Articles published on March 01,2012

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Thursday March 1, 2012
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EnglishMaterial Girls
EnglishOn Square Difference Graphs
EnglishAn Applied Jazz Guitar Studio Curricular Resource PART 2
EnglishEquations for Spacelike Biharmonic General Helices with Timelike Normal According to Bishop Frame in The Lorentzian Group of Rigid Motions E(1, 1)
EnglishBlack Megachurch Culture
EnglishGood Seeds
EnglishWorld Choir Games Releases 2012 Schedule
EnglishIMA and "Fierce" Competition-Why Should I Care?
EnglishTeaching Musical Literacy: Developing the Independent Choral Singer
English'Jazz Avenue' Wins SchoolJam USA Competition
EnglishTOOLS of the TRADE
EnglishThe Paradox of Today's Jazz Scene
EnglishExpanding the Game of Golf
EnglishCity of Weston: Broward County Florida
EnglishEarth Walking On-Air
EnglishCoding our Way into Realms of Science Fiction
EnglishInside the Senate Appropriations Committee
EnglishIn Memory: Eleazu S. Obinna
EnglishComfort Souls
EnglishFrom Recommendation to Reality
EnglishFemale Husbands in Igbo Land: Southeast Nigeria
EnglishInventory Valuation Under IFRS and GAAP
EnglishGear check
EnglishItalian Lessons
EnglishBuilding Girls Inside and Out(doors)
EnglishThe Untold Story: How Music and Arts Education Became Core Subjects
EnglishEl Despeertar de Las Comunidades Afrocolombianas
EnglishGetting the most, and best, for the money
EnglishGadaa (Oromo Democracy): An Example of Classical African Civilization
EnglishObesity Researcher Heidi Blanck
EnglishLatin Jazz Musicians Protest Grammy Awards
EnglishModel Behavior
EnglishCourse Numbers
EnglishA Focus on AAJC President, Bill Myers, Part II
EnglishBounds on Szeged and PI Indexes in terms of Second Zagreb Index
EnglishAmerican Music Abroad Builds Musical Exchange Program
EnglishSmoother Transitions
EnglishEDITOR'S PICKS:: Chukka On
EnglishMiles Davis and Edith Piaf Get Commemorative Stamps
EnglishOccupy Parks
EnglishBoard Member Brian D. Knapp
EnglishProduct Roundup
EnglishVolcker Rule Impact on Corporate Cash Flow at Issue
EnglishNIOSH Investigation of Exposures When Cleaning and Maintaining Composting Toilets
EnglishJeff 'Tain' Watts's Rhythmic Displacement on 'Housed From Edward'
EnglishEnhancing the Culture of Reading in Rwanda: Reflections by Students in Tertiary Institutions
EnglishFrom Diop to Asante: Conceptualizing and Contextualizing the Afrocentric Paradigm
EnglishThe Line n-Sigraph of a Symmetric n-Sigraph-IV
EnglishLaplacian Energy of Certain Graphs
EnglishWinter Wonderland
EnglishMargin Cost Ban for Derivatives End-Users Advances
EnglishMakingthe Most of the Summer at Jazz Camp...
EnglishTurning Green into Gold
EnglishThese Kids Have BUYING POWER
EnglishIn Training
EnglishIMA Technical Committees and Panels Are an Influential Voice
EnglishSherril York
English2012 JEN Conference Recap
EnglishSHOW TIME! Launches to Certify Recordings that Don't Use Auto-Tune
EnglishGrammy Camp Heads to GRAMMY Awards
EnglishFamed Oak Room Cabaret Club Closes
EnglishIMA Ethics Code Compares Favorably to Global Code
EnglishEtta James 1938-2012
EnglishA Black Woman's Search for the Transdisciplinary Applied Social Justice Model: Encounters with Critical Race Feminism, Black Feminism, and Africana Studies
EnglishThe Dawning of the Show Choir
EnglishSolid Green
EnglishAfrican Culture and the Status of Women: The Yoruba Example
EnglishThe t-Pebbling Number of Jahangir Graph
EnglishSound Advice from the Pitch
EnglishThe Second Assassination of Malcolm X: A Critical Review of Manning Marable's Biography
EnglishUnderstanding the Global Economy
EnglishDisney Performing Arts Launches Search for Alumni
EnglishObama Corporate Tax Change Proposals Face Uncertain Future
EnglishOgden, Utah, Earns a New Playground from Hershey's Track and Field
EnglishDissertation Abstracts: JPAS 2011 Selections
EnglishBlack Farmers United: The Struggle Against Power and Principalities
EnglishCalculating Delivery Dates in Excel
EnglishQuest for Certification
EnglishThe Fault Lies Not in Our Starts, But in Our Biographers: Minutes to Midnight, Manning Marable Succumbs
EnglishPrimary Colors
EnglishThe African Origins of Jazz
EnglishOn Fuzzy Matroids
EnglishZildjian Renaissance and Bounce Ride K Constantinople Cymbals

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