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EnglishIn Vitro Evaluation of Enzymatic and Antifungal Activities of Soil-Actinomycetes Isolates and Their Molecular Identification by PCR
EnglishPrevalence of Hepatitis G Virus Among Hemodialysis and Kidney Transplant Patients in Khuzestan Province, Iran
EnglishOtomycosis in Adolescent Patients Referred to the Therapeutic Centers in Babol City, Iran
EnglishEvaluating the Effect of Copper Nanoparticles in Inhibiting Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Listeria monocytogenes Biofilm Formation
EnglishObliged to Sympathise: Infanticide in Il y a longtemps que je t'aime and A perdre la raison
EnglishFilm and/as Devotion: Bruno Dumont's Enworlded Cinema
EnglishLe Jour se lève
EnglishCadrage exquis: Refraining Jean-Jacques Beineix's Diva
EnglishReframing the Periphery: Narrative Authority and Self-Reflexivity in Mathieu Kassovitz's La Haine 1
FrenchMystère, intellectualisme, authenticité et impertinence: Isabelle Huppert en jeu
EnglishCode-switching as Power Strategy: Multilingualism and the Role of Arabic in Maïwenn's Polisse (2011)
EnglishThe Difficulty of Being "Modern Woman": Jean-Luc Godard's Une femme est une femme
EnglishThe Romantic Album for Horn and Piano: Sixteen Original Works Composed 1858-1905
EnglishCow horn? Why a cow horn?
EnglishA Life with the American Horn Quartet
EnglishSea Eagle
EnglishThree Jazz Fantasies for Horn and Piano
EnglishEpitaph for horn and piano
EnglishTrio for Horn, Violin, and Piano
EnglishOverture to Wilhelm Tell (1829)/Adagio and Rondo FMajor (1811)
EnglishLouis-Victor Dufrasne and the Belgian Influence on American Horn Playing
EnglishIHS News and Reports
EnglishLow horn Suite for horn and piano
EnglishCard Tricks: Using Flashcards for Technique Study
EnglishAudition Preparation
EnglishBrass Trio Repertoire: Beyond Poulenc
EnglishKalevi Aho - Theremin Concerto, Horn Concerto
EnglishSinfonia da Camera in Re for Horn, String Orchestra, Harpsichord
EnglishHorn Quartet for Horn, Violin, Cello, and Piano
EnglishThe Black Horn: The Story of Classical French Hornist Robert Lee Watt
EnglishLieder für Hornquartett (Songs for Horn Quartet)
EnglishObituaries: Joan Watson (1953-2015)
EnglishPictures - Music for 8 Horns and Percussion. German Hornsound 8.1
EnglishObituary: Abby Mayer
EnglishImprovisational Approach to Classical Music
EnglishTwo Debussy Pieces
EnglishFanfare for London for horn octet or horn choir
EnglishHimmelstrio for brass trio (horn, trombone, tuba)
EnglishUncommon Ground. Contemporary Works for Trumpet with Horn, Trombone, Piano, and Organ
EnglishReport (1 of 2) of the 2014 Composition Contest
EnglishCzech-American Horn Duo
EnglishObituaries: Do no Harm Celebrating the life of Virginia Weichman Thompson (1955-2015)
EnglishHappy Fugue'N Birthday for brass quintet
EnglishProdigious Producer: William Melton
EnglishA 1982 Horn Right Hand Position Survey Tips, Notes, and More
EnglishDance Suite for brass quintet
EnglishConcert Favourites: The Finest Concert and Encore Pieces for Horn and Piano
EnglishSkyward. Heima
EnglishFathoming a Soundworld: The Horn and Electronics
EnglishThe Mysteries of Hindemith's Althorn Sonata
EnglishRhapsody in Blue
EnglishHaunted America Suite
EnglishIHS Awards and Performance Contests
EnglishFrom the Editor
EnglishObituaries: Jack R. Snider (1921-2015)
EnglishThe Long Day Closes/The Holy City/Rule Britannia
EnglishSuite II: Romance by Madeleine Dring
EnglishPresident's Message
EnglishMusician, Heal Thyself: A Self-Help Guide for Hornists
EnglishOn the Wings of Winds - Joseph Jongen 1873-1953
EnglishThe Rhetorical Construction of Corporate Logos/La Construcción Retórica de los Logos Corporativos
SpanishRepensar la identidad artista-investigadora, desde el proyecto "Diálogos con mujeres artistas docentes"/Rethinking the identity artist-researcher, from the project "Dialogues with women art teachers"
SpanishCómo pintar el aire. Fundamentos científicos de la perspectiva atmosférica/How to paint the air. Scientific fundamentals of the atmospheric perspective
SpanishEl uso de las TIC en la enseñanza universitaria de la fotografía. Primeros resultados del proyecto de innovación docente de la Universidad de Murcia/The use of ICT in the course "Photography" in university education. First results of a teaching innovation project at the University of Murcia
SpanishEstudio de las imágenes para la Educación de las Artes visuales en los libros de texto en la Educación Secundaria Obligatoria: implicaciones educativas/Study of the images for the Visual Arts Education in Secondary Education textbooks: educational implications
SpanishLa noción del espacio en el lenguaje artístico de Alfredo Jaar/The notion of space in the artistic language of Alfredo Jaar
SpanishLa redención de la mirada: la crisis de la observación en el fin de siècle y el advenimiento del cine/The redemption of the gaze: the crisis of observation in the fin de siècle and the advent of cinema
SpanishLa influencia de los videojuegos de contenido apocalíptico en los adolescentes/The influence of video games with apocalyptic content in adolescents
SpanishSobre lo infame: de lo inmundo del Arte y su enfermedad diogénica/About infamy: the filthiness of Art and its diogenic disease
SpanishMuseos y jóvenes: entre la incomprensión y el desencanto. Percepciones y argumentos juveniles sobre el consumo cultural de museos en Chile/Museums and youth: between misunderstanding and disappointment. Youth perceptions and arguments about the cultural consumption of museums in Chile
SpanishPintura-poesía. Entrevista a Frederic Amat/Poetry-Panting. Frederic Amat's Interview
EnglishFirst Early Pliocene micromammal faunas from the Venta del Moro area (Cabriel Basin, Spain): new data on the Messinian dispersal of Debruijnimys
EnglishMineral chemistry of late Variscan gabbros from central Spain: constraints on crystallisation processes and nature of the parental magmas
EnglishGravity modeling of the lithosphere in the Calatrava Volcanic Province (Spain): geodynamic implications
EnglishPrimary Au prospecting results in the Logrosán area (Central Iberian Zone, Spain)
EnglishPhreatomagmatic activity and associated hydrothermal processes in the lamproitic volcano of Cancarix (Southeast Spain)
EnglishComposition of clastic sediments in the Somosaguas area (middle Miocene, Madrid Basin): insights into provenance and palaeoclimate
EnglishMilitary Service and College: An Exploratory Examination of Military-Connected Latina/o Undergraduates and Access to Higher Education
English"I Didn't Want My Life To Be Like That": Gangs, College, or the Military for Latino Male High School Students
EnglishThe Role of Social Trust in Low-Income Latino College Financing Decisions
EnglishSocially Influenced Decision-Making and Latino College Student Experiences in the United States: Introduction to the Issue
EnglishThe Road to Undermatch: Understanding the Differences between White and Latino Student Predictors of Undermatch

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