Tuesday May 1, 2012
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EnglishQuick Hits: Top News Stories of the Month
Englishphysician relationships make your first impression count
EnglishHHS Issues Final Health Insurance Exchange Rule
EnglishSterility insurance
Englishmulti-track financing
EnglishSMI executive briefing: New Integrated Delivery Models, ACOs, and the Supply Chain
English2012 Best Communities for Music Ed Announced
EnglishAscension Health Alliance announces formation of group purchasing organization
EnglishThe Road to 2020
EnglishA Professional Dilemma: Following the Principle or the Principal?
EnglishThe Emotional Intelligence Features of Substance Use Disorders Patients: Pilot Research Results
EnglishWhat Would You Do? what should our new system's strategic priorities be post-merger?
EnglishYour next steam sterilization moisture event
English8th Annual NAMM Advocacy Fly-In
EnglishAnalysis of deaths from traffic accidents in a Brazilian capital
EnglishState of the Field Artillery
EnglishTI:ME is on Your Side
EnglishTrade Regrets: Jim Marshall
EnglishIP duties mushroom as average wages stagnate
EnglishCommunicating Effectively to Obtain Supervision of Professional Practice
EnglishBy the Numbers
EnglishFoods That Fight Cancer
EnglishThe Brigade Targeting Process in Afghanistan
English"You Have Cancer"
EnglishAfghan National Army Certifies Artillery Battery for Paktika Operations
EnglishIndiana's Pro Winds Closes
EnglishCerebral Blood Circulation Diagnostics in Children Exposed to Industrial Toxicants
EnglishUnraveling the Band Uniform Purchase
EnglishOutsourced cleaning benefits critical care environments
Englishunderstanding your capital options
EnglishLost: Distinctions Between Best Practices and Ethical Behaviors in NASP's (2010) Ethics Code
EnglishFactors affecting dental anxiety and beliefs in an Iranian population
EnglishBest Buy Closing Stores, CEO Resigns
EnglishControlling dues, subscriptions requires formal policy
EnglishFires in Decisive Action: Developing Capabilities Required to Win the 'Next Fight'
EnglishEmbracing Advocacy and Public Policy as a Core Value
EnglishRenal Doppler Diagnostics in Lead-, Nickel- and Manganese-Exposed Children
EnglishIt All Comes Down To People
EnglishHFMA Names Joseph Fifer President and CEO
Englishdeveloping healthcare facilities for a changing environment
EnglishRe-launch of Guild Site
EnglishHope More, Not Less
Englishgovernance: still at the top of the investment agenda
EnglishIs Multitasking Helpful or Harmful?
EnglishPatient nutrition hinges on process safety, efficiency
EnglishA comparative study between collagen dressings and conventional dressings in wound healing
EnglishThe Cost of Cancer
EnglishStudy of single dose methotrexate for treatment of tubal pregnancy
EnglishHepatitis C Virus Infection in Diabetes Mellitus Patients
EnglishFires Leader Development: Leaders Committed to the Army Profession, Capable of Supporting a Range of Missions from 'Mud of Space'
EnglishROI from facility investment quality and patient satisfaction
Englishbest wishes from 'across the pond'
EnglishExecutive Order 13609-Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation
EnglishAdjustments in leaf water relations of wild wheat relative Aegilops geniculata Roth. and wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) plants grown in a salinity gradient
EnglishWhy Can't We Be Happier?
EnglishEffects of sucrose and ammonium nitrate on phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase and ribulose-1,
EnglishCellular viability and nitric oxide (NO) production by J774 macrophages in the presence of orthodontic archwires
EnglishChaos Theory and Humanism: A Tribute to Cithara on Its 50th Anniversary
EnglishDiscrimination among rice varieties based on rapid detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms by a newly developed method, mass spectrometric cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence (MS-CAPS) analysis
EnglishFramework for Extensible Application Testing
EnglishNikita retrotransposon movements in callus cultures of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
EnglishALLAH'S ANGELS: Chechen Women in War
EnglishMilton and Homer: 'Written to Aftertimes'
EnglishProtecting Those Who Protect the Nation
EnglishANA Logistics System: Getting to Afghan Right
EnglishCallus induction and organogenesis capacity from lamina and petiole explants of Anthurium
EnglishFlex Sensor Based Robotic Arm Controller Using Micro Controller
EnglishVariations in high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits in the main wheat growing zones in China
EnglishA Study of Address Shortage in a Tree Based ZigBee Network for Mobile Health Applications*
EnglishWriting and Thinking
EnglishOptimal Node Scheduling for Desired Percentage of Coverage in Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishThe Reserve Component: Trained and Ready? Lessons of History
EnglishEvaluation of Groundwater Suitability for Domestic and Irrigational Purposes: A Case Study from Mingoa River Basin, Yaounde, Cameroon
EnglishComparative investigation of single salts stresses and their mixtures on Eragrostioid (Chloris virgata) to demonstrate the relaxation effect of mixed anions
EnglishEffects of plant growth substances on callus re-differentiation of medicinal plant Achyranthes bidentata
EnglishDevelopment of two high yielding mutant varieties of mustard [Brassica juncea (L.) Czern.] through gamma rays irradiation
EnglishAdvice From a Youthful Post Commander
EnglishPost Paints the Town Red to Show Troop Support
EnglishCd^sup 2+^ stress induces two waves of H^sub 2^O^sub 2^ accumulation associated with ROS-generating system and ROS-scavenging system in cultured tobacco cells
EnglishTHE VIETNAM WAR: An Assessment by South Vietnamese Generals
EnglishEffect of foliar application of chitosan on growth and yield in okra
EnglishFace Recognition in the Presence of Expressions
EnglishALL IN: The Education of General David Petraeus
EnglishFRAGGING: Why U.S. Soldiers Assaulted Their Officers in Vietnam
EnglishFulfilling the Promise: A Joint Corps for a Joint Military

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