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EnglishMuslim Expansion and Byzantine Collapse in North Africa
EnglishLucrarile Simpozionului International Cartea, România, Europa. Editia a II-1, 20-24 septembrie 2009/Studii Euroasiatice si Afroasiatice-De la mit la ritual/Travaux de Symposium International Le Livre, la Roumanie, l'Europe. Troisième édition, 20-24 septembre 2010. Vol. 3: Études euro- et afro-asiatiques, III A: La Veda-Vedanga et l'Avesta entre oralité et écriture
EnglishA Garland of Flowers for a Great Iranist
EnglishThe Islamic Law of War: Justifications and Regulations
EnglishCulturally and linguistically diverse older adults relocating to residential aged care
GermanMillionenjahrhaus: Zur Konzeption des Raumes der Ewigkeit im konstellativen Königtum in Sprache, Architektur und Theologie
EnglishLearning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing
EnglishClosing Editorial
EnglishTowards a Pedagogy of Land: The Urban Context
EnglishSituating Nunavut Education with Indigenous Education in Canada
English"Role models can't just be on posters": Re/membering Barriers to Indigenous Community Engagement
EnglishComing Full Circle: Looking to Grandmother Moon
EnglishExchanges Between Two Rivers: Possibilities for Teaching Writing in the Northwest Territories
EnglishOpening the Circle: Welcoming Brother Sun
EnglishThe Community-First Land-Centred Theoretical Framework: Bringing a 'Good Mind' to Indigenous Education Research?
EnglishIntegrating Aboriginal Perspectives in Education: Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers
EnglishBuilding on Conceptual Interpretations of Aboriginal Literacy in Anishinaabe Research: A Turtle Shaker Model
EnglishNegotiating Two Worlds: Learning through the Stories of Haudenosaunee Youth and Adults
EnglishLiving Alongside: Teacher Educator Experiences Working in a Community-Based Aboriginal Teacher Education Program
EnglishHeterogeneous Network Convergence with Artificial Mapping for Cognitive Radio Networks
EnglishThe Formation of the Local Gravitational Model Based on Point-Mass Method
EnglishAn Improved Phase-Coherent Algorithm for High Dynamic Doppler Simulation in Navigation Simulator
EnglishApplication of Partial Least Squares Regression to Static Magnetic Grid Displacement Sensor
EnglishDesign and Experiment of a Parallel Six-axis Heavy Force Sensor Based on Stewart Structure
EnglishPerformance Enhancement of Silicon MEMS Microspeaker
EnglishA Molecular Imprinting TNT Sensitive Detection Sensor Based on Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator
EnglishThird Age and Spirituality
English10 Top Reasons to Publish your Article in Sensors & Transducers (Editorial)
EnglishAn Optimised Electronic System for in-vivo Stability Evaluation of Prostheses in Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty
EnglishThe Ethical and Spiritual Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita: A Survey
EnglishCode-Folding Scheme for Energy Efficient Cooperative Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishA New Missing Values Estimation Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Convolution
EnglishA Large Stroke MEMS-based Linear Motor for Fourier Transform Spectrometer Applications
EnglishPhotodiode Array for Detecting Laser Pointer Applied in Shooting Simulator
EnglishNumerical Simulation of Mixing Process in Tortuous MicroChannel
EnglishThree-dimensional Node Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
EnglishDevelopment of Noise Measurements. Part 2. Random Error
EnglishCharacterization of Defects in Non-ferromagnetic Material Using an Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer
EnglishAnalysis of Pulse-Echo Response Based on Linear MEMS Ultrasonic Transducer Array
EnglishFluid Structure Coupling Analysis of Boundary Layer Streaming Driving Micropump
EnglishThe Study of Elderly Informational Education under "Cloud Computing"
EnglishThree Keys to Unlocking Inner Peace
