Friday May 1, 2015
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EnglishReady for a Woman, But Not Clinton
EnglishWalking the Green Aisle to Sustainability in Corrections
EnglishLead, Coach, Design and Deliver
EnglishA Study of Vehicles and Methods of Ideological and Political Work of the Communist Party of China in the Great Rear Area During the Anti-Japanese War
EnglishA Stereotypic Explanatory Bias Study of College Students' Occupational Gender Stereotype
EnglishFour Changes of Modern Universities From the Perspective of "4V" of Big Data
EnglishOur Anger, Ourselves
EnglishAirForce International Lowers Prices
EnglishHow to Accommodate Different Learning Styles in the Same Classroom: Analysis of Theories and Methods of Learning Styles
EnglishThe "Universal Fit" Advantage
EnglishMidwayUSA Foundation Sets Grant Record, Browning Makes Donation
EnglishWinners and Losers: Morocco's Market Liberalization and Contemporary Cultural Representations
EnglishAusterity Was Never Challenged
EnglishHealth Care Reception Welcomes Conference Attendees
EnglishResearches on Modern Chinese Students Who Studied Law and Politics in Japan and Modernization of Zhili Province Legal and Political Education
EnglishHistoricising Civil Society in Africa: An Analysis of the State, Democracy and the Third Sector
EnglishOn the Motif of Death in Julian Barnes' The Sense of an Ending
EnglishExpand Accessories Sales With Versatile Products
EnglishWhat's New with ACA's Training Programs?
FrenchRecherche sur la Communication Interculturelle Sino-Franšaise au Sein des Entreprises Chinoises en France
EnglishDong Leshan: A Thinker-Translator
EnglishThe Strike LA Students Deserve
EnglishLiving in Infamy: Felon Disfranchisement and the History of American Citizenship
EnglishStudy on the Cultivation of Idea of the Democracy and Ruling by Law for the Key Officials for Governance of CPC From the Perspective of the China Dream
EnglishThe SWOT Analysis on Social Security of Transferring Agricultural People in Chongqing
EnglishJudicial Proposal: The Practical Review and System Evolution of Extended Jurisdiction
EnglishPositioning and Operating Mechanism of Service-Oriented Township Government Construction: The Perspective of Transformation of Government Functions
EnglishYSSA Receives Program Support
EnglishFather-Daughter Dance in an Indiana Prison Strengthens Family Bonds
EnglishStudy on Marx's Theory of Civil Society and Alienation
EnglishLimiting Factors and Measures for RMB Cross-Border Trade Settlement
EnglishACA Committee on Restrictive Housing Begins Work on ACI Standards
EnglishMancom Manufacturing Relocates Operation
EnglishInitiating New Community and Field Education Partnerships: The Congregational Social Work Education Initiative
EnglishExhibit Hall Decorated and Beaming with ACA Pride from Beginning to End
EnglishThird Party Time ... Out
EnglishSecured Transactions Under China and US Law
EnglishTGD Offers BLACKHAWK! Display
EnglishAn Exploration on the Value Appeal and Practice Path of University Governance Under the Context of Good Governance
EnglishCase Study on Preschool Chinese Character Multi-Dimensional Education in the Context of Cross-Culture
EnglishThoughts on the Problems of Adhering to the National Leading Mechanism in the Construction of Social Ethics
EnglishNew Relationship Between Teachers and Students Based on the New English Curriculum Criteria
EnglishThe Development of Preschool Education Achievements, Problems and Policy Recommendations of Tibet
EnglishRole of the Landscape in the Preservation of Collective Memory and the Enhancement of National Belonging
EnglishQuick and Nimble
EnglishQuality Assets
EnglishTHE ROCKET MODEL: Practical Advice for Building High Performing Teams
EnglishWORLD WAR II FROM ABOVE: An Aerial View of the Global Conflict
EnglishThe Bank of Mauston Partners with IBT: A Story of Success, Evolution and Loyalty
EnglishCard Crush
EnglishRisk Watch
EnglishRemarks on World Press Freedom Day and an Exchange With Reporters
EnglishGrowing Outward From a Small-Town Base with the Help of Technology
EnglishActs Approved by the President
EnglishPortrait of Chief Walking Buffalo Donated to museum
English15 minutes with ... CLAYTON L. LEGEAR
EnglishThe Advisor and the Brigade Combat Team: Toward an Enduring Solution for an Enduring Requirement
EnglishPeanut Butter & Babies
EnglishUsing Electronic Clinical Quality Measure Reporting for Public Health Surveillance
EnglishFamily holding out for justice for missing woman
EnglishGlobal Road Safety Week - May 4-10, 2015
EnglishTech Without Tellers
EnglishFaster internet coming to Montana First Nation
EnglishTHE DEVIL'S ALLIANCE: Hitler's Pact with Stalin, 1939-1941
EnglishOperational Resilience in the Infantry Rifle Platoon
EnglishFIRST SEALS: The Untold Story of the Forging of America's Most Elite Unit
EnglishPeople Power
EnglishINTO THE DARK WATER: The Story of Three Officers and PT-109
EnglishAthlete inspires young volleyball enthusiasts
English1930s German Doctrine: A Manifestation of Operational Art
EnglishSTRATEGY IN ASIA: The Past, Present, and Future of Regional Security
EnglishBringing Value to Community Bankers: Trust/Wealth Management Services
EnglishEnhance Your Customer's Experience by Making Their Credit and Debit Cards Available Within Minutes
EnglishUp Close and Special
EnglishProclamation 9270-National Small Business Week, 2015
EnglishDIABETES DEFENSE? Don't count on supplements to lower your blood sugar
EnglishTRID Rule School
EnglishCULTURE IN CONFLICT: Irregular Warfare, Culture Policy, and the Marine Corps
EnglishStronger than Ever
EnglishThree Key Assets
EnglishOn Our Excellence

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