Friday May 1, 2015
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EnglishPopular Branson Drummer Chuck Landry Passes
EnglishQuick Hits: Top News Stories of the Month
EnglishMore Than SKIN DEEP
EnglishTemporary protection arrangements to fill a gap in the protection regime
Englishdemystifying patient price estimates the advantages of transparency
EnglishMixed motivations and complex causality in the Mekong
EnglishRudimental Expert John Wooton on Seven-Stroke Roll Phrasing
EnglishChanging attitudes in Finland towards FGM
EnglishWhy I Stopped Playing
EnglishThomas Merton: Selected Essays
EnglishBreaking the Fourth Wall: Live From the Boston Opera House
EnglishAssessment and Mapping of Groundwater Vulnerability Using SAR Concentrations and GIS: A Case Study in Al-Mafraq, Jordan
EnglishIn The Valley of Wormwood: Cistercian Blessed and Saints of the Golden Age
EnglishJojo's Modifi ed Swiss Triplets
EnglishThe necessity for an ethnographic approach in Peru
EnglishEctopic expression of CisAF7, an Alfin1-like gene from Citrus sinensis, confers tolerance to several abiotic stresses in Escherichia coli
EnglishIgor V. Venin Founder of Biphasic Waveform Defibrillators
Englishdeveloping the metrics for payment reform
EnglishAt the Helm of the CBA
EnglishThe state of the evidence
EnglishJojo Mayer
EnglishA Low Profile Four-Way Directional Antenna with Dual Polarization
EnglishWhat Are My ALTERNATIVES?
EnglishNot drowning but fighting: Pacific Islands activists
Englishin memoriam: CalCPA Past Chair Nancy Chandler
Englishtip of the month
EnglishThe Contortionist's Joey Baca
EnglishBritt Walford
Englishthe value proposition in action
EnglishFlash Forward
EnglishDevelopment and displacement risks
EnglishGo WITH YOUR Gut
EnglishThinking through Thomas Merton: Contemplation for Contemporary Times
EnglishOne good reason to speak of 'climate refugees'
EnglishOn Tour
EnglishEnergy Prices
EnglishEveryone likes it here
EnglishNEW and NOTABLE
EnglishBand Major
EnglishTake Your Shuffle to the Max!
EnglishAnalysis of SSR markers linked with brown planthopper resistance genes (Bph) using high-resolution melting (HRM) in rice
English2015-16 CalCPA officercandidates
EnglishHeritage and Passion
EnglishDirect sequencing of RAPD products provides a set of SCAR markers for discrimination of sweet potato cultivars
EnglishLessons from planned relocation and resettlement in the past
EnglishAntenna Array Pattern Synthesis via Coordinate Descent Method
EnglishCraig Richmond the value of transparency in improving patient education
EnglishCalCPA's Code of Professional Conduct
EnglishSingle-Mic Recording Advice
EnglishForecasting Groundwater Level in an Arid Area According to Climatic Data
EnglishConstruction and classification of a cDNA Library from Miscanthus sinensis (Eulalia) treated with UV-B
EnglishThe Istanbul Convention: new treaty, new tool
EnglishModelling displacement
EnglishMR Visualization of Spinal Dural Arterio-Venous Fistula Using T2-Weighted 3D SPACE-A Spin-Echo Technique
EnglishLive in Concert
EnglishEnergy Consumption by Sector
EnglishInteractive effects of arsenic and chromium stresses on mineral and metal uptake in jute (Corchorus olitorius L.)
Englishgetting the right asset mix
EnglishTyshawn Sorey
English'capital ideas' for health care in 2015
Englishthe numbers
EnglishGuidance for 'managed' relocation
EnglishThe Thought of You
EnglishMemoirs of a Madman
Englishsoft-leadership competencies for today's healthcare ftnance executives
EnglishA Repair Regulations Rundown
EnglishTy Segall
EnglishThe Whale and the Ivy-Journey and Stability in the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton
EnglishNotice of Meeting
EnglishEvaluation of Groundwater Quality and Its Suitability for Domestic and Irrigation Use in Parts of the Chandauli-Varanasi Region, Uttar Pradesh, India
EnglishFocusing on climate-related internal displacement
EnglishTraditional Percussion on Drumset
EnglishCalCPA Weighs in on Mobile Workforce Legislation
EnglishGMS Special Edition Series Drumset
EnglishDistributed Target Location in Wireless Sensors Network: An Approach Using FPGA and Artificial Neural Network
EnglishCrash Into Me
EnglishWest Africa: a testing ground for regional solutions
EnglishSpatial Distribution of Cytoskeletal Mechanical Properties in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
EnglishProteomic analysis of ageing in black gram (Vigna mungo L.) seeds and its relation to seed viability
EnglishStatelessness and environmental displacement
EnglishFGM: challenges for asylum applicants and officials
English10 Essential Drummer Autobiographies

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