EnglishDevelopment of System for Alumina Clinker Quality Real-time Monitoring based on Sound Sensor
EnglishFast Field Calibration of MEMS-based IMU for Quadrotor's Applications
EnglishWireless Sensor Traceability Algorithm Based on Internet of Things in the Area of Agriculture
EnglishA Fast Responsive Refractometer Based on the Side-Opened, Dual-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber
EnglishStudy on Sensing Properties and Mechanism of Pd-doped SnO^sub 2^ Sensor for Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide
EnglishA New Time Synchronization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Internet of Things
EnglishFrom Caterpillar to Butterfly: Shifting Gears from Selfish Gain to Shared Growth
EnglishImplementation of Closed Loop Control System of FOG Based on FPGA
EnglishThird Possibility Leaders: The invisible edge women have in complex organizations
EnglishConrad to F. N. Doubleday: A New Letter from 1922
EnglishConrad to Peter F. Somerville: A New Letter of 1919
EnglishA New Conrad Letter to Jacques Rivière
EnglishConrad's Agile Crowds
EnglishOut of Our Depth: Physical Space and Frame Narration in Lord Jim
EnglishA New Conrad Letter to Sidney Colvin of 1917-18
EnglishTragic Adventures: Conrad's and Marlow's Conflicting Narratives in Lord Jim
English"Writing Man to Fighting Man": Conrad Republished for the Armed Services during the World Wars
EnglishThe Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad
EnglishFurther Supplementary Notes and Corrigenda to The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad
EnglishThree Unpublished Conrad Letters
EnglishTwenty New Conrad Letters to Sydney S. Pawling and Charles S. Evans
EnglishConrad and Morgan Robertson: An Unpublished Letter of 1919
EnglishThe Ethics of Readership and "The Anarchist"
EnglishThe Production and Publication of the Heinemann Collected Edition of Joseph Conrad's Works
EnglishConrad in Marseilles: The Delestangs
English"I want to do the right thing in my own way": Twenty-eight New Letters and Some Corrigenda
EnglishConrad's Contracts with William Heinemann, Ltd
EnglishMuscle Timing and Activation Patterns during Two Movement Screening Tests in Subjects With and Without Low Back Pain
EnglishIs There a Link Between Estimated Physical Activity and Mean Arterial Pressure in Individuals With and Without Hypertension?
EnglishEffects of Estrogen on Pregnant Women with Multiple Sclerosis: A Systematic Review
EnglishThe Short-Term Effects of Low Level Laser on Subjects with Acute Ankle Injuries: A Pilot Study
EnglishDeveloping a Research Agenda to Address Health Disparities in Rehabilitation: Findings from a National HBCU Conference
EnglishReality versus Perception of Cultural Competency In Speech-Language Pathology Students
EnglishPerceptions of Spanish Speaking Individuals Regarding the Impact of Language Barriers on Physical Therapy Interventions: A Pilot Study
EnglishThe Implementation of Conductive Education in the Treatment of a Five Year Old Girl with Cerebral Palsy: A Case Report
EnglishFluctuations in Reproductive Hormonal Levels and its Predisposition on Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tears
EnglishWorking-Class Women's Writing in the Nineteenth-Century Radical Periodical Press: Chartist Threads
EnglishFrom Voice to Print: Lancashire Dialect Verse, 1800-70
EnglishUnder Physical Siege: Early Victorian Autobiographies of Working-Class Women
EnglishIntroduction: The Literature of the Victorian Working Classes
EnglishChartist Revolutionary Strategy in Thomas Wheeler's Sunshine and Shadow
EnglishModes and Methods in Three Nineteenth-Century Mineworker Poets
EnglishM. R. Lahee and the Lancashire Lads: Gender and Class in Victorian Lancashire Dialect Writing
English"Moral Force" and "Physical Force" in the Poetry of Chartism: John Mitchell and David Wright of Aberdeen
EnglishOld Hippies
EnglishA Net Of Limes
Englishthey drink spring's return

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