Tuesday July 1, 2014
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EnglishFirst Flight
EnglishDevelopment of Intelligent Gas and Coal Seam Spontaneous Combustion Sensor Experiment Device Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
EnglishPerformance Analysis on the Target Detection of Linear Camera of CCD Vertical Target Coordinate Measurement System
EnglishDeployment Algorithms of Wireless Sensor Networks for Near-surface Underground Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring
EnglishHuman Catalase, Its Polymorphisms, Regulation and Changes of Its Activity in Different Diseases
EnglishThe Food Industry Flexes its Muscles
EnglishHLAA State and Chapter News
EnglishRotor's Mass Unbalance Compensation Control on Bearingless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Minimizing the Control Currents
EnglishWireless Sensor Networks Data Processing Summary Based on Compressive Sensing
EnglishA Hierarchical Fault Detection Method Based on LS-SVM in Integrated Navigation System
EnglishFrequency of Diabetes in Hepatitis
EnglishStudy on Processing Method of Image Shadow
EnglishA Novel Retinex Algorithm and its Application to Fog-degraded Image Enhancement
EnglishIll. Prison Granted Activation Funding
EnglishH.264/AVC Video Watermarking Algorithm Against Recoding
EnglishResearch Progress and Development of Sapphire Fiber Sensor
EnglishStudies on the Driver Violations via Collaborative Perception
EnglishStudy of the Sensor for On-line Lubricating Oil Debris Monitoring
EnglishLife after being arrested at school
EnglishThe Shortest Flight of My Life
EnglishDesign of High-Precision Infrared Multi-Touch Screen Based on the EFM32
EnglishAccurately Localize and Recognize Instruments with Substation Inspection Robot in Complex Environments
EnglishMechanism and Experimental Research on Small-Hole EDM with Cu-Cr Composite Electrode
EnglishFrequency Spectrum Analysis of High Frequency Cycle Square Wave Signal Based on Discrete Fourier Transform
EnglishA Key Management Scheme of WSN Based on Trust Mechanism
EnglishHearing Aid Coverage Under Medicare: We CAN Do It
EnglishAn Extraction Method of Acoustic Features for Music Emotion Classification
EnglishAdaptive Fuzzy Control Using Ant Colony Optimization for Unknown Systems with Time-Delay
EnglishOzone Monitoring Based on Multi-Sensor Information Fusion Techniques
EnglishMessage from the Chairperson of the Board
EnglishTwo More Minutes?
EnglishDesign Analysis on Optimized Calculation Method of Wireless Sensor Network
EnglishDrug policy should focus on teaching, not punishment
EnglishA Maximum Power Point Tracking Method Combined with Constant Voltage Tracking & Variable Step-Size Perturbation
EnglishDNA Damage in Wistar Rats Exposed to Dithiocarbamate Pesticide Mancozeb
EnglishDetermination of Hydroquinone and Catechol at a Poly(arginine acid) Modified Electrode
EnglishApplication of Improved Wavelet Thresholding Function in Image Denoising Processing
EnglishA Newborn Baby and a Cure for Hearing Loss Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Repair
EnglishD for Asthma?
EnglishDynamic Restoration Schemes in WDM Mesh Networks with Traffic Grooming Capacity
EnglishResearch on Image Transmission System Based on 3G Communication Platform
EnglishSum Sum Summertime
EnglishBreakfast...or Not
EnglishUnderstanding the Fundamentals of the Audiogram...So What?
EnglishSat Fat & Belly Fat
EnglishKnowledge Level Based Methods for Jamming UAVs Communication
EnglishChanges in the appearance of tarsal conjunctiva in soft contact lens wearers in Kuala Lumpur
EnglishMotion Object Detection Research Based on Texture Feature
EnglishThe Space Redundant Robotic Manipulator Chaotic Motion Dynamics Control Algorithm
EnglishImplementation of Massive Real-time Database System Using Network Sensors and Sector Operation
English3750 Gets Update, New Title
EnglishAn Efficient Track-Before-Detect Algorithm Based on Complex Likelihood Ratio in Radar Systems
EnglishLiving a Creative Life with Usher Syndrome: Timothy Chambers
EnglishBP Neural Network Evaluation Model Combined with Grey-Fuzzy Based on Included Angle Cosine
EnglishSmoking and Burden of Ill Health: A Review of the Malaysian Context
SpanishSeguimiento y autoevaluación en el aula universitaria con una Tablet PC/Monitoring and self-assessment at the university classroom with a Tablet PC
EnglishFull Spectrum Operations and Coalition Partnerships
SpanishEstudiantes con discapacidad en la Universidad Un estudio sobre su inclusión/University students with disabilities in Universities. A study of their inclusion
Spanish¿Sabes más que un niño de Primaria? La competencia mediática del alumnado de 4° de Educación Primaria en Andalucía1/Do you know more than a primary school child? Media competence of the students of Year 4 of Primary Education in Andalucía
EnglishFires and Strategic Landpower: Achieving Mass with Less
EnglishA Context-aware Workflow Framework and Modeling Language
SpanishEvaluación de habilidades y competencias en Educación Superior
EnglishReviewing golf lessons for business enterprises
EnglishCongress Offends Eisenhower and Cicero by Annihilating Article 60, UCMJ
EnglishJoint Deployable Integrated Air and Missile Defense
SpanishLa repercusión del bilingüismo en el rendimiento académico en alumnos de colegios públicos de la Comunidad de Madrid1/The impact of bilingual education in academic achievement of students enrolled in public schools in the Autonomous Community of Madrid
EnglishHHS releases new data to increase transparency on hospital utilization and other trends
SpanishFuncionamiento básico y social de los usuarios de las viviendas supervisadas para personas con trastorno mental severo en Asturias: necesidad de una intervención pedagógica*/Basic and social functioning of the users of satellite housing for people with severe mental disorder in Asturias: the need for pedagogical intervention
EnglishThe Field Artillery Reorganization to Conduct Operational, Joint and Multination Fires
EnglishSupply chain advocacy?
EnglishClinical, fiscal costs face off
EnglishRepairing a Damaged Partnership
EnglishPrevention Update
EnglishTargeting in Support of a Regionally Aligned Force
EnglishWorth Repeating
EnglishOperation Active Fence
EnglishBiofilm and the reprocessing of medical devices
EnglishCLE News
EnglishAORN revises position statement on the role of the industry rep in the perioperative setting
EnglishDesign and Measurement of Microwave Absorbers Comprising Resistive Frequency Selective Surfaces
EnglishComparison and analysis of transcriptome profiles of haploid and diploid Populus by digital gene expression
EnglishReconceptualizing the board and its metrics
EnglishOutpatient Connection
SpanishClasificación de perfiles de uso de smartphones en estudiantes y docentes de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, México/Classification of use profiles of smartphones in students and teachers of Autonomous University of Baja California, México

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