Sunday September 1, 2013
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EnglishShortcomings in assistance for deported Afghan youth
EnglishNSSF Names New SHOT Show Partner
EnglishMilitary Children: Resilient, Thankful for Opportunities
EnglishThinking outside the fence
EnglishPredictors of the Mental Health of Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Nigeria
EnglishGreens to go
EnglishA legislative leg-up
EnglishThe Effect of Personal Characteristics and Other Status Related Factors on Employee Commitment to Work in the Manufacturing Industry in Nigeria
EnglishSALUTING Their Service
EnglishAlternatives to detention: open family units in Belgium
EnglishCommunity rejection following sexual assault as 'forced migration'
EnglishNo change: foreigner internment centres in Spain
EnglishTaking Care of Soldiers: Understanding the Voice of the Customer and Defining the Requirement
EnglishHEVI-Metal Announces Rebates
EnglishA last resort in cases of wrongful detention and deportation in Africa
EnglishFailure to adapt: aid in Jordan and Lebanon
EnglishEffects of HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals on the Psychosocial and Economic Well-being of people for Sustainable Development in Ibadan Metropolis
EnglishFreedom of movement of Afghan refugees in Iran
EnglishJob Satisfaction, Organizational Stress and Employee Performance: A Study of NAPIMS
EnglishTeam Building and Resiliency: An Inseparable Pair
EnglishAutumn Renewal
EnglishUS Soldiers Stand Resilient Through Test of Combataaa
EnglishVoices from inside Australia's detention centres
EnglishNorth Carolina Enacts Families Afield
EnglishLeupold Cuts Waste, Preserves Resources
EnglishSummer Slump Hits
EnglishThe Influence of Psychosocial Factors on Helping Behaviour of Benue State University Undergraduates
EnglishStrong Bonds Retreats Build Healthy Families, Stronger Units
EnglishEvidence-Based Practices Work
EnglishTechnical Tips: Methods of Warming and Maintaining Limb Temperature during Nerve Conduction Studies
EnglishWomen: the invisible detainees
EnglishFear & loathing at the border
EnglishFlawed assessment process leads to under-use of alternatives in Sweden
EnglishHumanitarian and medical challenges of assisting new refugees in Lebanon and Iraq
EnglishIndllS try newsmakers
EnglishWayne Doesn't Have Your Cell Phone!
EnglishNo longer a child: from the UK to Afghanistan
EnglishLos libros de polifonía de la Catedral de México. Estúdio y catálogo crítico
EnglishUtah Changes Visitation, Language Policy
EnglishTenPoint Purchases Horton Assets
EnglishUNHCR in Uganda: better than its reputation suggests
EnglishDetention monitoring newly established in Japan
EnglishAge and Peer Influence on Substance Abuse among Undergraduates
EnglishEvolving electorate
EnglishAdvanced Muzzleloaders In Demand
EnglishFrom the editors
EnglishHealth at risk in immigration detention facilities
EnglishImpact of Culture on Adjustment to Bereavement in Benue and Nasarawa States of Nigeria: Counseling Implications
EnglishUp And Down The Size Ladder
EnglishAn Imperishable Heritage: British Choral Music from Parry to Dyson: A Study of Selected Works
EnglishThreats to liberty in Germany
EnglishStanding up
EnglishExplore The Concealed Carry Progression
EnglishQuality of Work Life and Workers Wellbeing: The Industrial Social Workers Approach
EnglishRuger To Open Third Manufacturing Plant
EnglishCash and vouchers: a good thing for the protection of beneficiaries?
EnglishD.T. Systems Celebrates 30 Years
EnglishIntegrated Criminal Justice Systems: Working Collaboratively to Reduce Recidivism
EnglishRefugees' rights to work
EnglishEpileptiform Transients of the Occipital Lobe in Pediatrics
EnglishWAVEFORM WINDOW #25: Unusual Causes for Asymmetry on EEG
EnglishSell Enhanced Options
EnglishInsights from the refugee response in Cameroon
EnglishBalancing Work-Related Stress and Family Interaction: A Banking Perspective
EnglishThe Association between Social Network, Socio-demographic Variables and Cognitive Functions of a Nigerian Sample of Elderly People
EnglishThe Impact of Recreation Therapy Intervention on Festive Stress
EnglishLegacy Sports Int'l Supports YSSA
EnglishEffective Community Supervision: Implementing a Risk and Needs Assessment for Offenders Transitioning Into the Community
EnglishEquip Your Hunting Customers
EnglishUsing Risk and Need Assessments to Reduce Recidivism
EnglishWounded Warrior Works With Animals, Old Cars to Recover
EnglishIowa Results First: The Cost-Benefit of Corrections Programs
EnglishThe Deepening Chaos in Sinai
EnglishNew models for alternatives to detention in the US
EnglishWhat You Need to Know to Become a MEG Technologist
EnglishConflict in Syria compounds vulnerability of Palestine refugees
EnglishInfluence of Reflective and Impulsive Cognitive Styles on Students Achievement in Mathematics among Senior Secondary School Students
EnglishIn Memoriam: William (Bill) Dent Leeke
EnglishCommunity detention in Australia
EnglishCo-morbidity of Alcohol and Psychiatric Problems: Impaired Moral-Ethical Self as Sources of Irrational Beliefs among Custodial Patients
EnglishIndustry's Message: Own It? Respect It. Secure It.
EnglishSocio-Economic Status, Locality and Patterns of Adolescents' Self-Esteem among Nigerian Sample

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