Tuesday May 1, 2012
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EnglishTranscriptional analysis of hydroxycinnamoyl transferase (HCT) in various tissues of Hibiscus cannabinus in response to abiotic stress conditions
EnglishTHE CAMPAIGNS FOR VICKSBURG, 1862-1863: Leadership Lessons
EnglishA FAILURE TO ENGAGE: Current Negotiation Strategies and Approaches
EnglishAn Eco-Hydrology Wireless Sensor Demonstration Network in High-Altitude and Alpine Environment in the Heihe River Basin of China
EnglishCloning, heterologous expression and characterization of three thioredoxin h isoforms (OsTrx1, OsTrx20 and OsTrx23) from rice
EnglishA Comparative Analysis between BPMN and SPEM Modeling Standards in the Software Processes Context
EnglishYield and fruit quality of Queen Orange [Citrus sinensis (L) Osb.] grafted on different rootstocks in Iran
EnglishMail Call
EnglishAttaining Baccalaureate Competencies for Nursing Care of Older Adults Through Curriculum Innovation
EnglishModern Sensors, Transducers and Sensor Networks: Editorial Review
EnglishMoving the Nation's Goods
EnglishIntegrating QSEN and ACES: An NLN Simulation Leader Project
EnglishLEGISLATING G-FEES-What's Next?
EnglishEllie Mae reports origination data in inaugural monthly report
EnglishA Line Detection Algorithm for Road Remarking
EnglishAttitudes of Baccalaureate Nursing Students Toward Older Adults: A Pilot Study
EnglishPotential for invasive mammalian herbivore control to result in measurable carbon gains
EnglishCREATIVE STRATEGIES for a Stand-Alone Gerontology Course for the Nursing Curriculum
EnglishCurriculum Development and Evaluation in Nursing (2nd ed.)
EnglishOperator of Virginia loan-mod scheme pleads guilty
EnglishGCC Servicing Systems streamlines insurance renewal process for mortgage servicers
EnglishApartment Lending Is Hot
EnglishIn Search of an Ending
EnglishThermal Conversion Factor Source Documentation
EnglishGlobal DMS launches mobile application
EnglishPrincipal Reductions: Will He or Won't He?
EnglishA Study on Optical Sensors Orientation for Tomography System Development
EnglishEnergy Overview
EnglishZero-energy commercial buildings on the rise
EnglishTHE "SENSORY KIT": Teaching About Sensory Changes in Older Adults
EnglishEARLY EXPOSURE to Geriatric Nursing Through an Externship Program
EnglishMidwest housing markets struggling to recover
EnglishSeed rain and soil seed banks limit native regeneration within urban forest restoration plantings in Hamilton City, New Zealand
EnglishCarbon and plant diversity gain during 200 years of woody succession in lowland New Zealand
EnglishRefis Wreak Havoc on MSR Impairment
EnglishThe GSEs, FHA Multifamily-JUST THE FACTS
EnglishAlong the Road
EnglishResearch in Nanothermometry. Part 1: Temperature of Micro- and Nano- sized Objects
EnglishPROMOTING AWARENESS of LGBT Issues in Aging in a Baccalaureate Nursing Program
EnglishQuantifying the benefits of long-term integrated pest control for forest bird populations in a New Zealand temperate rainforest
EnglishCleared and uncleared pellet plots as indices of brown hare density
EnglishResearch in Nanothermometry. Part 3. Characteristics of the Thermometers with Liquid- and Solid-phase Sensitive Elements
EnglishNational Fair Housing Alliance charges discrimination in REO maintenance and marketing
EnglishFaculty Institute for Gerontological Nursing: A Partnership for Clinical Education in Long-Term Care
EnglishSeed dispersal of matai (Prumnopitys taxifolia) by feral pigs (Sus scrofa)
EnglishMortgage bank commercial/ multifamily originations up 55 percent in 2011
EnglishPredator control allows critically endangered lizards to recover on mainland New Zealand
EnglishMortgage Business Makeover
EnglishQuandis launches new vendor module to connect clients and vendors
EnglishOptimizing the Frequency of Ultrasonic Tomography System with a Metal Pipeline
EnglishOCC reports just 48.3 percent of mods done since 2008 are current or paid off
EnglishTechnology and Gerontology: Is This in Your Nursing Curriculum?
EnglishFitch calls for greater CMBS workout disclosure
EnglishEnergy Prices
EnglishEnergy Consumption by Sector
EnglishFilm Cooling Technique Simulation
EnglishOusting Outdated Origination Technology
EnglishResponding to the Silver Tsunami with Progressive and Exciting Educational Initiatives
EnglishInternet Watch
EnglishDevelopment of Parallel and Fan-Shaped Beam Mixed-Projection Optical Tomography
EnglishRichard Cordray: Jeopardy! Champion, Consumer Champion
EnglishCrude Oil and Natural Gas Resource Development
EnglishCoreLogic introduces HARP 2.0 refinance data services
EnglishBuybacks Are Limiting Credit
EnglishFannie Mae survey finds drop in those believing homeownership is safe investment
EnglishEnhancing an Academic-Practice Partnership with the CREATION of a Geriatric Nurse Instructor Position
EnglishMaking Global Aging Relevant to Nursing Students
EnglishRepublic Bancorp selects MortgageFlex Systems
EnglishAmerican Home Mortgage Servicing implementing Verint Impact 360 software
EnglishWhat's Driving Tight Credit?
EnglishCMBS delinquency rate rises for first time in seven months
EnglishMBA study finds production profits fell in 4Q 2011
EnglishQM letter to Cordray signed by 33 groups
EnglishInside the AG Settlement
EnglishDistressed Sales and Home-Price Trends
EnglishLaMalfa on Books
EnglishLas Vegas home sales hit six-year high
EnglishImplementation of PID Controller in MATLAB for Real-time Position Control of Faulhaber DC Micromotor
EnglishCoaching the Homegrown Trainer
EnglishIdentification of Faces by Multimodal Information Fusion of Depth and Color
EnglishApartment sector vacancy down; rents up
EnglishEntra Default Solutions expands into Southwest
EnglishQuantification of mycorrhizal limitation in beech spread

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