
Englishmarket turbulence creates financing opportunity
EnglishRecognition for highest standard of excellence in finance and management
EnglishMobility Model for Self-Organizing and Cooperative MSN and MANET Systems
EnglishSmart Optoelectronic Sensors and Intelligent Sensor Systems
EnglishAcoustic Emission Sensing of Structures under Stretch
EnglishExperimental Validation of a Sensor Monitoring Ice Formation over a Road Surface
Englishfrequent-user patients reducing costs while making appropriate discharges
EnglishNeighbourtables - A Cross-layer Solution for Wireless CiNet Network Analysis and Diagnostics
EnglishOver Our Heads: An Analogy on Healthcare, Good Intentions and Unforeseen Consequences
EnglishBrent James, MD using data to transform healthcare delivery
EnglishMinorities fail to get into top grammar schools
EnglishStructure Crack Identification Based on Surface-mounted Active Sensor Network with Time-Domain Feature Extraction and Neural Network
EnglishThe Impact of High Dielectric Permittivity on SOI Double-Gate Mosfet Using Nextnano Simulator
EnglishCourt forces ERCB, Suncor to reconsider Eden Valley designation
EnglishOnline materials for schools valued outside classroom
EnglishJoint Review Panel to stop in Grande Prairie
EnglishRecognition of Simple Gestures Using a PIR Sensor Array
EnglishMedal recognizes contributions of young and old
EnglishEffective Management and Energy Efficiency in Management of Very Large Scale Sensor Network
EnglishMail Call
EnglishInformation Extraction from Wireless Sensor Networks: System and Approaches
EnglishTeens enter not guilty plea
EnglishFeds aim at criminals, hit mostly Mexicans
Englishfinding a common language for value-based health care
EnglishReporter News
EnglishA Novel Liquid Level Sensor Design Using Laser Optics Technology
EnglishIPv6 Routing Protocol for Low Power and Lossy Sensor Networks Simulation Studies
EnglishIraq Vets: 'Welcome Home and Well Done'
EnglishMedicare coverage analysis avoiding compliance pitfalls
EnglishNewalta named one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers
EnglishTop-Level Simulation of a Smart-Bolometer Using VHDL Modeling
EnglishAssessment of Software Modeling Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
EnglishA Parallel Sensing Technique for Automatic Bilayer Lipid Membrane Arrays Monitoring
EnglishIraq Campaign Medal Means VFW Eligibility
EnglishHFMA Provides Clarity on Accounting Models for HITECH Incentive Payments
English73RD CAVALRY Takes it to the Turki Bowl
EnglishAFN hosts water conference
English'SOLDIERS OF HEAVEN' Fight to the Death
EnglishProfessional women come together to support each other
English'BLUE SPADERS' Conquer Adhamiya
EnglishDevelopment of Acoustic Devices Functionalized with Cobalt Corroles or Metalloporphyrines for the Detection of Carbon Monoxide at Low Concentration
EnglishRobert Shapiro a strategy to meet future needs
EnglishGroup IV Materials for High Performance Methane Sensing in Novel Slot Optical Waveguides at 2.883 Ám and 3.39 Ám
EnglishEvaluation of Hybrid Distributed Least Squares for Improved Localization via Algorithm Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishStreet pastor touched by those he meets
EnglishMP's comments raise ire of First Nations politicians
EnglishMemorializing War's Dead
EnglishSinusoidal Calibration of Force Transducers Using Electrodynamic Shaker Systems
EnglishToo young to die
EnglishVA Adds 20 Mobile Vet Centers for Rural Vets
EnglishDesign and Evaluation of Impedance Based Sensors for Micro-condensation Measurement under Field and Climate Chamber Conditions
Englisha multidisciplinary approach to denials prevention
EnglishChief claims racism behind government's decision
EnglishAdapting OLSR for WSNs (iOLSR) Using Locally Increasing Intervals
EnglishFEMALE ENGAGEMENT TEAMS Built Trust in Iraq
EnglishSelf-Powered Intelligent Sensor Node Concept for Monitoring of Road and Traffic Conditions
EnglishRegulatory approvals received for oil work on Alexander First Nation
Englishregional impact of the Medicare value-based purchasing program
EnglishA Column Generation based Heuristic to Extend Lifetime in Wireless Sensor Network
EnglishGrande Yellowhead variety of programs successful in retaining FNMI students
EnglishAn Integrated Multimodal Sensor for the On-site Monitoring of the Water Content and Nutrient Concentration of SoilbyMeasuring the Phase and Electrical Conductivity
EnglishVariable Step Size LMS Algorithm for Data Prediction in Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishConference addresses need for sustainability
EnglishRedford supports TransCanada's re-application
EnglishLa^sub 0.7^Sr^sub 0.3^MnO^sub 3^ Thin Films for Magnetic and Temperature Sensors at Room Temperature
EnglishNew litigation launched to challenge minister's decision on caribou protection
EnglishBattling for the 'CITY OF THE DEAD'
EnglishInterview: Helen Darling on reducing healthcare costs
EnglishHealthcare Spending
EnglishArmy Improves Management of Arlington
EnglishTrying to survive
EnglishPlanning begins for commemoration activities on Blood Reserve
English'LION HEARTS' Liberate Tal Afar
EnglishAn Effective Approach for Handling both Open and Closed Voids in Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishVA Houses 33,000 Homeless Vets
EnglishLoss of love examined
EnglishAboriginal history part of Glacier Discovery Walk
EnglishChanging the culture
EnglishFrom Smart to Intelligent Sensors: A Case Study

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