Wednesday April 1, 2015
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EnglishScotland's democratic moment
EnglishSensors Systems for Smartphones, Tablets and IoT: New Advanced Design Approach
EnglishPerspectives on Conflict in the Classroom after Fifty Years
EnglishMind the Gap: The Expectation and Reality of Involved Fatherhood
EnglishVibration-based Energy Harvesting Systems Characterization Using Automated Electronic Equipment
EnglishModelling mid-span water table depth and drainage discharge dynamics using DRAINMOD 6.1 in a sugarcane field in Pongola, South Africa
EnglishCuster County: Next Door to a Boom
EnglishNatural Gas
EnglishWork, recognition and subjectivization: some remarks about the modernity of Kojve's interpretation of Hegel
EnglishDistributed Radio Positioning for Personnel Tracking in Coal Mine Tunnels
EnglishRenewable Energy
EnglishConceptual framework for sewer pump problems allowing for fuzzy logic application
EnglishGeorge Whitefield Chadwick: The Life and Music of the Pride of New England
EnglishActive biomonitoring of a subtropical river using glutathione-S-transferase (GST) and heat shock proteins (HSP 70) in Oreochromis niloticus as surrogate biomarkers of metal contamination
EnglishCharacterizations of Soil Profiles Through Electric Resistivity Ratio
EnglishThese Kids are Still Driving Me Crazy
EnglishQuo Vadis Green Party?
EnglishForum for Early Career Professionals
EnglishA gap analysis of the South African innovation system for water
EnglishCollective beliefs and horizontal interactions between groups: the case of political parties
EnglishPerformance Enhancement for Adaptive Beam-Forming Application Based Hybrid PSOGSA Algorithm
EnglishAll that is solid melts into air: climate change and neoliberalism
EnglishDangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter
EnglishMEMS Keys as a Way to Delay the Phase of the Microwave Range
EnglishIndustry Clusters and Economic Development
English42nd Annual Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 9-13 March 2016
EnglishUsing an Autonomous Scale Ship Model for Resistance and Parametric Roll Tests
EnglishLone Fatherhood in Spain: An Increasing Familiar Reality
EnglishMetrological Array of Cyber-Physical Systems. Part 4. Non-invasive Diagnostics
EnglishRoll With It: Brass Bands in the Streets of New Orleans
EnglishA review of the Granger-causality fallacy
EnglishRavalli County: Housing Construction Continues to Lag
English'Ups' and 'downs' in metaphor use: the case of increase / decrease metaphors in Spanish economic discourse
EnglishEnergy Consumption by Sector
EnglishInternational Petroleum
EnglishColonialism by other means
EnglishReal Time MR Thermometry Using Tm-DOTMA
EnglishRadical Scotland is here to stay
EnglishPatria Fugz: The Troubled Birth of Hydraulic Populism on Sonora's Ro Mayo, 1910-1934
EnglishGallatin County: Montana's Economic Growth Leader
EnglishMontana Economic Outlook: More Balanced, But Slower Growth Ahead
EnglishQ & A with Montana's Top Economists and Industry Experts
EnglishU.S. Economic Outlook: The U.S. Economy Shines on the Global Stage
EnglishNever Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste: How Neoliberalism Survived the Financial Meltdown
EnglishNuclear Energy
EnglishPerformance Analysis on a Dual External Cavity Tunable Laser ECTL Source
EnglishHistory of Islamic Economic Thought: Contributions of Muslim Scholars to Economic Thought and Analysis
EnglishUsing The Prepare Curriculum with Troubled Youth
EnglishInexpensively Estimating the Economic Impact of Sports Tourism Programs in Small American Cities
EnglishAdaptive capacity and water governance in the Keiskamma River Catchment, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
EnglishUnfettered capitalism
EnglishFrom Conflict to Competence
EnglishMissoula County: Slowly Clawing Upward
EnglishLet's Talk About It: Helping Students Explore Their Feelings
EnglishSilver Bow-Deer Lodge Economy: Serving Southwestern Montana
EnglishCrude Oil and Natural Gas Resource Development
EnglishCascade County: Good News Verified in Latest Preliminary Data
EnglishRemembering Mark Krueger
EnglishEnergy Overview
EnglishDemocracy in the workplace
EnglishThe Heritage of Psychoeducation with Troubled Students
EnglishStefan Wolpe and the Avant-Garde Diaspora
EnglishStudent Forum
EnglishEnergy beyond neoliberalism
EnglishBringing an End to Bullying
EnglishBlind Willie Johnson's "Dark was the night, cold was the ground"
EnglishInfluence of selected biotopes on chironomid-based bioassessment of the Swartkops River, Eastern Cape, South Africa
EnglishAn Electronic Nose System Sensitive to the Aroma of Ascomycete Tuber
EnglishDown Syndrome and Fathering: An Exploration of Ambiguous Loss
EnglishDistributed Data Logging and Intelligent Control Strategies for a Scaled Autonomous Vehicle
EnglishLewis and Clark County Outlook: A New Source of Growth
EnglishInvestigation into increasing short-duration rainfall intensities in South Africa
EnglishAwards, Fellowships, and Subventions of the Society
EnglishEnergy Prices
EnglishPerformance Analysis of Localization Techniques with Generalized Prior Distributions
EnglishDesign and Implementation of an Intelligent Expansion Module for Wireless Gas Sensor Networks
EnglishA Critical Review of MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensors
EnglishThermal Conversion Factor Source Documentation
EnglishFrom the President
EnglishRoots of Psychoeducation
EnglishBefore the Prison Notebooks
EnglishClassroom Strategies for Traumatized, Oppositional Students
EnglishSAM/2.0 Steams Past $835,000!
EnglishMemories of the future: an essay on hope and fear

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