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SpanishAproximaciones teóricas en antropología visual: fundamentos metodológicos/Theoretical Approaches in Visual Anthropology: Methodological Foundations
EnglishThe 'Age of Spirit'
SpanishControversias en torno a las salidas profesionales del nuevo grado de Protocolo y su relación con las otras carreras de Comunicación/Controversies Surrounding the Career of the New Degree of Protocol and its Relationship with the other Races of the Communication
EnglishNote from the Editorial Team
SpanishVidas Anónimas (La Sexta): equilibrio entre realidad auténtica y realidad dirigida/Vidas Anónimas (La Sexta TV): Balance between Authentic Reality and Directed Reality
SpanishAspectos comunicativos del cancionero inédito del siglo XVII RAE RM /Communicative Aspects Unreleased Songbook Century XVII RAE RM
EnglishRepresentations of the Racialized Experiences of African Americans in Developmental Reading Textbooks
EnglishReaders write
SpanishLa actualidad del abordaje de la prostitución femenina en la prensa diaria española1/The Current Situation in the Tackling of Female Prostitution in the Spanish Daily Press
SpanishPeriodismo emprendedor. Estrategias para incentivar el autoempleo periodístico como modelo de negocio/Entrepreneurial Journalism. Strategies to Promote SelfEmployment in Journalism as a New Business Model
EnglishZionism in the Shadow of the Pyramids: The Zionist Movement in Egypt: 1918-1948
SpanishEnseñar a aprender con metodología activa en el Grado en Bellas Artes/Teaching to Learning with Active Methodology in the Fine Arts Degree
SpanishLa docencia online y presencial de la Historia en los nuevos planes de Comunicación/OnLine and OnSite History Teaching in New Communication Plans
EnglishBattle for our Minds: Western Elites and the Terror Threat
EnglishCare and feeding of an office administrator
EnglishTragedy and comedy in Mennonite life
SpanishLa comunicación 2.0 de las políticas orientadas a mayores en los ayuntamientos españoles/Communication 2.0 of Policies for the elderly in the Spanish Councils
EnglishCharles Taylor and Jewish Identity in the Twenty-First Century
EnglishThe Jewish Origins of Cultural Pluralism: The Menorah Association and American Diversity
SpanishLos 'jblogs': la columna periodística se transforma en los diarios digitales y quiere disfrazarse de bitácora/The "j-blogs": the Journalistic Column Is Transformed Into Digital Newspapers But Wants to Masquerade as a Blog
SpanishNuevos modelos en el aprendizaje de la radiodifusión para el Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior/New Learning Models of Broadcasting for the European Higher Education Area
EnglishIs our generosity thoughtful?
EnglishCIDA minister praises MEDA project
EnglishNew Columbia Bible College president installed
SpanishLa reputación online de los líderes políticos españoles en el cambio de legislatura/Online Reputation of Spanish Political Leaders During the Change of Term
EnglishFemale Trauma and the Pursuit of Self in Fethiye Çetin's My Grandmother
SpanishÉtica periodística, I+D+i y transferencia del conocimiento/Journalism Ethics, R&D and Research Transfer
SpanishGestión de la emoción en la comunicación mediada por ordenador (CMO)/Management of emotion in computermediated communication (CMC)
EnglishThe Threat to Freedom of Speech about Israel: Campus Shout-Downs and the Spirit of the First Amendment
SpanishDecisiones político-electorales de los ciudadanos en México/Electoral Political Decisions of the Mexican Citizens
SpanishUso y funciones de Twitter en periodistas españoles/Spanish Journalists: Use and Functions of Twitter
SpanishDircom, profesión y academia/Dircom, Profession and Academy
EnglishThe Vietnamese Concept of a Feminine Ideal and the Images of Australian Women in Olga Masters' Stories
EnglishIntroducing the Future Directions Task Force
EnglishL'identité malheureuse
SpanishTecnología y transformación de la práctica docente en la formación en Comunicación en la era 2.0: un caso de estudio/Technology and Transformation of Teaching Practice in Training in Communication in the 2.0 Era: a Case Study
SpanishLa investigación sobre personas mayores y publicidad: análisis metodológico (1976-2012)/The Investigation of Elderly People and Advertising: Methodological Analysis (1976-2012)
English'Get smart on crime'
EnglishThe Denotation of Room and its Impact on the Construction of Female Identity in Kate Chopin's The Awakening
SpanishLas poderosas razones de un monográfico verdaderamente extraordinario
English'Land Swaps' and the 1967 Lines
SpanishNuevas líneas de investigación sobre ficción televisiva en ciencias de la Comunicación: Internet y redes sociales/New Research on Fiction Television in Communication Sciences: Internet and Social Networking
EnglishLove and Madness in Renaissance Tragicomedies - The Two Noble Kinsmen and The Winter's Tale
EnglishLouis Marshall and the Rise of Jewish Ethnicity in America, A Biography
SpanishAproximación a un modelo de innovación en la docencia universitaria/Approach to a Model of Innovation in University Teaching
EnglishPatterns and Explanations of Corporate Voluntary Norm Compliance: Results from a Structured Focused Comparison of German G500 in the Global Reporting Initiative
EnglishVoluntary Agreements: First Choice or Escape Strategy? - Invasive Alien Species as a Case
EnglishThe Rise and Fall of Voluntary Agreements in German Environmental Policy
EnglishFrom government towards governance? Exploring the role of soft policy instruments
EnglishIntroduction: What is the Role of Voluntary Approaches in German Environmental Policy - and Why?
