Friday May 1, 2015
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EnglishComparative analyses of osmotically and ionically adapted cell lines of rice and their response to regeneration
EnglishThe Cartagena process: 30 years of innovation and solidarity
EnglishExcel How-to
EnglishPost-disaster resettlement in urban Bolivia
EnglishQuantitative expression analysis of TaMPK4 and TaTIP1 genes in drought tolerant and non-tolerant wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars
EnglishCloning and characterization of two major blast resistance genes Pi-b and Pi-kh from Malaysian rice variety Pongsu Seribu 2
Englishthe urge to merge: driven by value, slowed by complexity
EnglishZildjian 21" K Custom Organic and 20" K Constantinople Renaissance Rides
EnglishDisasters, displacement and a new framework in the Americas
EnglishNumerical Study of Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fiber with Tunable Zero Dispersion Wavelengths
EnglishEat Your Weeds
EnglishFloods and migration in the Czech Republic
EnglishDisplacement as a consequence of climate change mitigation policies
English'One Safe Future' in the Philippines
EnglishInternational Petroleum
EnglishCalCPA Member John Moorlach Wins Senate Race
EnglishIntegrating resilience in South Asia
EnglishGovernance questions for the international community
EnglishHFMA Comments on Planned Move to HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System
EnglishRefugees, climate change and international law
EnglishEnergy Overview
Englishelevating revenue cycle performance across the enterprise
EnglishCalCPA scene
EnglishAn integrated focus
EnglishImproving sweet leaf (Stevia rebaudiana var. Bertoni) resistance to bialaphos herbicide via bar gene transfer
EnglishWhat's Your "Gateway Vegetabe"?
EnglishYour Place in the World
EnglishApple Accounting
EnglishThe Nansen Initiative: building consensus on displacement in disaster contexts
EnglishThomas Izod Bennett, MD and Thomas Merton: A History and Examination of Their Interaction *
Englishthank you for 'leading the change'
EnglishWhile You Were Gone
Englishcomparative performance of hospitals based on credit ratings
EnglishLed Zeppelin Physical Graffiti
EnglishPresident Abraham Lincoln, the Railroad and XBRL
EnglishClimate effects on nomadic pastoralist societies
EnglishNatural Gas
EnglishDrum Workshop Purchases Percussion Companies
EnglishRefugee-state distrust on the Thai-Burma border
EnglishBuilding adaptive capacity in Assam
EnglishA role for strategic litigation
EnglishGrowth in Healthcare Spending Sees Uptick in 2014, with a Spike in Spending on Prescription Drugs
EnglishThomas Merton Centennial Book Reviews
EnglishEfficiency of Nanofiltration Membrane TFC-SR3 and SelRo MPF-34 for Partial Elimination of Fluoride and Salinity from Drinking Water
EnglishMini-feature on FGM and asylum in Europe Editors' Introduction
EnglishSamoa: local knowledge, climate change and population movements
EnglishCymgard Cymbal Accessories
EnglishPost-disaster resettlement in the Philippines: a risky strategy
EnglishRenewable Energy
EnglishMagnetic Resonance Imaging Characteristics of Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesions
EnglishTony Palermo
EnglishFrom the editors
EnglishDeveloping temporary protection in Africa
EnglishAnimals and forced migration
EnglishSabian Announces New Roles for Artist Relations Team
EnglishGoPro HERO3+ Black Edition Music Bundle
EnglishSupreme Court Rejects Provider Lawsuits
EnglishSimply Merton: Wisdom From His Journals
Englishinfusing the capital review process with rigor and discipline
EnglishCalCPA be seen
Englishin memoriam: CalCPA Past Chair Harold S. Schultz
EnglishMore Than Counting beans...
Englishlost opportunity: fairly assigning value to physician administrative services
Englishsoft skills may be hardest in times of change
EnglishElvin Jones-Style Triplet Fills
EnglishGenome-wide analyses of abiotic stress-related microRNAs and their targets in Arabidopsis thaliana
EnglishThink You're Stuck? Think Again
Englishhighlights from the hfm blog
EnglishFacilitating voluntary adaptive migration in the Pacific
Englishmember milestones
Englishone last thing
EnglishImproving the Patient Payment Experience
EnglishHow to Relieve Heartburn
EnglishNational Adaptation Plans and human mobility
EnglishBuilding respectful solutions
EnglishPreparing for planned relocation
EnglishNuclear Energy
EnglishSimple Homemade: SKINCARE PRODUCTS
EnglishDefining Your Role
Englishpatient throughput collaborative yields positive results for New Jersey hospitals
EnglishCastle Tapered Snares
EnglishNikki Glaspie
EnglishA novel eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A gene (eIF5A) from Populus simonii x P. nigra confers CuSO^sub 4^ and NaCl stress tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana
English6 Memory Joggers for Overloaded Brains: A String Around Your Finger
EnglishBob Mould's Jon Wurster

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