Tuesday July 1, 2014
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EnglishOmar Hakim
EnglishThe Illusion of Chinese Power
EnglishGas price Forecasting by Hybrid Intelligent System
EnglishBack Through the Stack
EnglishTicket to Ride
EnglishICT and Instructional Innovation: The Case of Crescent Girls' School in Singapore
EnglishValentino Arteaga
EnglishMeasuring Service Quality Using SERVQUAL: A Case of Restaurant Chain
EnglishGrover Pro: Custom Snare Drums
EnglishCapital Cities' Chanting Cook Holmes
EnglishUkraine's Ancient Hatreds
EnglishAdrian Galysh: Tone Poet
EnglishIn Memoriam: Sam Ulano
EnglishRicky Lawson Classic Yellowjackets Tracks
EnglishUnsystematic Technology Adoption in Cambodia: Students' Perceptions of Computer and Internet Use
EnglishScotland's Nationalist Folly
EnglishSociotechnical Narratives in Rural, High-Poverty Elementary Schools: Comparative Findings from East Texas and South India
EnglishTransatlantic: Kaleidoscope
EnglishBusiness Intelligence: An Integrated Approach
EnglishThe CIA's Favorite Novel
EnglishThe Crimson ProjeKCt's Tobias Ralph
EnglishBalance Builders: Simple Exercises to Increase Control
EnglishInstitutional Framework of Public Utility Privatisation in Developing Countries
EnglishRhythm and Timing: Part 5: Single 8th-Note-Triplet Partials and Bonus Exercises
EnglishCanopus: Stave Bubinga Drumset
EnglishDefense Hawks Take Flight
EnglishSustaining a Nepali Telecenter: An Ethnographic Study Using Activity Theory
EnglishHail to the Deep
EnglishDrummer's Guide de Ia Batterie: First Step to Being a Pro Drummer
EnglishGerald Cleaver
EnglishReawakening an Empire
EnglishScymtek: Xtreme and Modern Series Cymbals
EnglishTama's 40th Anniversary Celebration
EnglishDisclosure of Intellectual Capital in Annual Reports: Comparing Evidence from India and Australia
EnglishCPHVA Annual Professional Conference: Call for papers now open!
EnglishCalCPA Salutes its TOP 50
EnglishEarly telephone peer support for breastfeeding
EnglishUnder-18s offered 'no advice' on sunbed use
EnglishCalCPA Announces 2014 Service Awards
EnglishWhy We Need to Talk About Diabetes
EnglishSetting Kids Up for Health
EnglishMeals and Movement
EnglishBetter Buying Power or Better Off Not? Purchasing Technical Data for Weapon Systems
EnglishWhat happens when you are injured at work?
English#adaywithdave: Nicole Collins
EnglishExcel University: Comparing Spreadsheet Lists with Ease
Englishthe numbers
EnglishFTB Updates
EnglishMeasuring the Economic Performance of Regions: Creative Destruction and Economic Dynamism
EnglishDelivering the 'Minding the Baby' service
EnglishFrom the Editor
EnglishScottish nurses 700 better off than other UK nurses
EnglishCoping with Crying pilot to be extended to community settings
EnglishEvents to take place around the country for fair pay
EnglishNewborn screening programme to be extended
EnglishElection Wrap-up
EnglishSchool Nurse 121 Campaign
EnglishDIABESITY: The Dangerous Diabetes-Obesity Connection
EnglishUnintentional injury and its prevention in infants
EnglishMinister chooses new neonatal care centre for North Wales
EnglishMany schools 'harm' children's wellbeing
EnglishInfluencing and modifying children's energy intake
EnglishCalCPA be seen
EnglishCan I Have Some more, Please?
EnglishRun for Your Life
EnglishOlder women 'underestimate' fertility
English5 Ways to DOMINATE DIABETES in the Kitchen
EnglishClustering Occupations
EnglishPolly Toynbee to give keynote address at CPHVA Annual Professional Conference
EnglishA conceptual curriculum framework designed to ensure quality student health visitor training in practice
EnglishNew resources
EnglishWho's caring for you?
EnglishA Proposed 2025 Ground Systems "Systems Engineering" Process
EnglishWho Am I Meant to Be?
EnglishValuation of Real Options as Competitive Prototyping in System Development
EnglishIs Diabetes in My Genes?
EnglishFind Your Way to the MAP Survey-And Take Part
EnglishUnderstanding victims of honour-based violence
EnglishScottish children found to be 'least active' in the world
EnglishAccountant to the rescue
EnglishCPHVA Education Expert Reference Group
Englishe-Bug: hygiene and antibiotic awareness for school-aqed children
EnglishStarting school Clean and Dry
EnglishThe Thrill of Victory
EnglishEarly intervention for childhood continence problems

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