EnglishForeigners in the Ancient Near East
EnglishPerspectives on provider behaviors: A qualitative study of sexual and gender minorities regarding quality of care
EnglishThe Fructification of the Tale of a Tree: The Parijataharana in the Harivamsa and Its Appendices
EnglishDie Venustafeln des Ammi-saduqa und ihre Bedeutung für die astronomische Datierung der altbabylonischen Zeit
EnglishThe Horsemen of Israel: Horses and Chariotry in Monarchic Israel (Ninth-Eighth Centuries B.C.E.)
EnglishEthical sensitivity: Shaping the everyday work environment
EnglishSchool based youth health nurses and a true health promotion approach: The Ottawa what?
EnglishFactors influencing the life satisfaction in the older Korean women living alone
EnglishDonkeys in the Biblical World: Ceremony and Symbol
EnglishPsychometric properties of a mainland Chinese version of the Iowa Infant Feeding Attitude Scale among postpartum women in China
EnglishIn the Path of the Moon: Babylonian Celestial Divination and its Legacy
EnglishRisk factors associated with lymphoedema among Chinese women after breast cancer surgery
EnglishMarginalised mothers: Lesbian women negotiating heteronormative healthcare services
EnglishStone and Dung, Oil and Spit: Jewish Daily Life in the Time of Jesus
EnglishRevelation and Falsification: The Kitab al-qira'at of Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Sayyari
EnglishA Poet of the Abbasid Period, Abu al-Qasim al-Zahi (Ali b. Ishaq b. Khalaf al-Zahi) 313-352 AH/925-963 CE: His Life and Poetry
EnglishTheology and Creed in Sunni Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood, Ash'arism, and Political Sunnism
EnglishThe Perfect Guide to the Sciences of the Qur'an (al-Itqan ft 'Ulum al-Qur'an), by Imam Jalal-al-Din 'Abd al-Rahman al-Suyuti
EnglishTablettes mathématiques de Ia collection Hilprecht
EnglishThe Making of Western Indology: Henry Thomas Colebrooke and the East India Company
EnglishThe Indo-Iranian cákri-type
EnglishWatha'iq madinat al-Qasr bi-l-wahat al-Dakhla: Masdaran li-ta'rikh Misr fi l-'asr al-'uthmani
EnglishA job description for the effective self-management of a long-term condition: Experiences of living with difficult asthma
EnglishNeo -Sumerian Administrative Tablets from the Yale Babylonian Collection
EnglishRedesigning nursing tutorials for ESL students: A pilot study
EnglishCaring for vulnerable children: Challenges of mothering in the Australian foster care system
EnglishHuman connectedness in nursing: A case study
EnglishThe Qur'an and Its Biblical Subtext
EnglishFondations pieuses en mouvement: De la transformation du statut de propriété des biens waaf-s à Jérusalem. 1858-1917
EnglishThe primary health care service experiences and needs of homeless youth: A narrative synthesis of current evidence
EnglishD'Aden à Zafar: Villes d'Arabie du sud préislamique
EnglishThe Historical Linguistics of the Intrusive *-n in Arabic and West Semitic
EnglishSexuality and sexual health: Nurses' crucial role
EnglishJewish Travel in Antiquity
EnglishPersia beyond the Oxus
EnglishStudies in Hindu Law and Dharmasastra

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