Sunday September 1, 2013
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EnglishThe City of Roses Welcomed HLAA with Open Arms
EnglishMickey Mouse and Yogi Bear
EnglishMulti-stakeholder co-op to holster New Hampshire fishing industry
EnglishInitiative helping convert grocery stores into co-ops
EnglishFarmer Co-op Conference to focus on global, U.S. market trends
EnglishCombined Federal Campaign
Englishnew products
EnglishTrans Labrador ready for Phase II
EnglishMajor changes coming for BOMAG
EnglishNew co-op 'hubs' help meet need for local food in Wisconsin
EnglishPeonies rising star of Alaskan agriculture
EnglishDeveloping Image of Higher Education Performance
EnglishAmerica's Getting in the Hearing Loop
EnglishHLAA State and Chapter News
EnglishMeasuring Qualities of XML Schema Documents
EnglishA Decision Support System for Selection of Solar Power Plant Locations by Applying Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS: An Empirical Study
EnglishBusiness blooms rapidly for Northwest horticulture co-op
EnglishGrain, farm supply sectors lead way as ag co-ops set sales, income records
EnglishU.S. construction machinery exports down
EnglishGreat Lakes Center pursues innovative co-op solutions
EnglishConstruction of Innovation Platform for CEEUSRO
EnglishPractical Lessons in Preparing Disclosures
EnglishApplied Research of Genetic Algorithm in Personal Credit Risk Combined Assessment
EnglishStruggling against the Odds of Poverty, Access, and Gender: Secondary Schooling for Girls in Pakistan
English"I Can't Sing That! What Can I Do?"
EnglishTransitions and Turning Points
EnglishIncreased Rural Connectivity and its Effects on Health Outcomes
EnglishOrdained for Life
EnglishAsymmetric Influence Detection and Forecasting of Global Stock Markets Based on the Copula Theory
EnglishAnalyzing the Market for Shadow Education in Pakistan: Does Private Tuition Affect the Learning Gap between Private and Public Schools?
EnglishExperimental Wildfire-Retardant Coating May Help Protect Homes
EnglishO Sons and Daughters (O Filii et Filiae)
EnglishFinally! The Pounds Came Off
SpanishLos langostinos del género Macrobrachium con importancia económica y pesquera en América Latina: conocimiento actual, rol ecológico y conservación/The Macrobrachium prawns with economic and fisheries importance in Latin America: present knowledge, ecological role, and conservation
EnglishImproving Public Health Delivery in Punjab, Pakistan: Issues and Opportunities
English2014: Looking Ahead
EnglishUsing Financial Models as a Value-Added Management Tool
EnglishTRUST: Implications for the Army Profession
EnglishGAO Attests to Value of Auditor Attestation
EnglishChina's Policy Design on Low-Carbon Economy
EnglishRepresenting Africa! Trends in Contemporary African Hip Hop
EnglishMultiple Prospects for Maine's Potato Producers
EnglishFighting Alone: The Challenge of Shrinking Social Capital and the Army Profession
EnglishReproductive aspects of the caridean shrimp Atya scabra (Leach, 1815) (Decapoda: Atyidae) in São Sebastião Island, southwestern Atlantic, Brazil/Aspectos reproductivos del camarón carideo Atya scabra (Leach, 1815) (Decapoda: Atyidae) en la isla de São Sebastião, Atlántico sudoccidental, Brasil
EnglishIn Complete Desperation
EnglishDirectors of Comprehensive Quality System of College Students in China: Based on BP Neural Network
EnglishBe an Organizational Survivor
EnglishThe State of Health in Pakistan: An Overview
EnglishWilliam Saunders: A Monumental Figure in USDA
SpanishVariación genética de Procambarus llamasi (Decapoda: Cambaridae) en la península de Yucatán: evidencia de conectividad en un paisaje fragmentado/Genetic variation in Procambarus llamasi (Crustacea: Decapoda: Cambaridae) from the Yucatan Peninsula: evidence of connectivity in a fragmented landscape
EnglishHistorical Inequality and Intergenerational Educational Mobility: The Dynamics of Change in Rural Punjab
EnglishAn Analysis of Determinants of Accident Involving Marine Vessels in Nigeria's Waterways
EnglishFrom the city to the countryside...
EnglishThe Agenda
EnglishEditors' Introduction
EnglishStudies on Freshwater Decapods in Latin America
EnglishMaking Big Changes
EnglishThe CMA in China
EnglishEPM in Manufacturing: Finally Coming of Age
EnglishCharacter Development of U.S. Army Leaders: The Laissez-Faire Approach
EnglishCombined AHP-TOPSIS Based Approach for the Evaluation of Knowledge Sharing Capabilities of Supply Chain Partners
EnglishResearch on Organizational Culture Impact on Organizational Adaptability: Taking East Steam Turbine as an Example
English2013: A Year of Changes
EnglishOptimization Model of Higher Education Resources Allocation Based on Genetic Algorithm
EnglishEttore Barbatelli, 1924-2013
EnglishAnointed for the Poor, for Prisoners, for the Oppressed
EnglishAddressing Climate Change in Forests, Container Crops
EnglishMaster Budget Project: Manufacturing Overhead Budget
EnglishEthics Always Applies
EnglishTurn Now, O God of Hosts
EnglishDear Members . . .
EnglishThe Greatest Threat Facing the Army Profession
EnglishNunc dimittis in B flat
EnglishTOOLS of the TRADE
EnglishNew SEC Task Force on Financial Reporting
EnglishThe Public School System in Sindh: Empirical Insights
EnglishSwag' and 'cred': Representing Hip-hop in the African City
EnglishCoordination of Decentralized Supply Chains: A Literature Review
EnglishChrist, the Victorious
English"So You Need an Appraisal?"
EnglishRivals or a Team? Clergy-Musician Relationship in the Twenty-First Century
EnglishMaybe You Don't Need a Makeover...
EnglishSalve Regina
EnglishFighting Back Against Glyphosate Resistance
EnglishPreparing Women of Substance? Education, Training, and Labor Market Outcomes for Women in Pakistan
EnglishSalsa, Soul, Sushi, & Samosas

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