Friday May 1, 2015
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EnglishUp, up, and away
EnglishPastor to the Protesters
EnglishDiscourses and Scottish Nationalist Movement
EnglishArcus Hunting Acquires Tink's
EnglishThe Effect of Chinese Learners' Modality Converting Competence on Their EFL Output System
English"Kulak" and Food Crisis During the Civil War in Soviet Russia
EnglishSpread The Word
EnglishJuvenile Corrections Committee Hard at Work
EnglishRestorative Justice and Higher Education: The Interactive Classroom
EnglishDeaf Inmates: Communication Strategies and Legal Considerations
EnglishThe Elephant in the Room
EnglishWelcome New Members
EnglishWiley X Offers Striking Display
EnglishAchieving BABY Care Success: The Only Ohio Prison Nursery
EnglishThe Necessity of Appropriate Application of Multimedia Instruction to English Teaching
EnglishChampion Target, Federal Premium Create Scholarship
EnglishChaplains: Incarceration and Faith
EnglishMAP Pricing: A Modern-Day Pandora's Box
English"Angels in the House": Female Images in Victorian Children's Fantasy
EnglishCell Phone Forensics Can Play a Key Role in Gathering Intelligence
EnglishWhat Sort of Role Do Management Information Systems Undertake in Strategy Practice? A Case Study Investigation in Tourism Sector
EnglishACA's International Scholarship Program
EnglishSCCA Promotes Corrections in the Palmetto State
EnglishGift From the Heaven: Great Fishes-Special River Food From the Upper Reach of the Yangtze River in Modern Times
EnglishProfessional Development of Teacher Educators: Reflections on the Current Situation and Exploration of Future Strategies
EnglishA Moral Victory, and Maybe More
EnglishA Preliminary Study of Plant Morphological Characteristics of Tao Hongjing's A Variorum of Medicinal Properties of Plants (Bencaojingjizhu) and Influence of the Book
EnglishAnalysis on Howard Goldblatt's Translation of Rice From the Perspective of Translator' Subjectivity
EnglishJihadis in London
EnglishBecoming ACA President: My Journey and Lessons Learned
EnglishInvestigation on the Current Status of Middle and Primary School Teachers' Career Development Impetus in the Context of Urban and Rural Planning: Based on Districts B and Y of Chongqing City, and County R
EnglishHighly Cited Canada Articles in Science Citation Index Expanded: A Bibliometric Analysis
English"Disability? No. .... Dis(Ease)Ability" When an Innovative Pedagogical Theory Is the Difference
EnglishKimber Donates $50,000 To USA Shooting
EnglishLipsey's Launches Exclusive SIG P220 10mm
EnglishHone Your Marketing Message
EnglishACA CONGRATULATES Newly Certified and Recertified Professionals
EnglishYoopers Have Road Rage
EnglishStaff Communication and Expanding CDC Guidelines: Successful Containment of Ebola in Dallas
EnglishA Black Woman's Nazi Roots
EnglishAsghar Farhadi's Early Masterpiece
EnglishShooting Industry's New Editor
EnglishLos Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell Details His Career and Lessons Learned at Annual Luncheon
EnglishEvaluative Implicit Aggression in College Students: Effects of Classroom Interpersonal Relationships
EnglishCreate Comfortable Atmosphere With Simulation Training
EnglishComedienne Vicki Lawrence Delivers Fiery Speech and Lots of Laughs at the General Session
EnglishSmith & Wesson Expands Nation's Finest
EnglishSafariland Acquires Atlantic Tactical
EnglishProject ChildSafe Gains 1,000 Supporters
EnglishSureFire Supports American Snipers, Veterans
EnglishSTI Debuts Perfect Open Division Gun
EnglishAssessment of the Willingness of Ebonyi State Government to Adopt the Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria
EnglishPartner Profile
EnglishDesign System Construction of Teachers' on-Job Education and Representation Analysis on Effectiveness
EnglishA Research on the Development Path of New Urbanization Based on Low-Carbon Perspective
EnglishCorrections Calendar
EnglishRockcastle Estates - Gun Resort Living
EnglishACA Honors Corrections Professionals with Awards During the General Session and Annual Luncheon
EnglishA Study on the Witness-Protection System in the Process of Investigating Crimes: In a Perspective of the Legalized Witness-Protection System in Taiwan
EnglishShould Elizabeth Warren Run?
EnglishTechnology And Training: The Right Combination
EnglishDigital Fool's Gold
EnglishStudy of Reasonable Selections of Chinese Peasants' in Situ Entrepreneurial Projects
EnglishBrownells Expands International Websites
EnglishSuppressor Surge
EnglishExhibit Hall Open House Brings Together Vendors and Practitioners
EnglishThe Two Faces of Evo
EnglishCognitive Behavioral Approaches in Substance Abuse Treatment: Renewing the Mind
EnglishPerception of English Beginning Teachers in Middle Schools About Teaching Competencies
EnglishGrand Prize Winner Takes Home a Samsung Smart TV and Entertainment System
EnglishThe Battle Of 2016 Begins
EnglishOn the Relationship Between the Specialty Set-Up of Secondary Vocational Education and Regional Industrial Structure in Tibet
EnglishA Study on the Research Status and Trends of the Connection Between Secondary and Higher Vocational Education Curriculum in China: Based on the Thesis About the Connection Between Secondary and Higher Vocational Education in the CNKI.Net
EnglishConference Attendees Convene in Sunny Long Beach, Calif.
EnglishHangun Resurgence
EnglishNot Al Gore's Movement Anymore
EnglishA Talk with ACA's President, Mary L. Livers
English1.8 Billion Reasons To Market With Video
EnglishCared Straight: Inmates Help Deter Youths from Crime
EnglishResearch on Situation of Chinese Excellent Athletes Disability Mutual Insurance
EnglishBringing Social Work and Corrections Together Through Certification

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