Thursday March 1, 2012
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EnglishLaplacian Energy of Certain Graphs
EnglishWinter Wonderland
EnglishMargin Cost Ban for Derivatives End-Users Advances
EnglishMakingthe Most of the Summer at Jazz Camp...
EnglishTurning Green into Gold
EnglishThese Kids Have BUYING POWER
EnglishIn Training
EnglishIMA Technical Committees and Panels Are an Influential Voice
EnglishSherril York
English2012 JEN Conference Recap
EnglishSHOW TIME! Launches to Certify Recordings that Don't Use Auto-Tune
EnglishGrammy Camp Heads to GRAMMY Awards
EnglishFamed Oak Room Cabaret Club Closes
EnglishIMA Ethics Code Compares Favorably to Global Code
EnglishEtta James 1938-2012
EnglishA Black Woman's Search for the Transdisciplinary Applied Social Justice Model: Encounters with Critical Race Feminism, Black Feminism, and Africana Studies
EnglishThe Dawning of the Show Choir
EnglishSolid Green
EnglishAfrican Culture and the Status of Women: The Yoruba Example
EnglishThe t-Pebbling Number of Jahangir Graph
EnglishSound Advice from the Pitch
EnglishThe Second Assassination of Malcolm X: A Critical Review of Manning Marable's Biography
EnglishUnderstanding the Global Economy
EnglishDisney Performing Arts Launches Search for Alumni
EnglishObama Corporate Tax Change Proposals Face Uncertain Future
EnglishOgden, Utah, Earns a New Playground from Hershey's Track and Field
EnglishDissertation Abstracts: JPAS 2011 Selections
EnglishBlack Farmers United: The Struggle Against Power and Principalities
EnglishCalculating Delivery Dates in Excel
EnglishQuest for Certification
EnglishThe Fault Lies Not in Our Starts, But in Our Biographers: Minutes to Midnight, Manning Marable Succumbs
EnglishPrimary Colors
EnglishThe African Origins of Jazz
EnglishOn Fuzzy Matroids
EnglishZildjian Renaissance and Bounce Ride K Constantinople Cymbals
EnglishCliff Collapse Accidents
EnglishA Blueprint for Repeated Success
EnglishMaking the Little Man
EnglishHeath Takes Choir Teacher to Grammys
EnglishJoanne Brackeen: Learning from the Best
EnglishHitting the Road Without Breaking the Bank
EnglishA Tradition of Excellence and High Standards
EnglishMaster Budget Project: Set Warnings and MsgBox Actions
EnglishSalicylic acid priming in Hedysarum carnosum and Hedysarum coronarium reinforces NaCl tolerance at germination and the seedling growth stage
EnglishUpClose: Jim Smith Houston High School Band: "A place where people want to be"
EnglishImprovement of early seedling growth of dry direct-seeded rice by urease inhibitors application
EnglishSchool Bandleaders Aim to Debunk Band Instrument Sterilization Law
EnglishPhysiological characterization of gamma-ray induced salt tolerant rice mutants
EnglishPlant density and mixture ratio effects on the competition between common vetch and wheat
EnglishCombinatorial Aspects of a Measure of Rank Correlation Due to Kendall and its Relation to Complete Signed Digraphs
EnglishReproductive biology and early generation's selection in conventional potato breeding
EnglishGrowth, photosynthesis and biomass allocation of different kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) accessions grown on sandy soil
EnglishReady... Jet... Go!
EnglishGenetic behaviour for plant capacity to produce chlorophyll in wheat (Triticum aestivum) under drought stress
EnglishRainbow Bright
EnglishChanges in the panicle-related traits of different rice varieties under high temperature condition
EnglishAll in the Family
EnglishThe Long and Winding Road
EnglishMusic Education Week Orchestra Academy to Explore Eclectic Styles
EnglishLinear Isometries on Pseudo-Euclidean Space (R^sup n^, [mu])
EnglishSoil water retention and maize (Zea mays L.) growth as effected by different amounts of Pumice
EnglishDisney Performing Arts Launches Search for Alumni
Englishfresh finds
EnglishVariability of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) alleles located on chromosomes 2A and 2D can change the wheat kernel PPO activity
EnglishUsing the iPad in Music Education
EnglishThe impact of copper ion on growth, thiol compounds and lipid peroxidation in two maize cultivars (Zea mays L.) grown in vitro
EnglishOptimal fermentation time and temperature to improve biochemical composition and sensory characteristics of black tea
EnglishContinental Shift
EnglishLight interception and radiation use efficiency response to narrow-wide row planting patterns in maize
EnglishInduced mutations for enhancing variability of banana (Musa spp.) shoot tip cultures using ethyl methanesulphonate (EMS)
EnglishWGI Sport of the Arts Celebrates 35th Anniversary
EnglishChamber Music for Everyone
EnglishAntioxidant activity, phenolic and flavonoid contents in the leaves of different varieties of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas)
EnglishADD 'EM UP
EnglishIncorporating Chamber Groups into the Music Curriculum
EnglishHeterosis for yield and agronomic attributes in diverse maize germplasm
EnglishSequence analysis of a specific fragment associated with Ogura CMS in Kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala)
EnglishMorphological, anatomical and cytological investigation on alpine Lamium cymbalariifolium endemic to Turkey
EnglishAuthenticity vs Exposure
EnglishEffect of pH on stability, Sunflower growth promotion and biocontrol potential of a talc-based formulation of Pseudomonas fluorescens UTPF61
EnglishThe Untold Story: How Music and Arts Education Became Core Subjects

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